Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 82 - Birth of a New Couple!

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Chapter 82: Birth of a New Couple!

When the a.s.sistant director called for a stop, Xue Xi also stopped what she was doing and the music stopped.

In the crowd, Li Hanlei was stunned upon seeing her actions. However, as she was quite far away and the piano was facing them, she could not see Xue Xi’s hand movements. Hence, she could not help but chuckle softly. “What a joke. She even has a sound-over. Doesn’t that mean that Xue Xi did not press the b.u.t.ton at all? How is this considered a close-up?”

The people around them could not help but laugh. They did not have any ill intentions, but they felt that it was fun.

Li Hanlei continued complaining. “Xue Yao, your family has a piano too. Hasn’t she touched it before? Can’t she even imitate the movements? Isn’t this similar to how Dong Shi imitated the famous beauty Xi Shi? Won’t she end up making a fool of herself? Hahaha!”

Xue Yao’s face turned even paler. She opened her mouth, but she did not know what to say. All she wanted to do now was to escape from this place, lest others laughed at her!

Qin Shuang found her words unpleasant and said, “So what if Sister Xi doesn’t know how to play the piano? No one can be absolutely perfect. After all, we have to give others a way out, right?”

Fan Han frowned and turned to look at Li Hanlei. He sighed. “As cla.s.smates, we should help each other. Why are you always so sarcastic?”

Li Hanlei wanted to retort, but she could not say anything as she stared at Fan Han’s face.

After saying that, he turned to look at Xue Yao. “Why don’t you go and give her some pointers? At the very least, it should be quite simple to act it out.”

Xue Yao moved her lips and finally said, “She knows how to play the piano.”

Unfortunately, her voice was too low. Fan Han and Li Hanlei did not hear her clearly. “What?”

Xue Yao’s face seemed to be filled with blood as her cheeks turned red. Before she could speak, the staff had already shouted, “Director, the music isn’t playing!”

Everyone was stunned. No music?

The a.s.sistant director was also stunned. “If you didn’t play any music, then how did she…”

At this point, he suddenly understood something and looked at Xue Xi in disbelief. “You know how to play the piano?”

Everyone in the cla.s.s stared at her in disbelief. Li Hanlei was even more astonished. Even Fan Han was stunned.

Xue Xi’s misty eyes looked ahead as she paused for two seconds. Just as she was about to speak, a staff member called out, “Director, Zhou Zhou’s disciple, Ms. Xia Yiyi, is here!”

As soon as she said this, Xia Yiyi, who was dressed in a white dress and had a thin figure, stepped through the door timidly with the Xia family’s accompanying translator behind her.

When Xia Yiyi was playing for a wealthy family, she did not like to bring along accompanying translators because that would make her look like an oddball. She would rather stay at home quietly.

However, the Xia family was a wealthy family. When Xia Yiyi left the house, she still had to be presentable.

The accompanying translator asked, “a.s.sistant Director, who needs Ms. Xia’s guidance?”

The a.s.sistant director was stunned. Only after pointing at Xue Xi did he realize that she… did not seem to need it anymore?

Xia Yiyi followed where he was pointing and looked at the person sitting behind the piano. Her eyes lit up instantly and she reached out to gesture.

The accompanying interpreter did not know that Xue Xi knew how to speak. Looking at her gesture, he paused and translated, “Sister, so it’s you. But why do you need a piano teacher?”

“My master doesn’t even dare to guide you. What right do I have?”

“Sister, Master said that he wrote another piece and wanted you to take a look when you are free.”

After Xia Yiyi said those three lines, the scene fell silent again.

Even the a.s.sistant director was stunned.

Was the translation wrong?

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The master who needed Xue Xi’s guidance on the piano… was Zhou Zhou?

Ever since the incident on Weibo fermented, Lu Chao had been staring at Bin City International High School’s forum. Indeed, he saw a shocking piece of news in the forum: “Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah, Screaming Groundhog! Isn’t it too beautiful to see an Academic G.o.d and a greenhorn idol together?”

Lu Chao hurriedly showed the thread to Xiang Huai and silently sighed. Doesn’t Ms. Xue Xi have too many love interests?

Li Hanlei repeatedly interrupted the filming and was chased out by the director.

After exchanging a few words with Xue Xi, Xia Yiyi left.

Xue Xi’s piano piece was completed in one go. When the director was filming, he immediately made the scene quiet down and muted everyone on the spot! Xue Xi finished filming the entire piano piece.

Even if everything went smoothly, it all still took two hours.

Hence, after the shoot, Xue Xi changed and Qin Shuang accompanied her to the washroom.

After all, they were in school and the cla.s.sroom did not have an independent toilet. The men’s and women’s toilets were at the end of the corridor. The moment they pa.s.sed, they saw Cen Bai standing there as well.

Qin Shuang’s eyes lit up instantly, but her mind went blank when she saw her idol.

Cen Bai was actually waiting here to find a chance to speak to Xue Xi alone. After all, Sister Xi had given him something he needed to explain to a certain person in their group.

He wanted Xue Xi to put in a good word for him in case that person became jealous and drowned him.

Hence, he took a step forward and looked at Xue Xi. He raised his fox-like eyes and smiled seductively. “Sister Xi, Qin Shuang, h.e.l.lo.”

Xue Xi’s reaction was slow and she nodded slightly.

Qin Shuang’s hands trembled nervously as she blurted out, “Hubby, are you going to the toilet personally?”

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