Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 85 - No More Indirect Kissing

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Chapter 85: No More Indirect Kissing

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Lu Chao?

Xue Xi was stunned. It seemed that the family had been looking for a businessman named Lu Chao. This name was quite uncommon, but Canine Teeth actually had it.

She did not think much of it. After all, the successful person that her family was looking for should be around Xue Sheng’s age. Moreover, Canine Teeth seemed to be in his twenties at most yet was still working for the poor Xiang Huai. His life must be even more difficult.

“Oh,” she replied and was about to say something when she heard a cough.

Xiang “Poor G.o.d” Huai walked over with both hands in his pockets. Lu Chao immediately shut his mouth.

Xiang Huai was still wearing a black hoodie. He was tall, so he had his head slightly lowered and his back was arched. He was very skinny, and the hoodie swayed on his body.

Just as she thought of this, she recalled his abs and waist… Why did she feel that this man was very skinny?

Xue Xi retracted her gaze and sat down at the dining table. She picked up a bun and took a bite.

Xiang Huai glared at Lu Chao again. The kid even took the initiative to speak to him when she rarely spoke to Xiang Huai. He asked casually, “What’s the filling?”

Xue Xi froze. She gripped the bun tightly and slowly lifted her head. “Don’t think of kissing me indirectly again.”


Xiang Huai stopped in his tracks and looked at her in surprise. He really was not thinking about that today and had merely asked casually. Why did the little kid suddenly come to her senses? This was not a good time to flirt.

Lu Chao lowered his head silently. He was already used to the fact that his boss was a failure at flirting with girls.

When Xue Xi reached the cla.s.sroom, she b.u.mped into Old Liu.

Old Liu seemed to be in high spirits today. When he saw Xue Xi, the smile on his face became even more radiant. “Xue Xi, you have really made Teacher proud!”

To have nurtured a genius like Xue Xi, he could do whatever he wanted in school!

Xue Xi respectfully greeted Mr. Liu before entering the cla.s.sroom.

The moment she entered, she saw Qin Shuang with her hands on the table, her chin in her hands, and her face filled with infatuation. When she saw Xue Xi, she immediately turned around, as though she had a lot to say.

“Ah, ah, ah! Sister Xi, you’re finally here! I don’t even know who else to say these words to. It’s so stifling!

“Sister Xi, do you know? My husband took the initiative to chat with me! I originally added him on WeChat, but I didn’t intend to disturb him. As a fan, I shouldn’t interfere too much with my idol’s life. That is a must! Therefore, I would at most look at his profile picture 70-80 times a day. In the end, last night, my idol took the initiative to greet me!


After saying this, Qin Shuang hugged her phone as though it was some treasure. “Brother, how can you be so gentle? I can’t take it anymore!”

“Why are you quarreling, what’s happening there?”

Before Xue Xi could reply, Old Liu went up to the rostrum and chided her, but his face was still smiling. Seeing him like this, the people below joked, “Mr. Liu, what’s the good news today?”

Old Liu’s eyes narrowed into a line. “Cough, cough. Because of Xue Xi’s achievements, the school gave me a bonus! Therefore, I’ve decided to spend the money on you!”

“Wow! Old Liu is generous!”

“How generous!”

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While the students were cheering, someone asked, “Old Liu, do you want a meal?”

After registering it, Qin Shuang sent Xue Xi’s Weibo account to Cen Bai.

In the afternoon, Xue Xi’s Weibo had been certified by the production team and was now a verified account.

Immediately, Xue Xi’s Weibo gained a new fan. She clicked on it and realized that it was Cen Bai.

After that, it blew up.

Cen Bai was definitely a top-notch existence. His “Following” list was just at two digits, and most of them were actors who had worked with him on films and television shows before. With his attention on it, the fans immediately rushed into Xue Xi’s Weibo. In the end, they realized that this account had just been registered today. Other than an official message, it was empty of posts.

What’s going on? Cen Bai’s fans were relatively calm and did not bombard Xue Xi.

That night, the production team tagged Xue Xi and declared that she was playing the role of the unrequited love—Ye Qingqiu—in the popular drama Old Times!

Instantly, Weibo exploded.

Old Times was a modern drama that Cen Bai was starring in, and the storyline was beautiful. Hence, it was very popular, and there were countless people who paid attention to Ye Qingqiu.

Cen Bai’s popularity was to the skies, and anyone who acted with him would be scrutinized. Moreover, there was no actress in the entertainment industry who could overpower Cen Bai’s looks. Hence, this role had always been controversial.

Everyone had malicious speculations about Xue Xi. After all, the production team was regarding her as a treasure and did not even release any drama photos.

There was a lot of doubt on Weibo:

“I heard that she is a high school student. Is that okay? The production team is too careless!”

“Yes. Can she match Xiao Bai’s charisma? Don’t ruin this show!”

“—In the original work, there is also a description of her playing the piano. Ah, I heard that that scene is also going to be in the show. Can a student give it justice? Isn’t this suspicious?”

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