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Young Master Yan

Chapter 87 - Xiang “Gigolo” Huai

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Chapter 87: Xiang “Gigolo” Huai

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There was a radio at the international high school’s security office that could be connected to the school’s broadcast station. It could be used to inform the students or call for help.

Usually, if the parents of the students came to look for them, the security guard would make the announcement at the end of the cla.s.s so that the students could meet their families through the railings.

However, because the students of this international high school did not care about certain school rules, everyone did things like going to school with their phones. As long as they were not going too overboard, the teachers turned a blind eye to it. Therefore, it had been a long time since they had made such an announcement.

At the door guard’s office.

The guard was hurriedly speaking to Xiang Huai. “What’s wrong with you? Didn’t I tell you earlier? You can make your announcement after they’re done exercising! Why couldn’t you wait?”

Xiang Huai placed both hands in his pockets and stood there. He had exquisite features, a tall and slim figure, and his long legs and narrow waist made him look like a superstar. However, the guard’s words were getting softer and softer. In the end, the guard seemed to be negotiating.

Just now, Xiang Huai had said that he wanted to look for Xue Xi and had asked the security guard to help him call for her. This was considered part of his job, so the guard agreed.

Xiang Huai then said that it was quite hot under the sun outside, so he went inside to rest for a while. The guard then somehow let him in. Following that, someone else came by the door, and the guard went out to ask what the matter was. Who knew that in just a short while, Xiang Huai had already turned on the radio?

Xiang Huai did not feel that he had done anything wrong. His voice was neither fast nor slow as he casually said, “Sorry, I didn’t see the time.”

The guard: “…”

Although he had made a mistake, it was not such a big one. However, the problem was—

“Didn’t you say that you are Xue Xi’s family? That’s why I let you do the announcement. Why are you suddenly her boyfriend?”

The guard had thought that this person was Xue Xi’s older brother at most!

Even if he did have something to do with her, he thought perhaps they would hide it a little. After all, this was a high school and engaging in puppy love was forbidden!

Xiang Huai leaned on the table where he’d registered his entry and exit. His tall stature made the door guard’s small room seem cramped. The man touched his nose and asked, “Boyfriend—doesn’t that count as family?”

The guard: “…”

The corners of his lips twitched and he could not refute it!

On the field, the students exploded. The supervisor could not help but look at Xue Xi.

One of the students in the other cla.s.s shouted, “Xue Xi, go to the security department. Don’t let your boyfriend wait too long!”


This kind of joke was not malicious, but people who were being joked about might still feel embarra.s.sed and frustrated.

Just as the student finished shouting, a kick landed on his b.u.t.t.

The student staggered two steps forward. “Which whelp dares to kick me…”

Turning around, he saw a red-haired Gao Yanchen standing there with his coat in hand. He stared at him with his big eyes. “If you have the guts, say it again.”

That cla.s.smate was stunned.

Gao Yanchen never did field exercises. Since when did he obediently start attending the interschool gymnastics cla.s.s? However, this was not the time to consider this. Faced with the school bully, he shut his mouth dejectedly.

Gao Yanchen’s sharp gaze swept across the crowd. The students who were watching the commotion immediately shut their mouths and did not dare to speak further.

At this moment, the exercise broadcast was completed and everyone was dismissed.

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However, the crowd was still gathered together and unwilling to leave.

Gao Yanchen tore open the covering. When the sweet taste stimulated his taste buds, he realized that Sister Xi was treating him like a child.

He frowned, took out the lollipop, and looked at the girl walking in front. Her ponytail was very high and her body swayed as she walked, but her posture was straight…

Gao Yanchen stuffed the lollipop into his mouth again. Yes, it was quite sweet.

Just like that, a group of people escorted Xue Xi to the entrance. The students who were watching the commotion hid far away, wanting to see what that pretty boy looked like.

Hence, the security guard suddenly saw a large group of people walking over. He was so frightened that the hand holding an apple he was eating froze. What was she doing? Was she going to skip school?

The members of the Roaring Flame Society escorted Xue Xi all the way over. When they were five steps away from the door guard’s room, Gao Yanchen stopped and the rest of the members of the Roaring Flame Society stopped as well. They let only Xue Xi move forward and gave her enough s.p.a.ce to speak.

This stance… made the rest of the people even more afraid to approach. They could only stretch their necks and watch the commotion from afar.

Someone whispered, “I heard that the day Xue Xi took on a gigolo was the day Fan Han replaced her. She was agitated and looked for someone random.”

Someone echoed, “A gigolo. No matter how he looks, he can’t possibly be more handsome than Fan Han, right?”

Fan Han was their school hunk.

Actually, Gao Yanchen was also very handsome, but his red hair was too hard to accept.

Li Hanlei hid among the crowd and said with a smile, “So what if she’s good in her studies? Girls have to get married eventually. In this point alone, she’s already lost to Xue Yao. How can a pretty boy compare to Fan Han?”

“He’s out! Look!” someone shouted.

Everyone hurriedly looked over.

In the distance, Xue Xi stood outside the door and said something. The man walked out. He was dressed in black and there was no hint of a brand. However, she could vaguely see that he was very tall and skinny.

He seemed to have sensed something and looked toward the crowd.

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