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Young Master Yan

Chapter 96 - Loyal to Others

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Chapter 96: Loyal to Others

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“That’s right. We worked hard for a month and were never late. But we were all harmed because of you!”

“Since you’re already guaranteed a spot in Huaxia University, why don’t you just quit school instead of staying in cla.s.s every day, interfering with everyone’s else interest in studying?”


A few other people had spoken those words sourly.

Xue Xi had been a part of their cla.s.s for only a short period of time. But Li Hanlei aside, there were also others who defended her.

“I don’t think her presence will affect me negatively. Every day, when I see Xue Xi who’s already admitted to Huaxia University still working hard to solve exercises, I feel more motivated!”

“That’s right, alright? She didn’t do it on purpose. She’d done it only this once yet you already won’t let her live it down. Who doesn’t encounter unusual situations? What if there was really something going on this time that made her late?”


Xue Xi was stunned by the students’ discussion.

She did not know that the silk banner hanging in front of the cla.s.sroom was not a permanent fixture. If she had known, she would definitely not have followed Xue Gui to the hotel.

Just as she was about to speak, Qin Shuang suddenly stood up. “Enough! Why are all of you being so mean? Sister Xi will take note next time and not do it again!”

When Qin Shuang saw that someone else was about to speak again, her face darkened. “Will I have to go back on my words? Should I get Brother Chen to make you guys understand?”

The cla.s.sroom finally fell silent.

Immediately, Li Hanlei said in a low voice, “Whenever there’s an issue, someone here just hides behind others and encourages a little idiot to stand up for her. Some people are really too scheming!”

Xue Yao clenched her fists.

After the results of the Physics Olympiad were released, she had been in a depressed state. She was only in her third year of high school, and she would regret it for the rest of her life if she did not receive this award.

She had already thought about it carefully. There were no problems with her previous exams. It was only after Xue Xi returned and used her grades to torture her time and time again that Xue Yao became restless of late, causing her grades to plummet.

Hence, she hated Xue Xi even more.

Her aura was strong and her att.i.tude was firm. “Regardless, shouldn’t Xue Xi apologize to everyone?”

The discipline scores for Cla.s.s One and Cla.s.s Two were almost full marks every month. Since Xue Xi was late, she would cause two marks to be deducted from the cla.s.s. This silk banner might be going to Cla.s.s Two next month.

Xue Xi felt that Xue Yao’s request was not unreasonable. After all, her actions had affected the whole cla.s.s, so she slowly said, “Sorry.”

The cla.s.sroom fell silent. The other students waved their hands and said, “It’s nothing.”

“It’s a small matter. Our cla.s.s can’t always occupy first place and not let it go. Let’s just take it that we’re giving Cla.s.s Two a chance!”

Her humorous words made the rest of the cla.s.s laugh.

However, in the midst of the laughter, Xue Yao completely abandoned her image as a white lotus and a magnanimous person. She said in a domineering tone, “Would a simple apology do?”

“Then what do you want?” Qin Shuang raised her face with its thick makeup and retorted angrily, “You want Sister Xi to kowtow to you? Do you think you’re worthy? Don’t be so shameless!”

Xue Yao sneered. “There’s no need to kowtow, but she should at least bow to everyone, right?”

She pointed at the podium and said, “If you are sincere, stand there and bow and apologize to everyone!”

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The cla.s.s went silent.

The lesson ended very quickly. After cla.s.s, Old Liu called Zhou Zhen, the cla.s.s representative, and the cla.s.s monitor. After asking about the situation, Old Liu frowned.

After a moment, he sighed and walked back into the cla.s.sroom with his hands behind his back. “Let’s not do gymnastics during today’s cla.s.s. I’ll hold a small cla.s.s meeting for you guys for ten minutes!”

The students who were about to stand up immediately sat down obediently.

Old Liu walked up to the podium with his hands behind his back. “Before cla.s.s started, the Academic Affairs Office came to look for us to calculate this month’s scores. Initially, we were on par with Cla.s.s Two, but Xue Xi was late for cla.s.s. After deducting two marks, we fell behind. I know that everyone is definitely blaming her in their hearts.”

He pointed at the brocade flag in front of him and said earnestly, “This brocade flag does not always belong to our cla.s.s. Also, have you forgotten our school’s motto?”

The school motto…

Everyone was stunned.

Old Liu said, “Be strict with yourself and not with others.”

Li Hanlei immediately said, “Why? It was her fault!”

Xue Yao was also indignant. “Mr. Liu, will you always be biased toward anyone whose grades are good?”

“That’s right, Old Liu. You are too biased!”

The students clamored. Old Liu stared at them and frowned.

At this moment, the dean of the Education Bureau appeared at the entrance. “Old Liu, you’re here. Perfect! I won’t have to go to your office!”

Old Liu was taken aback. “We can just move the silk banner tomorrow, right? Are you here to pluck it already?”

The director instantly laughed. “Why should I take it? I’m here to inform you of something. Didn’t Xue Xi win two first prizes? I have therefore given her some personal rewards and awarded your cla.s.s 20 marks!”

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