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Chapter 16 - Phenomenal Web Novel

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Chapter 16 – Phenomenal Web Novel

Two days later, morning, Skywater City’s ninety fifth high school, interval between cla.s.s.

“Finally finished writing.”

Sitting at his seat, Xia Ping stretched lazily. After three days of constant hard work, he finally managed to finish writing this five hundred thousand word long web novel.

In these three days, not only did he just write out his web novel, he also continued to publicize it on the web. As he went about instigating people to talk about his web novel, it allowed his work to enter the view of countless internet users.

The results were very gratifying. Almost every large forum and blog had people discussing his web novel. What’s more, the name of his web novel even made the list for most popular searched for words, bringing in a large amount of readers.


Now, at this moment, Xia Ping received a video call request from his phone. When he took a look and saw that it was his editor Meng Fei calling, he accepted right away.

Instantly, a projection of a middle-aged man appeared in front of his retina. With how advanced the virtual projection technology was nowadays, instead of just projecting outside for everybody to see, he could set his chip to directly make the projection onto his retina.

“Mr. Blackhearted Wolf.”

Meng Fei’s expression was extremely excited, his hands waving about as if he couldn’t control his emotions. “You’re web novel is famous now! It’s really popular, you know?!” he yelled.

He almost couldn’t believe what had happened during these three days. Although he had looked favourably upon Xia Ping’s web novel, but the true results usually only appeared after the recommendation. However, who would have thought that before Penguin even began recommending Xia Ping’s web novel, his web novel would actually become popular first! He didn’t know why, but in these three days time, it seemed as if everybody on the web knew and was talking about Teacher Bai Rong.

The clicks it got rose by the minute, the number of people who added it to their libraries exploded, even the amount of reviews it got from readers soared like it was flying. The most popular web novel on Penguin couldn’t even compare to this new one.

Before, he had thought that it was some sort of data error on the platform, but after getting it checked out by the tech department, he was told that there was nothing wrong and that everything was working properly.

Although he didn’t know what happened, Meng Fei was absolutely certain of one thing, and that was that this web novel had become popular. Not just popular, it was already on the level of a phenomenon. One that only appeared every ten years or so.


Xia Ping’s response was very dull. Of course he would know just how famous his web novel was on the web. After all, he had orchestrated everything! How could he not know? There was no surprise at all.

Seeing how calm Xia Ping’s expression was, Meng Fei felt a bit unwilling to give up. “Mr. Blackhearted Wolf, didn’t you check out your author’s dashboard? The sales of your web novel has exploded in these last few days, and broke the sales records of a lot of other Penguin web novels! This is the sign of a phenomenon-level book!”

Due to the fact that erotic web novels could only be read by people at least older than twelve, the web novel was already published for sale from the first chapter without any free ones for the public.

“Author’s dashboard?!”

Xia Ping blinked. He had been busy these last few days with writing and publicizing, so he left all the details of publishing with his editor, Meng Fei. He didn’t notice his author’s dashboard at all.

”Quickly go take a look!” Meng Fei urged.

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Listening, Xia Ping opened up his author’s dashboard. Immediately, countless short messages popped up.

One had to know that even as a city official and a public servant, his dad only had an income of six thousand Federation credits every month. This amount was already at the level of the average middle cla.s.s!

However, despite all that, if his dad wanted to earn at least two million, it was likely that he would need at least twenty to thirty years. Yet, in just three days, Xia Ping earned more than what would amount to thirty years of hard work for his dad! The amount of money was just that frightening.

Even though Xia Ping knew that writing a web novel could earn one a lot of money, he still hadn’t thought that it would be so much! The amount completely exceeded his imagination.

Meng Fei’s excitement still hadn’t waned, “Mr. Blackhearted Wolf, this is just only the beginning! If our platform continues to make an effort at promoting your web novel, then even ten million subscribers aren’t a problem! Your web novel will definitely be Yanhuang Star’s most popular erotic web novel of the year!”

Ten million subscribers was equivalent to ten million books sold. Even on Earth, if a book had more than ten million copies sold, it could be considered a bestseller.

Of course, on Yanhuang Star where the human population exceeded thirty billion and had almost no piracy, there were even sales of over a billion. Sales of ten million was just starting to become popular.

However, for erotic web novels, ten million could already be considered phenomenal. Even an erotic web novel master like Gu Zhiwei only had a hundred million sales in total.

“Selling ten million copies?!”

Xia Ping couldn’t help but clench his fists, his eyes also starting to burn with excitement.

Selling ten million copies. Just the thought alone was exhilarating. If they really sold that much, they would earn more than two hundred and fifty million Federation credits! He alone would earn more than a hundred and twenty million, instantly becoming a wealthy person worth hundreds of millions of credits.

“Just like that and I’m a multimillionaire? As expected, knowledge really is the biggest wealth. It’s completely priceless,” Xia Ping sighed.

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