Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 95 - : I Want to Change My Name!

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Chapter 95: I Want to Change My Name!

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In the hotel, the bodyguards returned to their rooms dejectedly.

“Lu Chao” was supported by someone and was sitting on the sofa. After the bloodstains on his face were wiped clean, it was obvious that he had been beaten until his face was swollen and his body was in pain. It was unknown if his bones were broken.

He could not imagine that a young lady would actually have so much strength and had already called a hotel doctor to come to the room for treatment.

In front of him, Xue Gui lowered his head with a look of terror on his face. He shouted, “Mr. Lu, I didn’t expect my niece to be this formidable. When I get back, I’ll capture her and get her to apologize to you, okay?”

Lu Chao snorted in pain. Asking Xue Xi to apologize?

He scoffed and a vicious glint flashed across his eyes.

Beside him, someone said, “Mr. Xue, what do you mean by this? Do you still want to invest?”

Xue Gui hurriedly nodded. “Yes, I do. But that niece grew up outside of the family and has a wild personality. Mr. Lu, I know that I was wrong this time. Regarding the investment…”

The doctor applied medicine on Lu Chao’s face and the man gasped in pain. When he heard this, he turned to look at Xue Gui and said, “Business is business. I won’t mix my personal feelings into business.”

Xue Gui was stunned. “Then do you agree or not?”

Lu Chao: “?”

Why is this person so stupid?

He frowned and said, “You are a relative of the Liu family. I will give the Liu family face, but the money must be paid as soon as possible. Otherwise, we won’t be able to make it in time.”

“Alright, alright!”

Xue Gui was overjoyed. “I’ve already prepared the money and will send it to you immediately!”

He wiped the sweat off his forehead and walked out. When he reached the door, he turned around. “Mr. Lu, don’t worry. I’ll definitely teach my niece a lesson when I get back!”

Lu Chao thought of the little beauty’s exquisite face and greed flashed across his eyes again. “Send her over after you’re done with your training.”

After Xue Gui left, Lu Chao revealed a vicious expression. “Ha, we’ll pay back as much as the Xue family gives us!”

The person beside him immediately said, “Should we retreat?”

They were a conglomerate. When they came to Bin City, they would occasionally find out that a formidable person had come. Hence, they bribed the Liu family and let him be in the middle, making Liu Jinmao mistakenly think that he was “Lu Chao” and trying to please him many times.

He revealed his intention to invest in that big project. Liu Jinmao had indeed fallen for it and was rushing to give him money. As for the Xue family… if they dared to hit him, they would have to pay the price!

After sending Xue Xi to the school gate and seeing her register at the gate guard, Xiang Huai then started the car and returned to the provision store.

At the entrance, Lu Chao hurriedly welcomed him and casually asked, “Boss, are you alright?”


Xiang Huai then turned to look at him. “I heard that there’s a big shot from Bin City called Lu Chao?”

The back of Lu Chao’s neck turned cold and he replied in confusion, “d.a.m.n, isn’t this the smoke bomb that Old Gao released to the outside world so that everyone can stop investigating you?”

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“Oh,” he replied before saying, “Then explain to me why Lu Chao invited the kid to a hotel room for breakfast this morning.”

Xiang Huai looked at the book in his hands and ignored him.

Only then did Lu Chao cut to the chase. “That person’s real name is also Lu Chao. He is from a conglomerate and is very skilled. He first lied to the Liu family and then used the Liu family to cheat in a small area. As this matter has not been spread, not many people know about it. He has already lied to the Liu family for 110 million. Just now, the Xue family agreed to transfer him 50 million.”

Xiang Huai’s dark brown eyes flickered. “The Xue family?”

Lu Chao hurriedly explained, “It’s Xue Xi’s second uncle. He was also the fool that brought Xue Xi to meet Lu Chao this morning. I heard that the Xue family split up last night and the other side ended up in quite a bad relationship with Xue Xi.”

Lu Chao said with a dark expression, “I’ve already got someone to monitor that idiot. As long as you give the order, we can capture him!”

Xiang Huai lowered his eyes and snorted. “We’ll do it after the Xue family’s money is paid.”

Xue Xi was still late for cla.s.s. She pushed open the back door and quietly entered the cla.s.sroom to sit in her seat.

Her movements were very light. Only when she had entered did the biology teacher glance at her. He had originally intended to stop his lecture and scold her, but after realizing that the person who was late was their cla.s.s’s studying G.o.ddess, he retracted his gaze and remained silent.

Xue Xi quickly took out her textbook. After she’d been listening for about 15 minutes, the cla.s.s ended.

When the biology teacher left and Xue Xi was about to put down the biology textbook, Xue Yao stood up and said righteously, “Xue Xi, can you not be late for cla.s.s? Do you know that our cla.s.s has always scored full marks for discipline?! Because of you, the brocade flag this month might not even reach our cla.s.s!”

Bin City International High School had a pennant for each grade and gave them to the cla.s.s with the best discipline each month.

The rest of the, especially Cla.s.s 8, were destined to have nothing to do with this award. However, the compet.i.tion between Cla.s.s One and Cla.s.s Two was huge. Both were experimental and did not want to lose to each other. They would always compare their grades, and with this award even more so.

The students from both were tense. Almost no one was late, so when Xue Yao said this, the rest of the students became unhappy.

Li Hanlei complained loudly, “You don’t have any sense of cla.s.s honor. What’s the use of being good at studying if you’re a selfish person?”

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