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Young Master Yan

Chapter 89 - Many Strangers

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Chapter 89: Many Strangers

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When Xue Xi woke up in the morning, she realized that the servants were coming in and out of the house. They took out the cutlery from storage, washed them, and dried them so that they could simply wait for the guests at night.

As Ye Li finished preparing breakfast for Xue Xi, Liu Yiqiu said sourly, “Sister-in-law, the house is so busy right now and you still prepared breakfast for Xue Xi and that gigolo? Can’t you just deal with them casually?”

Ye Li ignored her and pa.s.sed the breakfast to Xue Xi.

The Xue family had requested the Liu family to introduce Lu Chao to them, so Liu Yiqiu was raising her head slightly. The usually gloomy person was now showing a hint of arrogance.

Xue Xi took the breakfast and slowly looked at her. Just as she was about to say something, Ye Li grabbed Xue Xi’s arm. “Come, Xixi. I’ll send you to school.”

After the two of them left, Ye Li said, “Don’t argue with her. Otherwise, your grandma will say something nasty again. Just let her say a few words. We don’t have to do anything.”

Xue Xi pondered for a moment before coming to a realization. “Mhm, just pretend that a dog is barking.”

Ye Li: “?”

She was at first stunned and then burst out laughing. Her daughter could even joke!

When Xue Xi got into the car, Ye Li stood there and watched as the car slowly drove away. Her mood had changed drastically.

In the past, Old Lady Xue would occasionally mock her. Although she was not dispirited, she would actually feel sad. However, after Xue Xi returned, she did not care about anything and did not listen to any comments. Xue Xi’s “live your own life” att.i.tude had infected Ye Li.

Someone who was close to being fifty years old learned to relax from a young lady.

What did others’ words have to do with her?

Xue Xi did not know about these thoughts. She took out her English vocabulary book and used this half an hour to expand her vocabulary.

She had a photographic memory and had already figured out the English words in high school. Now, she was only reading the professional terms in mathematics.

While proving Bartra’s conjecture, she’d realized that many of the doc.u.ments were in English. Even if they were translated into Chinese, there would always be some meanings lost. She wanted to read English books directly in the future.

By the time she reached the provision store, she had memorized dozens of words.

The car stopped and she naturally put the small vocabulary book into her pocket. She picked up her school bag and got out of the car.

When she entered the provision store, Xiang Huai was still reading behind the counter. When Canine Teeth picked up the breakfast and placed it on the table, he casually picked up that book and stood up.

For some unknown reason, Xue Xi was suddenly curious about what the book that he had been reading for so long was. Hence, she peeked at it and saw that the cover of the book was simple and unadorned. It was a gray color that made one feel at peace. Even the t.i.tle of the book made one feel much calmer—”Great Sutra.”


While they were eating, Xue Xi could not help but glance at Xiang Huai’s face.

This man looked at most twenty-five years old. Why did he need to read Buddhist scriptures? Shouldn’t such things be studied by older people?

After feeling puzzled, Xue Xi looked around again. She had not seen this provision store open for so long.

However, the interior was very s.p.a.cious, at least like a regular supermarket.

So, how did Xiang Huai and Canine Teeth feed themselves? Also, Xiang Huai was so poor. How did he manage to pay Canine Teeth?

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She did not care about it in the past, but now, she felt that Xiang Huai was full of secrets.

“That’s good!”

Qin Shuang heaved a sigh of relief. “My husband said that he’s really afraid that his performance will affect your relationship with your boyfriend.”

As Qin Shuang said this, she began to find it a little strange. “My husband seems to care a lot about your boyfriend’s feelings. If he’s afraid that your boyfriend will be angry, shouldn’t he just ask you?”

However, she immediately waved her hand. “But perhaps this is a topic my husband is looking for me to chat about? Hehe, after all, my mind is blank the moment I see him. I can’t think of any topic at all.”

Every time Cen Bai sent her a WeChat message, she only wanted to scream in her heart: Ahhhhh…

How could she have any brain cells left to chat? Hence, the pace of the conversation was in Cen Bai’s hands, but it’s not like she had any complaints. How many people in this world could add him to WeChat and chat with him frequently?

The bell rang and Qin Shuang turned around. At this moment, her phone rang. She lowered her head and saw Flame Number One sending a message: “What happened to Brother Chen? He bought a bunch of lollipops.”

Qin Shuang: “…”

There were so many strange people recently.

After the day’s cla.s.s was over, Xue Xi finished all the homework the teachers had arranged during the two self-study sessions in the afternoon and returned home with thick English doc.u.ments after school.

When Xue Xi’s ride arrived home, Xue Yao was already there. She had changed into a beautiful dress and was sitting in the living room.

When Xue Xi entered the living room, she saw that everyone in the house was dressed in formal attire. There were delicacies on the dining table and the fragrance wafted up to her nose.

Xue Xi was checking when Liu Yiqiu spoke. “Xue Xi, quickly go upstairs and change. My brother and the rest are here!”

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