Refining The Mountains And Rivers


Chapter 533B

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Although he couldn't determine if his thoughts were true, there was at least a possibility. If it really was as he thought, then being placed in the Endless Sea wasn't a form of exile, but a lucky chance that countless people couldn't seek out even if they asked for it!

With this thought in mind, his heart suddenly relaxed. He thought that his empty future was now filled with bright light, and strength surged through his body from top to bottom. His thoughts turned. Thinking about how the three of them had been placed into the Endless Sea, in order to prevent any enmity from appearing between them three brothers, it was best to tell them what he was thinking.

After all, yesterday's idea to go out and have fun was mostly his suggestion. Although he was confident in the friends.h.i.+p between him and his brothers, what need was there to use this matter to test how solid their relations.h.i.+p really was?

w.a.n.g Chao coughed to clear his throat. “Second Brother, Third Brother, please lend me your ear.”

A moment later, Hua Yanting and Huang Shan's eyes lit up. Although they felt this unbelievable, after having known w.a.n.g Chao for so many years, they knew he wasn't something who would make things up and talk so irresponsibly like this.

Life was truly filled with winding peaks and paths!

In the Justice Division, some people already learned the results of the punishment. As they looked into the courtyard outside and saw the three men huddled together, their gazes filled with sympathy.

It had to be known that positions within the True Demon Guard were highly sought after in the Demonic Path. It was unknown just how much effort and how much luck was required in order for those three people to be smoothly selected to join.

But now, a single mistake and all had come to naught. Not only had they lost all their future status, but they had been banished into the Endless Sea. They would likely never be able to leave again in their lifetimes. This was no different from a death of the heart, a punishment more agonizing than any physical torture.

But soon, something occurred that left everyone puzzled.  The three despondent people began to whisper amongst themselves in a low voice. Then, energy lit up in their eyes once more and the sounds of suppressed laughter came from them. Their voices were filled with excitement.

This was…had they gone insane?

Looking at the backs of w.a.n.g Chao and the others as they left, the other cultivators in the courtyard all revealed expressions of pity. These three people must not have been able to withstand such a great psychological attack and they had lost their minds together.

Soon, news that w.a.n.g Chao, Hua Yanting, and Huang Shan had gone insane because they wouldn't withstand the punishment of being exiled into the Endless Sea spread through the circles of the True Demon Guard, and travelled further out beyond that.

At this time, the three nervous yet excited people had boarded the speedcar headed towards the Endless Sea. The small squad responsible for bringing them over were old acquaintances of w.a.n.g Chao.

The squad leader tried to say some comforting words. After hearing w.a.n.g Chao's sensible replies, he somewhat didn't believe the rumors. But upon discovering a trace of antic.i.p.ation hidden beneath the surface of these three people's faces, he couldn't help but sigh inwardly. He glanced at the people to his side and hinted for them to be careful.

Once the squad leader returned, the rumors were kicked up a notch. The story evolved, saying that the three people were thoroughly immersed in their own dream world. Although they seemed normal on the outside, they had already gone utterly crazy on the inside. This left many people feeling saddened for them.

Of course, these matters no longer had any relation to the three people entering the Endless Sea. Right now, they were trudging forward without hesitation, ready to grab onto the only thigh that could save them.

So, the ruins of Qin Yu's large residence welcomed three guests for the first time.

“w.a.n.g Chao!”

“Hua Yanting!”

“Huang Shan!”

The three people knelt down. “We greet the Commander!”

This was the first time that Qin Yu felt the dignity and majesty of being the Holy Nether Guard Commander. Although he didn't care much for it, he still had to admit that he felt a bit more carefree.

“How did you come here?” After the three stood up, Qin Yu's words caused them all to flush red with anger. Of course, most of this display of emotions was an act. If not for this, how could they arouse the Commander's sense of compa.s.sion and have him receive them as subordinates?

This was all agreed upon!

After dramatically reiterating the pitiful story, w.a.n.g Chao fell to his knees once more. “Us three brothers have nowhere else to go. We hope that the Commander can accept us and shelter us. In the future, we will even walk through fire or water, dying 10,000 deaths if need be!”

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Hua Yanting and Huang Shan quickly knelt down too, their heads lowered and their eyes tense.

Every day, Qin Yu followed an orderly and measured life. There wasn't much difference from how he lived before. He was only a bit more cautious and avoided the attention of w.a.n.g Chao and the others when he was cultivating.

They knew that Qin Yu wasn't willing to approach them too much right now, but w.a.n.g Chao and the others didn't mind.

To show their obedience and good faith, the three of them still carefully tried to earn some points in Qin Yu's heart.

For instance, when Qin Yu was cultivating, the three of them would tactfully disperse and patrol along the edges. When Qin Yu was resting, they would go all-out to clean up the mansion ruins. They occasionally walked over to greet him, but they didn't dally much. They came quickly and left just as fast.

Qin Yu didn't seem as if he cared on the surface, but he was actually carefully probing the three people. Slowly, his suspicions were washed away. w.a.n.g Chao and the other two shouldn't be people sent to secretly deal with him.

And taking a step back, as long as he was careful enough, no matter how good the acting skills of these three were, if they wanted to do something harmful to him with their level of strength, that was no different from the delusions of a madman.

But Qin Yu still didn't show any indication that he was going to accept them. Just like an eagle flying high in the skies, he needed to have them know just how difficult it was to gain his trust. Only this way would they value and treasure this trust in the future.

Without followers of his own, since Qin Yu decided he wanted to take the road that ascended to the heavens, he naturally had to start gathering his own troops with people loyal to him.

But while Qin Yu was steadily cultivating and not willing to stir up any trouble, some people weren't willing to see him living there in peaceful days.

The Endless Sea might be a forbidden zone, but as long as one had sufficient strength and patience, they could always find an opportunity to make a move.

The Mu Family had prepared for a long time and now it was time for the daggers in the dark to appear. They would use a subtle and understated plan, one that would leave behind no smoke and fire, nor any sign of blood.

In the end, a white sun boundary talent was extraordinary. Even if everyone knew it was them who did it, they would save themselves a great deal of trouble if there was no evidence linking them. 

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