From Sidekick to Bigshot

Er Fengchong

Chapter 804 - Surprised and Envious

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Chapter 804: Surprised and Envious

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“I did transfer money to her! I asked my secretary to transfer her money for every order Xuming Medical Manufacturers completed! The only reason why these transactions do not appear on your records is that Jian Yiling contacted me to change the account. After she got engaged to Zhai Yunsheng, she asked me to transfer money to her and Zhai Yunsheng’s joint account! If you don’t believe me, you can ask Zhai Yunsheng to print out the balance sheet for you! You can see my transactions there!”

Ahh, so it turned out that the transfers were being made to another account.

After their engagement, Jian Yiling opened a joint account with Zhai Yunsheng. Therefore, a lot of her income was deposited into the joint account.

Upon hearing this, Zhai Yunsheng asked Jian Yiling: “How much money did you even save in our joint account?”

“A lot. It’s for future use,” Jian Yiling replied.


Getting married required money. Furthermore, many things after marriage also required money.

For example, going on a honeymoon, having children, and ensuring their children could get adequate education all required money.

Therefore, a lot of money had to be saved in their joint account.

A warm feeling tingled in Zhai Yunsheng’s entire body.

Everyone was surprised and envious. The future matriarch of the Zhai family was not as soft and ordinary as the rumors said!

Zhang Xuming continued to speak to Wei Qirui: “How much evidence do you want? I can give you as much as you want! After all, if you stand straight, you’re not afraid of your shadow inclining!”

At this moment, Wei Qirui was completely dumbfounded.

It was no longer possible for him to get the results that he wanted.

When Zhang Xuming saw the dumbfounded look on Wei Qirui’s face, he continued to diss him:

“And now, you know why you failed to negotiate the collaboration. Now you know why the Jian family succeeded. You’ve always been looking down on Yiling. And thus, why do you expect her to give you a hand when you’re struggling in the mud? Keep dreaming!”


Zhang Xuming’s words slapped Wei Qirui in the face.

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He thought about the things he had done. He thought about the messages that he sent to the “Second Master.”

The people around him hurriedly attempted to console Elder Zhang.

“I’m not upset. I wouldn’t get upset at such a thing.”

Then, Zhang Xuming said to Jian Yuncheng: “Mr. Yuncheng, would it be okay for you to have an old relic at your party?”

After all, he was here already. It would be poor manners to leave immediately.

“Of course you’re welcomed. It’s an honor for us to have you here,” Jian Yuncheng replied.

“Yes, yes. Don’t mind us for being noisy Elder Zhang.”

The surrounding people hurriedly echoed.

“Ahh alright then. Continue on. I will go and look for a place to sit.”

Although Zhang Xuming said that he was going to look for a place to sit, his eyes were already aimed at the spot directly beside Jian Yiling.

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