God Level Demon


Chapter 21 - Sex Scandal!

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Chapter 21 – s.e.x Scandal!

“What?! Take responsibility?! What does Xia Ping need to take responsibility for?” A few students next to them heard Jiang Yaru’s words and quickly started gossiping.

“Yeah! And not only that, it also can’t be found out by the teacher! What bad thing did he do?” another student asked curiously.

They had been constantly paying attention to the interaction between Xia Ping and Jiang Yaru. After all, no matter where the school’s flower went, she was always the center of attention for everybody.

“Just a moment ago, I saw Jiang Yaru come storming over with two panda eyes too. I’m guessing that she didn’t get any sleep last night and was under intense psychological pressure,” one student carefully observed. “Who would’ve thought that the moment she arrived, she would look for Xia Ping? And not just look, she even managed to catch him outside, as if she was catching an adulterer. With how angry she looks, I’m guessing they’ve got something going between them.”

”Guess my a.s.s! It’s obviously real!” a male student mourned indignantly. “They’re already at the point where they’re talking about responsibility! What else can it be? It’s obviously that sc.u.m Xia Ping messing around and then abandoning her when he was done! He probably took Jiang Yaru to some hotel last night and accidentally got her pregnant so now she’s trying to get him to take responsibility!”

All of the other students’ faces fell. That really was a possibility. Seeing Jiang Yaru’s angry eyes, her reddened face, it was as if she was about to cry at any moment. No matter how you looked at it, she really did look like a three month pregnant woman who had just been abandoned by her husband.

“Not possible. Xia Ping’s looks are average and his family is poor. How could he get the school’s flower Jiang Yaru? Even I don’t have the qualifications, so how can he have them?” One student didn’t believe it, so he tried explaining it away. He didn’t want the other students also believing such a ridiculous guess.

“What’s so unbelievable about it? I’ve long since heard that Xia Ping and Jiang Yaru were neighbours and have recognized each other since a very young age. Practically childhood friends! Their feelings for each other probably grew as time pa.s.sed and one night when their parents weren’t home, it just happened.”

“f.u.c.k me! I saw this type of plot on TV before! Now hearing you say that, it’s even more vivid in my mind!”

“That’s such an unfair advantage! Even though Xia Ping’s so ugly and full of defects, but just based on his advantage of being her neighbour, we’re completely outcla.s.sed!”

“It’s probably that time when they were doing it that they hit the mark. Just one mistake to last for a lifetime.”

“No wonder she’s under so much pressure that she has panda eyes. A high school girl becoming pregnant is definitely enough to make the headlines.”

“Shameless Xia Ping! You’ve already impregnated Jiang Yaru, the school’s flower, and now you even want to abandon her? Does he want everybody to hate him?”

”According to the rumours, it’s possible that Xia Ping also has several girlfriends in other schools. Five or six, they said.”

“What a sc.u.mbag! He even has girlfriends in other schools? I never thought that Xia Ping would be like that. He just looks so honest normally.”

All of the students were discussing the matter, their emotions fluctuating wildly. In the middle, some students even started to spread malicious rumours about Xia Ping, saying that he had several girlfriends at the same time. Almost instantly, the crowd was riled up.

Hearing the conversations around her, Jiang Yaru’s pretty face became as red as a tomato. She hadn’t thought that her words would be misunderstood to such an extent. Wasn’t it clear that wasn’t what she meant?

“Okay, okay, enough is enough already. We can talk about it all later back at home. There’s no need to make a scene and become a spectacle here.” Although Xia Ping didn’t know why Jiang Yaru was so angry, he still didn’t want to stay there any longer as everybody talked about him.

We can talk about it all later back at home?!

All of the students were shocked. Such casual words! Those were the words that were often used between husband and wife when they were arguing and didn’t want to make a spectacle of themselves in front of others!

That type of scene, their expressions, just how similar it was to the one in front of them right now?! This was an understanding between husband and wife that was fostered over a long period of time! With that level of familiarity… They were absolutely flirting!

“Oh. My. G.o.d! I don’t want to live any more! A fresh flower stuck in s.h.i.t!”

“Even ‘go back home and talk’? They’re probably living together then!”

“Beast! They’re already living together as high schoolers? In ancient times, he would be punished as a criminal for that!”

“It’s probably Xia Ping, that s.l.u.t, forcing this upon her. Jiang Yaru isn’t that type of person.”

“It all that b.a.s.t.a.r.d Xia Ping’s fault. He’s practically a monster in human skin! If it wasn’t for him, then something like this wouldn’t happen at all.”

“I just wish that Xia Ping would explode right there on the spot, be struck by lighting on the streets, and get run over by a car! Everybody who agrees, raise their hands!”

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“Today is the darkest day in the ninety fifth high school’s history. Close enough to match the start of the Great Cataclysm.”

“Did you hear? Jiang Yaru has a boyfriend! And not only that, she’s even pregnant!”

“Oh my G.o.d! Is that true? This is just too salacious!”

“I don’t believe it! How could such a thing happen? Just who is her boyfriend?”

“It seems to be somebody in her cla.s.s named Xia Ping.”

“That person who beat Xiong Batian?”

“Right, that’s him. According to rumours, he’s a s.l.u.t. Outside of school, he has like a dozen or so girlfriends with seven to eight of them pregnant. Jiang Yaru is just one amongst them.”

“Monster! He’s already like this in high school?! This guy isn’t human, he’s a pig! I really want to slaughter him right now!”

“Relax, dude. In school, the amount of people who wants to slaughter him already exceeds a thousand. You’ll have to wait in line.”

“Shameless Xia Ping! He already has a dozen girlfriends and now wants to bully the school’s flower too?! He’s the shame of this school!”

“How could Jiang Yaru like such a man? Is she blind?”

“Women are often deceived m by such sc.u.m. Just think of it as a lesson needed to grow.”

“Grow your b.a.l.l.s! Why can’t I be the one needed to grow?”

“I hope that sc.u.m Xia Ping explodes on the spot and is killed by an angry woman.”

Countless students were discussing this rumour, their hatred for Xia Ping crazily skyrocketing.

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