From Sidekick to Bigshot

Er Fengchong

Chapter 805 - Worthwhile to Have as a Fiancee

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Chapter 805: Worthwhile to Have as a Fiancee

After all, Zhang Xuming wasn’t interested in attending the birthday party. Instead, he wanted to convince Jian Yiling into becoming the successor of Xuming Medical Manufacturers.

After a while, the atmosphere of the party began to become lively again. Everyone started to talk and laugh.

More and more people came over to say h.e.l.lo to Zhai Yunsheng.

Unlike before, this time around, when they greeted Zhai Yunsheng, they also said h.e.l.lo to Jian Yiling.

Their att.i.tude towards Jian Yiling changed significantly.

She was no longer just the future matriarch of the Zhai family. She was also the successor of Xuming Medical Manufacturers.

Wen Ruo’s good mood did not last.

She watched from afar as everyone scrambled to greet Jian Yiling.

Huo Yu smilingly approached Jian Yiling and asked her: “Yiling, can I ask a question? Why did you call yourself the ‘Second[1] Master’?”

“Because 10[2] is equal to 2 in the binary language,” Zhai Yunsheng replied instead of Jian Yiling.

When Wei Qirui mentioned the name ‘Second Master’, Zhai Yunsheng immediately realized that the word ‘Second’ was related to Jian Yiling.

After all, “negative ten” and “second” were both numbers that were related to his rabbit’s name.

She seemed to enjoy creating these nicknames.

Huo Yu slapped his knee as he laughed: “Hahaha, my guess was correct! I did not expect Sister Yiling to think like a programmer!”

As computers used binary language, programmers were particularly sensitive to these numbers.

And thus, when Huo Yu first heard of the name “Second Master” he also thought of binary.

That’s why he ran over to confirm with Jian Yiling.


After Jian Yuncheng’s birthday party came to an end, Jian Yiling’s ident.i.ty as the partner and successor of Xuming Medical Manufacturers was made known to the

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The previous voices that said Jian Yiling was weak and incompetent were completely silenced.

Zhai Yunsheng had already given notice to everyone else that the Wei Group would be removed from their alliance.

There were 6 individuals at the highest level of the Loyalty Alliance. Then, there were 36 businesses under those individual’s names. Thousands of stores were related to these businesses.

Therefore, it was a huge business alliance.

Once Wei Qirui was kicked out of the alliance, the consequences would be unimaginable for him.


After the news spread regarding Jian Yiling being the successor of Xuming Medical Manufacturers, many people who were familiar with Master Zhai went to congratulate him.

Master Zhai was so proud that he was smiling from ear to ear.

“Of course! She’s the matriarch of the Zhai family! How can she possibly be a simple individual? You ordinary folks would have never known about this!”

[1] Translator Note: Second is also interpreted as two in the Chinese language,

[2] Translator Note: This is a reference to her name Dr. F.S where Fu s.h.i.+ = Negative 10 = Jian Yiling

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