Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 86 - : Having Children in One Night

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Chapter 86: Having Children in One Night

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There was a well-known film critic on Weibo. Due to her sharp eyes and cutting words, she was quite prominent. The television series and movies that she commented on were also popular, and this critic went by the name of Violet Cold.

She always said things that were shocking, and when she found out that this character was played by a high school student, she wrote a long essay to express her dissatisfaction. “…The character Ye Qingqiu doesn’t have many scenes, but her presence runs through the entire drama. As the first twenty episodes unfolded, this name kept popping up.

“Being able to be remembered by the male lead, Cen Bai, for so many years, she was definitely someone who played an important part. An older actress would be unable to capture her spirit, but on the other hand, younger actresses could not compare to Cen Bai’s face.

“Therefore, I have a premonition that Ye Qingqiu’s role will be ruined.”

The moment this Weibo post went up, everyone immediately reposted it and went to leave comments on the crew’s Weibo to express their dissatisfaction.

The people in the production team were quite happy. They simply sent this Weibo message:

Old Times Official Weibo: “See you tonight.”

After the official Weibo made a post, Cen Bai also posted a Weibo message.

Cen Bai Official: “This is the best Ye Qingqiu I’ve ever seen.”

His words instantly silenced the internet for a few minutes before it exploded again.

#Cen Bai supported Ye Qingqiu# directly became the trending topic. Cen Bai’s fans split into two groups.

One faction said, “No matter what kind of person Ye Qingqiu is, we’ll still support our elder brother! Let’s disperse. There aren’t many scenes in total, so let’s not discuss this!”

The other party said, “What’s wrong with Cen Bai? He actually spoke up for a small-bit character. Has his Weibo account been taken over by the agency?”

Amid the negative comments that filled the Internet, the Flame Society’s flamers were spamming the reviews with zero stars. Although Gao Yanchen wanted to moderate the comments, Cen Bai’s fans were too scary. Even the Internet Water Army that they bought could not take advantage of them!

While the Internet was in a state of chaos, Old Times was broadcasted. Hundreds of thousands of people were watching today’s storyline.

Violet Cold came from a good family in real life. She sat on the sofa and watched the show seriously while holding a pen and a paper, preparing to broadcast a new round of reviews.

Cen Bai’s performance was as good as ever. His acting skills and looks were all on the line.

When it was the 24th minute, Ye Qingqiu’s plot finally appeared. First, there were a few side profiles and back shots in school uniforms.

Violet Cold slightly turned to look at the side of her face. Despite looking at it with a provocative att.i.tude, she actually felt an itch in her heart.

This side profile could be given 80 marks.

She was pretty, but she did not know how good her acting was.

Finally, it was time for the piano lesson. With the main storyline, Cen Bai and the girl entered the frame together.

Whenever other female celebrities were in the same scene as Cen Bai, they would be utterly crushed. However, this Ye Qingqiu was actually on par with Cen Bai!

She froze.

She could not deny that this actor was really beautiful! She had exquisite and attractive features that were resistant to criticisms. Unknowingly, she sat up straight.

Following that, the director placed the camera close to the girl’s face!

The change in the girl’s eyes, as well as the hint of shyness and surprise that she might not have noticed, practically brought Ye Qingqiu to life!

Too amazing.

Immediately after came a long shot of the girl. With the piano viewed from afar, it could be seen that she did not have a hand double.

The sunlight shone in through the window and landed on the girl’s body. At this moment, the scene was shockingly beautiful. It made her heart feel warm and fuzzy.

She stared unblinkingly at the camera.

The director could not bear to delete the five-minute piano piece. He actually played it all! Just like that, when the piano piece was played, it made people feel like they had not had enough.

Her slightly cold hands trembled.

When Ye Qingqiu’s shot ended, she impatiently opened Weibo…

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In the provision store.

Xiang Huai was staring at the content on Weibo.

A celebrity as big as Cen Bai would definitely have more attention paid to him. Within one night, a story about Xue Xi and Cen Bai had already been written.

“Cen Bai has already forgotten about Xue Xi from that night, but Xue Xi still has an obsession for this big star. She is his adoring fan, and when she found out that she is pregnant, she secretly gave birth to the child. During a guest appearance, she finally met this man she had been thinking about day and night. After acting with him, Xue Xi left quietly. Unexpectedly, the baby came looking for him. Looking up, the little money-grubber said: Daddy, do you want to buy Mommy? Buy one, take one.”

Xiang Huai: “…”

What nonsense! They had children after one night?

Just as he saw this, a message popped up on WeChat.

Cen Bai: “Brother, listen to me! It’s definitely not what you think!”

Xiang Huai: …Ha.

He immediately blocked Cen Bai’s WeChat.

Lu Chao shivered.

At this moment, Xue Xi walked in with breakfast. After the three of them finished eating, Xue Xi left as though nothing had happened while Lu Chao was trembling in fear.

After two periods, Xiang Huai suddenly stood up.

Lu Chao was stunned. “Boss, what are you going to do?”

Would he blow up the school?

Xiang Huai slowly tidied his clothes and walked out.

At this moment, the students from Bin City International High School were doing their exercises. Xue Xi was wearing her school uniform as she stood on the field, following the exercises on the radio. Suddenly, she heard a familiar low voice from the radio. “Xue Xi, please come to the security office. Your boyfriend is looking for you.”


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