Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 90 - She Had a Dream

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Chapter 90: She Had a Dream

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A car stopped outside. Liu Yiqiu and the rest stood up and walked out.

Xue Sheng shot Ye Li a glance and Ye Li quietly led Xue Xi upstairs. When they entered Xue Xi’s bedroom, Ye Li pointed at the dress on her bed. “Wear this tonight.”

Wearing the school uniform was not good when receiving guests.

Xue Xi did not fuss over it. She put on the white long-sleeved and waist-length dress, which had a very ordinary style.

However, when Xue Xi changed into it, Ye Li’s eyes lit up.

She had long known that his daughter was beautiful, but she did not expect her to be so eye-catching when she dropped her usual sportswear in favor of a dress!

Xue Xi tied her ponytail and followed Ye Li downstairs.

Just as she reached the staircase, she heard Old Master Xue’s respectful voice coming from below. “Mr. Lu, it is truly an honor to have you here!”

Immediately, an uncomfortable voice was heard. “Elder Xue, you’re being too polite. We’re all businessmen, so we all strive for benefits.”

Xue Xi did not care much about the guests at home. All she was thinking about was what kind of paper she should look through after dinner. After all, she had already finished her homework.

When she arrived downstairs, she saw a slightly plump man who looked similar to Li Yiqiu standing beside her. He must be her elder brother, Liu Jinmao.

Beside Liu Jinmao stood a middle-sized man with small eyes and a face full of smiles. He was wearing a suit and looked to be in his late twenties.

Xue Xi could not explain why, but she felt that his gaze made her feel uncomfortable. As he was named Lu Chao, calling him Canine Teeth felt much better.

When this person saw Xue Xi, his eyes lit up and he asked, “And this is?”

Xue Sheng took a step forward and blocked Xue Xi’s path. He simply offered, “Mr. Lu, this is my wife and daughter. Why don’t we go eat first?”

“Lu Chao” narrowed his eyes and looked at the trace of white behind Xue Sheng. He smiled. “Alright, we can talk while eating.”

When they were at the dining table, Old Master Xue took the initiative to give up his seat. “You’re a guest. Please take the main seat today!”

“That won’t do,” Lu Chao said in all seriousness. “You’re a senior and this is your home. I can just sit anywhere.”

After some persuasion, Lu Chao sat below Old Master Xue and the rest took their seats.

As the rest ate, they discussed business matters while Xue Xi ate seriously.

The White Chicken today was not bad. After eating two pieces, she picked up another piece. Just as she was about to eat it, she suddenly heard Lu Chao say, “Looking at Ms. Xue’s appet.i.te, the White Chicken seems to taste good?”

Xue Xi continued to put the third chicken in her mouth and slowly ate it.

She did not speak and the dining table fell silent for a few seconds.

Lu Chao’s expression gradually darkened. At this moment, Liu Yiqiu spoke, “Xixi, isn’t Mr. Lu talking to you? Why are you ignoring him? Aren’t you being too rude?”

Xue Xi looked up in confusion when she heard that. She then realized that by “Ms. Xue,” he was referring to her…?

She replied, “Oh. Not bad.”

Thereafter, she picked up the fourth piece.


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Xue Sheng and Ye Li were just about to say something to change the topic when Liu Yiqiu saw Lu Chao staring at Xue Xi and suddenly smiled. “Then Xixi, give Mr. Lu a piece.”

Liu Yiqiu smiled. “Brother, I think you’re too indecisive when it comes to doing business. Mr. Lu is from the higher-ups, and even Elder Gao is wary of him. How can he lie to us? The benefits will be doubled!”

Xue Sheng ignored her and looked at Old Master Xue. “Dad, I don’t think this matter is reliable. A hundred million is the entire company’s capital. It’s too dangerous to pin it on Lu Chao!”

Second Brother had the same thoughts as Liu Yiqiu. “Dad, this is the Liu family’s meat and soup for us. You heard what they said just now. If it wasn’t for Yiqiu, they wouldn’t have given us the 10% shares.”

The old patriarch was not sensitive when it came to business, so he simply looked at Xue Sheng. “The Xue family will be yours in the future. You can decide on this matter!”

Xue Sheng was silent for a moment before saying, “Forget about the investment this time. After all, we have to give the answer tomorrow and we don’t have time to evaluate the project.”

The moment he said this, Liu Yiqiu and the second son were enraged. After they’d been clamoring for a long time, Xue Sheng slammed the table. “Who is the one in charge of the company?”

Liu Yiqiu was furious. She pointed at Xue Sheng and scolded, “If I hadn’t married into the Xue family, do you think you would have this chance? Brother, just wait and see, you’ll regret it when the Liu family is counting their money!”

Xue Xi agreed with Xue Sheng even more.

She had to know herself and her enemy no matter what she did. It was too risky to invest without knowing the situation. Moreover, Lu Chao consistently gave her the feeling that he was not a good person.

That night, Xue Xi finished her exercises and went to bed to rest.

Then, she had a dream.

She could clearly tell that this was a dream. In her dream, she was in her bedroom, and Xiang Huai was hugging her waist. She seemed to be able to smell the scent of his body wash.

Then, the man stretched out his fair finger and shook it. “Little kid, your dreams are just dreams.”

Immediately, his fingers rubbed her lips.

Xue Xi seemed to feel the roughness of the callouses. She wanted to resist, but she had no strength in her dream. Finally, the man withdrew his fingers, but before she could catch her breath, the man lowered his head and kissed her lips…

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