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Young Master Yan

Chapter 84 - Canine Teeth's Name

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Chapter 84: Canine Teeth’s Name

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It was rare to see so many people in the house today. Old Master Xue and Old Lady Xue sat on the sofa while Liu Yiqiu and Xue Yao sat on both sides of an unfamiliar man. The man was smiling, and his chubby face was filled with the shrewdness of a businessman. He looked somewhat similar to Xue Sheng. This must be the second uncle Xue Xi had never seen before.

Xue Xi followed Ye Li to Xue Sheng’s side. Xue Sheng was dressed in a suit, and when he sat down, he unb.u.t.toned his suit jacket, revealing the vest inside. He instantly exuded the aura of an elite.

Xue Xi silently compared Xue Sheng and Second Uncle.

Xue Sheng had an air of elegance around him. He did not seem like a businessman, but more like a successful person who had been imbued with high academic qualifications. On the other hand, Second Uncle’s aura as a businessman was very obvious. It was not a problem for a person like him to be a peddler since he was very quick-witted. However, if he wanted to elevate the family clan’s status and power, his methods would appear too slippery.

On the surface, Xue Sheng had the upper hand.

When Xue Xi removed her bag from her back and sat down with it in her arms, Xue Sheng said, “Xixi, this matter has something to do with you. I specifically waited for you to come back.”

Xue Xi nodded.

Old Lady Xue could not help but snort. “That’s enough. Calling the whole family over and making such a big scene—those who don’t know better might even think that it’s some tournament. Now that everyone is here, can’t you just spit it out?”

Old Master Xue frowned as though he had a premonition.

As expected, Xue Sheng threw the evidence he had found on the table. “I initially thought that someone was using Xixi’s incident to target the Xue family, but I didn’t expect the results to be so surprising! Sister-in-law, I want to ask you, what did Xixi do to offend you? Are you trying to frame your niece?”

Everyone was stunned.

Old Lady Xue spoke first. “Are you crazy? How can your sister-in-law do such a thing?”

Second Uncle also spoke. “Brother, did you get it wrong? How could it be Yiqiu?”

Xue Yao glanced at Liu Yiqiu and was feeling so guilty that she dared not speak.

Ye Li pointed at the evidence on the table. “Dad, Mom, Brother, the evidence is right here. How much money did she transfer to the reporter and when did she call? We’ve already found the evidence and you still refuse to admit it?”

Old Lady Xue could not understand what was happening.

Old Master Xue flipped through the evidence and looked at Liu Yiqiu. “Second Daughter-in-law, what do you say about this?”

Liu Yiqiu was still as calm as ever and did not feel awkward about being caught. She stared at the people on the table and said, “This must be fake. Someone is framing me. Dad, Mom, you have to stand up for me! Also, Big Brother, you can’t just listen to hearsay. It is an outsider who’s framing you. They want our family to be in a mess. The company is about to be listed and this is a critical time, so don’t fall for this ploy!”

Her words successfully made Old Master Xue, who was biased toward his elder son, waver. What he valued the most was the company’s interests.

Liu Yiqiu did not give anyone a chance to speak. She looked at the old patriarch again. “Dad, actually, I have some good news to share with everyone today. Since everyone is here, I’ll tell you, alright?”

She changed the topic so suddenly. “Dad, do you still remember when you said that there was a big shot in Bin City that the Gao family regarded highly? His name is Lu Chao, I believe?”

The old patriarch nodded. “Yes.”

He then suddenly realized something and said, “Don’t tell me…”

Liu Yiqiu smiled calmly and nodded. “Yes. My brother found this person and even formed a relationship with him! The two of them are now sworn brothers!”

The old patriarch instantly smiled. “Alright! Then, when do you think you can get your brother to introduce you so he could come to our house as a guest?”

Liu Yiqiu nodded, but she suddenly felt a little awkward. “I originally agreed to come this weekend, but now… Sigh, Dad, I don’t know who did it, but it actually made Big Brother’s family misunderstand me. Look, I’m living in this house, but how can I still have the stomach to stay here?”

The old patriarch looked at Xue Sheng.

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Xue Sheng’s expression was solemn, and a sharp glint flashed across his eyes.

The two got up and left the living room, leaving only Ye Li and Xue Xi behind.

That night, Xue Sheng returned to his room with an ugly expression.

Ye Li asked, “What did Old Master say?”

Xue Sheng’s tone was solemn. “Dad has always placed the highest importance on the company. He actually told me that since Xixi is fine, I should let this matter rest. However, I suggested splitting up.”

Ye Li’s eyes lit up. “And then?”

“Dad agreed, but he has a condition. We’ll split up after the company is listed.”

Now that they were splitting up, it was not good for the company to go ahead and be listed.

Ye Li could not help but grumble. “How did they get to know Lu Chao at the crucial moment?”

Xue Xi did not care about those disputes or matters of framing. Since Ye Li and Xue Sheng did not pursue the matter further, she threw it to the back of her mind.

After she went upstairs, she calmly continued to do her homework and answer exercises. When she woke up the next day, she went to school.

Ye Li, on the other hand, felt sorry for her. Her breakfast was exceptionally sumptuous.

When Xue Xi brought it to the provision store and Canine Teeth saw their breakfast, his eyes lit up. He grinned and busied himself with laying the breakfast on the table.

Xue Xi looked at him and asked for some reason, “Little Canine Teeth, what’s your name?”

He smiled and replied, “Lu Chao!”

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