From Sidekick to Bigshot

Er Fengchong

Chapter 806 - Master Zhai is Gloating with Pride

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Chapter 806: Master Zhai is Gloating with Pride

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Naturally, Master Zhai did not know beforehand that Jian Yiling was a partner of Xuming Medical Manufacturers.

But this didn’t stop him from gloating with pride.

He would happy as long as people praised his granddaughter-in-law.

In fact, he would have purchased a few advertising spots to help Jian Yiling gain more publicity! He wanted everyone to know how powerful and talented their future matriarch was. Everyone who thought otherwise was blind!

Master Zhai even ran over to Zhai Yunsheng’s company to speak to him:

“A Sheng! You must watch your fiancee carefully! She must not be stolen away by someone else! I think the most reliable way to keep her by your side is to get her pregnant! If she’s pregnant, she wouldn’t run away!”


Upon hearing this, Zhai Yunsheng’s mouth twitched twice.

Was his grandpa really worried about Jian Yiling getting stolen away? He just probably wanted a great-grandchild!


“I don’t plan to have children with Yiling,” Zhai Yunsheng replied.

“What the h.e.l.l are you saying?”

“You know what I’m talking about.”

There was a high probability that his condition would be inherited by his children.

The smile on Master Zhai’s face instantly disappeared. It was replaced by a worried look.

“You brat! If you don’t want to have children with Yiling, do you want our lineage to go extinct?”

“What about my uncle? He’s still young and vigorous. He can have quite a few children no?”

“Don’t even mention him to me!” As soon as he heard Zhai Yunsheng mention his uncle, Master Zhai became incredibly angry.

That man stayed in Country Y all year around. He never came back to China! He couldn’t urge him to get married even if he wanted to.


In the past, he told Master Zhai that he was repaying his debt to his older brother. He said that he would never have children. If that was the case, everything in the Zhai family and the entirety of the Tianxing Group would belong to A Sheng in the future.

“Either way, Yiling and I don’t plan to have children.”

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“You b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Does Yiling know about this?”


Wei Qirui did not agree with such a decision. He wanted to defend himself.

And thus, he headed over to Master Zhai.

When Wei Qirui arrived at the Main Zhai Residence, Master Zhai got someone to invite him in.

As soon as he saw Master Zhai, Wei Qirui began to complain.

MasterZhai did not interrupt Wei Qirui. Instead, he slowly sipped on his tea and he listened.

After Wei Qirui finished speaking, Master Zhai asked: “Are you done?”

“Master Zhai… I…”

“Don’t say I! How dare you come and complain about this matter to me? How dare you point fingers at and criticize my future granddaughter-in-law?! How dare you criticize the matriarch of the Zhai family?! Was your brain kicked in by a donkey or something?!”

Master Zhai pointed at Wei Qirui as he scolded him.

“But Master Zhai… It was for the sake of the Zhai family… The future matriarch of the Zhai family…”

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