Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 88 - I'm Jealous and Must Be Coaxed

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Chapter 88: I’m Jealous and Must Be Coaxed

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The man was dressed in black and his skin was cold and fair. His eyes were narrow and sharp when he was not smiling. Under his neat short hair, his facial features were so exquisite that there was not a single flaw to be found. His distinct facial features were firm and clear. He was exceptionally good-looking, but he did not seem to be a sissy at all.

He looked more out of reach than the celebrity, Cen Bai. It made people feel that they could not get close to him.

The few people from the international school who were watching the fun were stunned. Their minds were filled with the thought—they also wanted such a pretty boy!

Then, they heard Xue Xi’s voice. “Are you out of money?”


“No,” he answered.

Xue Xi stared at him, her misty eyes filled with surprise. “Then why are you here?”

Xiang Huai slowly lowered his eyes. His long eyelashes cast a shadow and he looked a little lonely. “Have you checked Weibo?”

Xue Xi shook her head, took out her phone, and opened Weibo. The notification on her Weibo rang.

It was only then that she realized that there were now hundreds of thousands of fans on her Weibo overnight and there were even signs of the number still rising. She stared blankly at her phone for a while. Just as she was feeling confused, a fair and slender hand reached over and s.n.a.t.c.hed her phone away.

Xue Xi looked up again and saw Xiang Huai open the trending page before pa.s.sing the phone back to her. He then stared straight at her.

Xue Xi looked at her phone and was stunned when she saw the hottest topic: #Ye Qingqiu Loves Cen Bai#. She looked up in confusion. “This is fake.”

Xiang Huai raised his eyes and chuckled. “I know.”

The man’s voice was very seductive, making one feel as though a feather had brushed past his or her heart. He slowly said, “Little kid, I’m jealous.”


Xue Xi was a little confused, and there seemed to be a layer of mist in her eyes. She could not tell what jealousy was.

She had been living in an orphanage since she was young and her feelings for him had always been mild. However, she also understood that he was unhappy.

The moment this thought popped into her mind, Xue Xi felt a dull pain in her chest. She knew that she had to coax him, so she asked with a headache and with confusion, “Then what should we do?”

The girl’s confused tone made Xiang Huai feel helpless and angry.

He suddenly moved closer to her. The man slowly lowered his head and inched closer to her ear. The fragrant scent of vanilla seemed to be lingering in the air. When he spoke, his breath sprayed on her skin and it felt itchy, as though an electric current had entered her heart.

Just as Xue Xi tensed up and was at a loss, the man slowly said, “Can I make a post using your Weibo?”

Xue Xi suddenly felt a little thirsty and gulped. “…Sure.”

The man did not retreat. He was still very close to her. When he heard this, he picked up her phone and started to operate it. After a while, he suddenly extended his hand. “Give me your hand.”

Xue Xi did not understand why, but after giving her hand to him, the man’s five fingers gripped it tightly. Their fingers intertwined as he held her little hand and took a photo on his phone. After posting it on Weibo, he returned the phone to her.

The girl’s obedience made Xiang Huai’s hands itch. He rubbed Xue Xi’s head and smiled. “Little girlfriend, remember not to delete it.”

Xue Xi: “…”

The two of them stood there, each handsome and beautiful. They were exceptionally eye-catching. The students in the distance were holding their phones and secretly taking photos of them.

Xiang Huai saw it but did not pursue the matter.

After he left, Xue Xi returned to cla.s.s. She did not know that the school forum was currently in a heated discussion.

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“Ah ah ah, this photo is so beautiful! I don’t know why, but I suddenly feel that they are a good match!”

Old Liu stopped her and hesitated before asking, “Xue Xi, are you in a relationship?”

Xue Xi nodded.

Seeing how honest she was, Old Liu did not know what to do.

Should he tell her she can’t get into a relationship early? That puppy love will affect one’s studies? However, Xue Xi had already been accepted to university!

He pondered for a long time, but in the end, he could not think of anything. When he returned to his senses, he realized that he had been in a daze for too long, causing Xue Xi to stare at him with her big eyes. Old Liu panicked and blurted out, “Oh, then I wish you all the best.”


Xue Xi entered the cla.s.sroom and had just sat down when Qin Shuang decided she did not care if it was Old Liu’s cla.s.s anymore. She turned around in shock and gave her a thumbs up. “Sister Xi, you’re really tough! This is too amazing! Too romantic!”

Xue Xi: “?”

While she did not know what was going on, Qin Shuang showed her the Weibo post she had just posted.

That was the first official Weibo post of Xue Xi, the actress. The accompanying picture was a pair of hands clasped together, and the caption was: “Hand in hand and growing old together.”

There were many comments under this Weibo post. Most of them were asking who the owner of that hand was. Was it their Xiao Bai?

However, Cen Bai had already retweeted the Weibo post: “It’s not me!”

The next morning, everyone at home got busy because Lu Chao was going to visit today.

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