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Young Master Yan

Chapter 80 - Time for Face-smacking!

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Chapter 80: Time for Face-smacking!

The matters concerning the academic community did not reach Weibo so quickly.

The topic #Huaxia University’s special admission# became bigger and bigger. While the filming crew was having a meeting, the Academic Affairs Office of the international school was also having a meeting.

The director sighed. “Old Liu, it’s not that I don’t want to protect my students, but this matter is really hard to handle.”

Old Liu’s back was firm. “There’s nothing hard about it. She didn’t bribe anyone. I’ll testify!”

“You can testify? How can you testify?” The dean pointed at the teachers in the meeting. “Answer me in front of everyone!”

Old Liu: “I’ll state my position right here. If you expel Xue Xi, I’ll resign!”

The director frowned. “Old Liu, do you really think that the school can’t do without you?”

At this moment, one teacher who had been keeping an eye on the news online rushed into the office. He shouted, “Director, Huaxia University has responded on Weibo! And…”

“And what?” The director’s heart skipped a beat. “Don’t tell me he’s going to drop the recommendation and punish the professor?”

“No…” The teacher felt that he was living in a fantasy world. He simply pa.s.sed the phone to the director!

Huaxia University responded very quickly and directly posted the mathematical journal’s interface picture. Then, it wrote:

Official Huaxia University: “Do you want to know why she’s getting a free pa.s.s? That’s the reason!”

The moment Huaxia University’s Weibo posted that, Huazhong University’s official Weibo, the Capital University of Science and Technology’s official Weibo account, and the Capital University’s Aeronautics and s.p.a.ce University’s official Weibo account also made posts. The content was similar. “May I ask, is it too late for us to also give her a free pa.s.s now? @Official Huaxia University.”

Huaxia University officials were very cold and ignored the questions from these other schools!

The director could not understand what was going on with the English mathematics journal. He asked in a daze, “What… What happened?”

Why were all these universities suddenly mentioning Xue Xi?

When Old Liu saw the academic journal, he was stunned. He stared blankly at the director and cursed, “F*ck, I finally know why Huaxia University admitted her directly!”


“Because Xue Xi is a genius!”

After the significance of Bartra’s conjecture was briefly explained to him, the director was stunned. He was ecstatic. “I see! I’ll go see if those reporters are still blocking the door. I’ll smash my phone on their faces!”

When he was about to leave, Old Liu said proudly, “Of course, I’ll be fine as long as the school doesn’t have a problem anymore. Director, look here. Why don’t you approve my resignation letter first?”

The director: “…”

He turned around and patted Old Liu on the shoulder. “The purpose of our meeting today was to give you a bonus.”

The situation on the Internet was reversed.

After Huaxia University’s Weibo post was uploaded, a group of people who did not know what was going on shouted:

“What the h.e.l.l? Can you just accept ‘has published a thesis’ as a reason?”

“That’s right. I’ll buy a few theses too. Will I be specially recruited then?”


Looking at these responses, a kind-hearted person on the Internet came out to explain: “Seeing your comments, I really find it funny. Come, let me explain this journal to everyone. This is a professional journal in the mathematics world. All these years, the number of theses that the Chinese have published with them can be counted in one hand. Do you think you can publish them as you please? Also, let me explain this conjecture to you. Something that has not been proven by anyone in the whole world has been proven by XX. No wonder Huaxia University accepted such a mathematical genius. Any elite school would want her!”

After this explanation, there was a moment of silence on Weibo.

Then, the screen mode below turned on:

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“F*ck! Daddy Xi is awesome!”

Qin Shuang’s fingers had yet to recover and she was using gauze to bandage them. However, this did not affect her playing with her phone. She looked at the comments in shock and could only say, “F*ck! Sister Xi, you’re too amazing!”

The rest of the students also shouted:

“Sister Xi, can you give me an autograph? I suddenly feel that I can live by selling your signature when I’m down and out in the future!”

“What the f*ck! I’m actually in the same cla.s.s as a G.o.ddess! I’m so lucky!”


As everyone spoke, Li Hanlei’s face turned as pale as a sheet!

Xue Yao, who was standing beside Li Hanlei, was shaking slightly when she saw this. She looked at Xue Xi in disbelief. This girl who grew up in the orphanage is actually so powerful? How is this possible?!

Ignoring their stunned expressions, the a.s.sistant director smiled at Xue Xi. “Xue Xi, come in and put on your makeup!”

Xue Xi nodded and was about to follow the a.s.sistant director into the room when Li Hanlei shouted in disbelief, “She doesn’t know how to play the piano! a.s.sistant Director, you can’t ask her to play this role!”

The a.s.sistant director’s face turned cold. “Don’t worry about this. Zhou Zhou’s disciple, Xia Yiyi, will be here soon. She will give professional guidance to Xue Xi. As long as she can put on an act, she will be fine with a hand replacement!”

Just as Li Hanlei was about to say something, there was a commotion in the distance. The a.s.sistant director took a look and became excited. “Mr. Cen, you’re here just in time. The role of your unrequited love has been decided. Come quickly and get to know her. This is Xue Xi!”

Cen Bai’s expression was filled with impatience. It was such a small character, yet the production team had made changes several times. In the end, he simply did not care about it. Hence, he did not know who got the part in the end. It was up to them.

However, when he heard the a.s.sistant director’s words, he was instantly stunned. He felt a chill run down his spine.


Sister Xi was here to act opposite him as his in-show unrequited love?

If that person found out, wouldn’t he disappear from this world tomorrow?!

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