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Volume 3 Chapter 241 Part4

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Post navigation Spoiler Inside: Character Name Cheat Sheet SelectShow Volume 3: Chapter 241 - The Conqueror of the Plains (2/5) "The technology to easily produce gla.s.s and the ability to transport it in battle, huh."

That was something currently difficult for the goblins, but perhaps the potions might prove to be of use in defensive battles, like at the fortresses.

Only, the goblins were currently in a position where a battle was something to look forward to. After all, there was currently no reason for them to hole themselves up in their fortresses and fight a defensive battle.

There was no country stronger than them and neither was there a country that possessed an army greater than theirs. After all, most of the goblins born were being turned into soldiers.

The next battle would be at the Holy Shushunu Kingdom. They are said to be a major power in the center of the continent, but their soldiers weren't that many. The number of soldiers that the Red King had was abnormal. They were an outlier. Normally there is a natural limit to the standing army that a country could cultivate.

As such, it was probably fine to copy the formula and pa.s.s it off to a country that could put it to better use. At least, that is was what the Goblin King has decided. Germion Kingdom had also felt a pressing need to improve the formula, as proven by their records of trials and errors, but unfortunately, before any of their efforts could bear fruit, they were destroyed by the goblins.

"Our country is in a difficult spot, but the Kushain Believers might be able to put it to good use."

"…Yes. The Kushain Believers might have to take a defensive position for a while."

Pale narrowed her eyes and placed her fingertips on her slender chin.

If there was anything to be concerned about, it would be the movements of Blanche the War Princess. Depending on her motives, the Kushain Believers may once again be embroiled in battle. Pale has even heard that the War Princess had taken away the eastern people. What was her motives? Under what kind of scheme was she moving? Pale thought about it deeply.

Depending on the situation, they might have to refrain from fighting until the army was ready. Gi Ga Rax's defeat in the hands War Princess a few days ago was proof that she would be no easy foe.

As much as possible, Pale would prefer to attack only after grasping the true state of affairs surrounding Blanche.

No matter how much power Blanche Ririnoie the War Princess gathered, she was not the king of any country. Try as she might to make a kingdom within her own territory, she is nothing more than one of the n.o.bles serving the Holy Shushunu Kingdom.

As such, she had to regularly return to the imperial capital of Shushunu and report the results of her battles. Moreover, as much as she might be a great n.o.ble, there were still people who could stand as her equals. There are two such great n.o.bles with wealth and territory that could match hers. The political strife with them could be said to be the chains that bound her as a great n.o.ble.

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Someone with only the talent for battle could never hope to stand at the top of the n.o.bles of Shushunu.

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