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Young Master Yan

Chapter 97 - Should at Least Bow?

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Chapter 97: Should at Least Bow?

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The entire cla.s.sroom seemed to have been paused. Everyone froze and looked at the director in shock.

Xue Yao widened her eyes in disbelief.

Li Hanlei felt as though she had been slapped and her expression turned ugly.

The students in the cla.s.s who were speaking up for Xue Xi admired Xue Yao and Li Hanlei’s awkward expressions. Meanwhile, the few people who had followed Xue Yao and Li Hanlei’s lead to seek revenge on Xue Xi lowered their heads, unable to speak.

There was no applause or cheers in the cla.s.sroom. The director felt that something was amiss and looked at Old Liu in confusion. “Why? Do you think it’s too little?”

Old Liu coughed. Just as he was about to speak, the director hurriedly said, “Of course, this is only a part of the reward. There are also some cash prizes. One of our school’s special goals each year is to obtain the first prize in compet.i.tions. For this, the prize money is 10,000 yuan. Another goal is to get a guaranteed spot to a top-notch school, and for that, the prize is 100,000 yuan! Xue Xi’s situation is extraordinary. Not only did she receive two first-level prizes, but she was also guaranteed admissions. Furthermore, several universities have been calling us about her every day to ask about what her conditions were, making the school proud. Hence, the school has decided to reward her with 180,000 yuan in cash. Xue Xi, give me your bank card number.”

Everyone exclaimed in unison.

Although they were all children from wealthy families, those in the experimental cla.s.s were treated more strictly and had a fixed allowance every month.

180,000 yuan was substantial enough for them.

Xue Xi, who was doing her paper, looked up in confusion. “…Oh.”

The director: “…”

He’d been feeling excited all this while and thought that he would also see some excitement on the students’ faces, but why were the students so calm?

He turned to look at Old Liu. “Then, shall I leave first?”

Old Liu was in a bad mood and said angrily, “Why don’t you stay and listen to my lesson before leaving?”


The director pointed at him. Ever since Xue Xi has been accepted to university, Old Liu, you’ve been acting untouchable!

A while after the director had left, Qin Shuang broke the silence. “Sister Xi, you’re amazing. You just lost us two marks but turned around to bring back 20 marks!”

The rest also spoke up.

“That’s the G.o.ddess of Studying for you!”

“That’s true. Those aggressive people just now must be feeling a sting on their faces, right?”

Old Liu coughed and the cla.s.s quietened down. Old Liu looked at Xue Yao and Li Hanlei and said, “It’s not the school’s intention that you attack each other over such an impermanent thing like that banner.

“Besides, our cla.s.s and Cla.s.s Two were tied previously. According to the school’s rules, even if we remained tied, the banner would still have had to go to Cla.s.s Two. Do the two points Xue Xi lost us really mean anything?”

Xue Yao and Li Hanlei lowered their heads at Old Liu’s words. Xue Yao whispered, “Mr. Liu, we just want the banner too much.”

Seeing that she was still being stubborn, Old Liu shook his head in disappointment. He turned around, turned on the projector, and inserted the thumb drive that he had brought along with him. “This is last month’s score. Both were never late and would also leave early, yet we still scored three marks higher than Cla.s.s Two did. Do you know why?”

Xue Yao knew. “Because our cla.s.s average is three marks higher than theirs!”

Apart from discipline, the silk banner also went to the cla.s.s with the grades.

Old Liu nodded. “Then can you guess who contributed these three points?”

He took out all of Xue Xi’s scores from the calculation, and the average score for the entire cla.s.s instantly dropped by four points!

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Old Liu turned to look at Xue Yao. “Xue Xi has been in the cla.s.s for two months. Last month, the cla.s.s received the brocade flag because of her. This month, it can be said that we owe it to her once again.”

Qin Shuang smiled. “But is a simple apology enough? You don’t have to kowtow, but you should at least give Sister Xi a bow, right?”

“…” This was what Xue Yao had just said to Xue Xi.

Looking at Qin Shuang’s back, the corner of Xue Xi’s lips could not help but curl up. This little chatterbox can become Qin Ni’s retort!

Of course, Xue Yao would not bow. She ran out crying to avoid the awkwardness in the cla.s.s.

Xue Xi did not care about her apology because she had never placed much importance on Xue Yao. She lowered her head and continued to answer exercises.

The day’s ended quickly. When school was over, Xue Xi carried her bag and left the building. She saw Uncle Li driving another car to pick her up.

She did not speak much to begin with and was indifferent to the matters at hand, so she did not ask where they were going.

Uncle Li drove her to her new house—Xinyuan’s Residence.

This was a villa district. Their house was a three-story villa. It occupied a total of 200 square meters.

Outside, there was a small garden that was tens of square meters. There was a tree, and under the tree’s shade was a swing. It was decorated in the style of a garden.

When the car arrived, Ye Li came to fetch her and said excitedly, “Xixi, I’ll bring you to your room. I designed your room personally this time!”

Xue Xi followed behind her and entered.

Xue Sheng looked at Uncle Li in confusion. “Why is your car different today?”

Uncle Li said, “Oh. When I went to the old house to fetch Missy this morning, I was stopped by Second Young Master. He said that he didn’t need me to send her off and didn’t let me in. Then, when I was going to fetch Eldest Young Lady in the afternoon, I couldn’t contact Second Young Master. I didn’t know where to get the usual car, so I used this car for now.”

Xue Sheng frowned and asked sternly, “You said that you didn’t send Xixi this morning, so who did?”

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