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Young Master Yan

Chapter 99 - All the Money!

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Chapter 99: All the Money!


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Upon hearing this news, Xue Xi raised her head to look at the television.

Liu Yiqiu did not notice this and continued chatting with Ye Li.

Ye Li frowned when she heard Liu Yiqiu’s words. “Don’t worry, Sister-in-law. Our family will never partic.i.p.ate in this investment.”

Liu Yiqiu pouted. “Sister-in-law, why are you being so stubborn? I don’t believe that you won’t be tempted by such an interest rate.”

Just as Ye Li was about to say something, the service staff came over with Xue Yao’s items. “Mrs. Xue, these shoes have been wrapped up for you. May I ask if you are using your card or cash?”

Liu Yiqiu glanced at her balance and realized that she had only ten thousand left.

This morning, they had nearly emptied their savings and had gathered only 50 million yuan in cash for Xue Gui to transfer to Lu Chao.

The ten thousand yuan should have been used to maintain the car, but now… Liu Yiqiu glanced at Ye Li and Xue Xi and could not show her fear in front of them.

Hence, Liu Yiqiu forced a smile and said, “Use the card.”

In half a month, she would have more than 20 million yuan in interest rates. By then, would she still have to worry about not having enough money to spend?

While Liu Yiqiu went to swipe her card, Ye Li and Xue Xi sat on the sofa. A service staff came to help them test their shoes. Ye Li said, “Xixi, isn’t Mom too useless?”

Xue Xi paused and looked at her in confusion.

Ye Li frowned. “I haven’t saved much over the years.”

Having lost her daughter, she’d been like a walking corpse. It was already good enough that a day would pa.s.s and she did not manage to starve herself. How could she have been in any mood to save money?

Fortunately, Xue Sheng did not mind, but he could only be more self-righteous by spending his own money.

At this thought, Ye Li took a deep breath. “Xixi, I’ve drawn some paintings these last few days and want to send them to an art exhibition. I wonder if they can be sold.”

If a painting could be sold for tens of thousands… No, forget that. If it could be sold for at least a few thousand, she could at least buy clothes for Xue Xi.

Just as Xue Xi was about to encourage her, Liu Yiqiu returned. Upon hearing those words, she smiled and said, “Sister-in-law, why are you working so hard? Making a painting takes a long time, yet even if it’s sold for a few hundred yuan, it won’t be enough for a meal at home!”

Ye Li’s face darkened. Just as she was about to speak, Xue Xi suddenly grabbed her wrist and gestured for her to keep quiet. “Shh.”

Ye Li paused and saw Xue Xi pointing at the television. “Mom, look.”

Her actions stunned Liu Yiqiu.

Liu Yiqiu turned to look as well. She heard the frontline reporter reporting on the television. “This is a large-scale scam group. They are skillful and experienced. Their leader is Mr. Lu, and the accomplices are Mr. Li and Mr. Zhang. The three of them have escaped and the police have issued an arrest warrant. The following are their photos. If the citizens see them, call the police to provide them with clues.”

After saying this, he showed a few photos of the criminal.

The first picture was of an ordinary-looking man. His small eyes made him look especially familiar.

Upon seeing this person, Liu Yiqiu’s eyes narrowed and she froze on the spot.

Xue Xi slowly glanced at her. When the photo was switched to Mr. Li, she slowly said, “This person looks a little familiar. Isn’t he Lu Chao?”

Ye Li frowned. “Sister-in-law, that was Lu Chao! Swind… Did your husband give him the money?”

Did he give it to him?

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Thinking of the money she had transferred today, Liu Yiqiu loosened her grip and all the shopping bags fell to the ground!

A number of people hurriedly called him, but no one picked up Xue Gui’s phone. No one knew where he went.

At this moment, Xue Sheng arrived, having heard the news.

In the living room, the old patriarch had a look of worry on his face. In just an hour, he had aged several years and was no longer energetic.

Xue Sheng walked over and asked softly, “Dad, where’s my brother?”

Old Master grabbed his hand. “Son, is the news about Lu Chao true?”

Xue Sheng could not bear to look at him, but he still had to tell him the cruel truth. “Yes.”

Liu Yiqiu’s last hope was gone. She fell on the sofa in a daze and immediately stood up. “Then did you catch him? The money has just been transferred to him. He definitely won’t have had the chance to transfer it away yet. Can you get the money back?”

Xue Sheng had already gone to the police station to get to know the situation. He shook his head. “It’s hard to say. We can’t even find them now. The police said that this group of people seemed to have gone missing. There are no signs of them leaving Bin City. They just disappeared.”

Liu Yiqiu said angrily, “What are they doing? Can’t they catch any of the three?!”

Xue Sheng did not speak.

Liu Yiqiu lowered her head and went upstairs dejectedly. When she opened the door, she suddenly exclaimed.

When Xue Sheng heard the sound, he took a few steps forward and heard Xue Gui’s voice!

The whole family had been looking for him and he was actually sleeping soundly on his bed.

Xue Sheng walked over and pushed him awake. “It’s broad daylight. Why are you sleeping?”

Xue Gui’s face was bruised and swollen. When he opened his eyes and saw that it was him, he immediately sputtered, “What are you doing? What’s there for you to be smug about, Brother? What right do you have to care about me? Do you still think that I’m too young? That I should just listen to you? Let me tell you, Brother, when I get the interest from Mr. Lu, I’ll buy all the company’s shares. When the time comes, I’ll make you call me General Manager!”

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