Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 94 - : So Fast?

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Chapter 94: So Fast?

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The man in black was holding Zhuangzi in his hands. From time to time, he would glance at the clock at the door. It was half-past seven.

If the kid did not come soon, she would probably be late for cla.s.s.

He pointed at Lu Chao.

Lu Chao looked at him in confusion. “Huh?”

Xiang Huai said in disdain, “Phone.”


Xiang Huai first sent Xue Xi a WeChat message: “Are you still not coming?”

After he sent the message, the other party did not reply.

Xiang Huai looked at the clock again, then at Lu Chao and his phone to confirm that he had not seen wrongly. It was indeed 7:40.

He then used Lu Chao’s WeChat and sent a message to his WeChat. Then, he immediately received his message on WeChat, indicating that Lu Chao’s phone also had a signal.

Then why didn’t she reply?

After pondering for a while, he took out his phone and sent her a message: “Has cla.s.s started yet?”

This Omnipotent Boss would always reply instantly to Xue Xi on WeChat, but Xue Xi would also reply almost instantly to him. If she did not reply, she must be in cla.s.s.

However, the other party still did not reply.

At 7:50 AM, Xiang Huai could no longer sit still and looked at Lu Chao. “Get Jing Fei to locate the little kid’s position.”

Lu Chao: “…”

Isn’t it just a day without eating? Boss, why are you so nervous?

However, he still contacted Jing Fei very quickly. After he was given Xue Xi’s number, Jing Fei quickly gave the results: Shangri-La Hotel.

Why did she go to a hotel instead of going to school?

After pondering for a moment, Xiang Huai suddenly stood up. “Prepare the car.”

Shangri-La Hotel.

The Xue family’s car was parked in the parking lot. Xue Xi had just gotten out of the car when she was surrounded by a few people in black suits. Her uncle, Xue Gui, got out of the car and smiled. “You didn’t struggle on the road, so you can be considered smart. After all, it won’t be good if you get into a car accident. Eldest niece, let me tell you. Don’t reject a toast and drink a forfeit. Be good and accompany Mr. Lu for a meal today. When we get back, Uncle will not mistreat you!”

Xue Xi surveyed her surroundings. This hotel’s parking lot was quite big, and there were many small cars parked there that Xue Xi did not know. However, from the looks of it, they should be very expensive.

This means that this hotel is not bad, so breakfast should be good too?

With this thought in mind, she followed Xue Gui toward the elevator. When they entered the elevator, Xue Xi slowly replied, “Don’t regret it.”

Xue Gui’s face, which was somewhat similar to Xue Sheng’s, had a sly smile on it. “Eldest niece, what should I not regret? Afraid that your father will come and settle scores with me? Let me tell you, when both of you are done, your father will be grateful to me! Being able to marry someone like Mr. Lu is much better than being with your hooligan boyfriend, right?”

They took the elevator and arrived at the first floor of the presidential suite. When they reached room 1808, Xue Gui knocked on the door.

When the door opened, Lu Chao appeared in the hotel’s sleeping robe and glanced at Xue Gui.

The young lady was wearing her school uniform today. She had a high ponytail and was wearing a white baseball cap. She looked clean and obedient, making one’s appet.i.te grow.

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Lu Chao gulped and smiled. “Quickly, invite Ms. Xue in.”

“…Oh, right. I can’t say that men are fast.” Xue Gui sized her up. She had just caused such a huge commotion. Could she really be hurt? He asked, “Erm, Xixi, how do you feel?”

“Alright.” Xue Xi looked down at the time. “I’m going to school.”

She grabbed her backpack with both hands and quickly walked toward the elevator. She had only taken two steps when she suddenly heard a panicked voice behind her. “Stop her!”

Xue Xi quickened her pace and hesitated for 0.01 second. If she were to waste some time and beat this group of people to the ground, she would still struggle to get to cla.s.s even if she hurried. Hence, she chose the latter.

She arrived downstairs and ran out of the lobby. Just as she was about to take a cab to school, she saw a black Audi parked in front of her. Immediately, the front pa.s.senger seat window slid down and Xiang Huai appeared in front of her. “Where are you going?”

Xue Xi looked at her watch. “School.”

She was late for cla.s.s!

Xiang Huai: “Get in.”

Just as he was about to open the pa.s.senger seat’s door, he saw the little kid sitting neatly behind. Xiang Huai’s hand paused and he slowly retracted it.

Forget it, I’ll be her chauffeur this once!

With this thought in mind, he started the car. Just as it started, he saw a few people chasing after Xue Xi from the rearview mirror.

His eyes darkened as he asked, “Why were you here today?”

“Someone was treating me to a meal.” Xue Xi took out her phone from her bag and took a look. She realized that Canine Teeth and Omnipotent Boss had sent her a message. She replied to the Omnipotent Boss: “There was a small matter just now and there’s no cla.s.s yet.”

The moment the message was sent out, Xiang Huai’s phone beeped. Xue Xi frowned and looked at his phone in confusion.

Xiang Huai’s deep voice was heard again. “Who’s treating you to a meal?”

Xue Xi replied casually, “Lu Chao.”

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