Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 8

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Chapter 8: First in the Level

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When Old Liu stepped into the cla.s.sroom, the bell for the first cla.s.s had yet to ring.

He placed the thick stack of papers on the rostrum and said, “Subject rep, come distribute the papers!”

The entire cla.s.sroom instantly fell silent. Xue Xi sat in the last row and watched as her cla.s.smates all stretched out their necks. As the subject representative distributed the examination scripts, intermittent sounds of gasp and sighs could be heard from every corner of the room.

The subject representative, Zhou Zhen, was studious and frail-looking. He wore a pair of thick He moved toward Xue Yao’s table and pa.s.sed her script over.

Someone asked curiously, “How many marks?”

Checking her score, Xue Yao answered in a light-hearted and proud tone, “127 marks.”

“The questions were so hard, yet you actually scored so highly?”

She feigned humbleness. “Nah. I’m still lacking when compared to Fan Han.”

“How can you compare yourself to Fan Han? He has been receiving uncountable awards from mathematics compet.i.tions since he was young! Still, you and he are truly a match made in heaven. Both of you have such good grades…”

Xue Yao seemed accustomed to the surrounding gasps and praises. She lifted her chin and subconsciously peered at the last row.

She asked hypocritically, “Zhou Zhen, hurry and see how my cousin scored, alright?”

Zhou Zhen flipped through the papers and did not spot Xue Xi’s. Instead, he saw Fan Han’s first and hurriedly picked it out. He was about to pa.s.s it to Fan Han when…

On the rostrum, Old Liu said, “For this mathematics paper, the only full-marks student in the entire level is in our cla.s.s!”


“Isn’t Fan Han too incredible?”

While everyone was gushing, Fan Han silently heaved a sigh of relief.

During the examination yesterday, there were quite a few that he was unsure about. Looks like I did it all correctly…

“Congratulations, Fan Han! You are amazing!”

Xue Yao’s voice rang beside him.

He looked up at her with a smile.

When he returned home yesterday and was informed that his arranged marriage partner had been changed to Xue Yao, he had let out a breath of relief. For a person like him, only the best and most outstanding girl could be matched!

127 marks… Mhm, it hits the pa.s.sing mark!

At this moment, Zhou Zhen landed his paper on his table right in front of him.

He instinctively looked at the scores and his smile froze. 138? What’s wrong? Did I receive the wrong paper?

While everyone was still confused, Old Liu sucked in a deep breath and said the following, “Let us congratulate student Xue Xi! Her foundations in mathematics are very solid. Even though the questions this time around were exceptionally hard, her results are also totally unexpected! It is a whole 12 marks higher than the second place, Fan Han!”

In the next instant, it felt as if a pause b.u.t.ton had been pressed on the entire cla.s.sroom. A perfect silence prevailed!

After a full two seconds, everyone then turned to look at the girl in the last row in unison.

Fan Han widened his eyes in shock and disbelief. When he turned back to look at the girl, he saw her slowly look up. Her eyes started to focus on him. A meaningful smile slowly crept up her lips as she silently mouthed the words, “Still manageable.”

Fan Han’s cheeks instantly blazed, as though someone had given him a tight slap!

Similarly, Xue Yao also froze and all she could think of was: How can this be?! How can it be?!

“End of cla.s.s!”

Old Liu finished reviewing the examination paper right at the ring of the bell that signified the end of cla.s.s, and he promptly exited the cla.s.sroom.

In the next moment, the cla.s.sroom instantly exploded with noise.


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It was the sound of a chair being dragged against the floor. The person seated in front of Xue Xi turned around and leaned against her table as though she had no bones. “Hey, Xue Xi, right? I’m Qin Shuang!”

After the grade reports were pasted on the wall in front, everyone squeezed to take a look the moment ended.

Xue Xi did not partake in this, though. To her, things such as grades were not important. Hence, she picked up her bag and walked out the door.

In the cla.s.sroom, Fan Han and Xue Yao had not left. They were packing their bags as they eyed the front of the cla.s.s. While both of them held themselves in high regard and deigned to squeeze with the crowd, they were still extremely curious about the ranking this time around.

When most of the crowd had dispersed, Fan Han finally walked over. His gaze landed on the utmost left column of the first row. Alas, he, who had hogged the first spot usually, was currently in a different spot.

He was stunned.

Beside him, Xue Yao was going bonkers…

At 6:30 PM, the car slowly drove through the Xue family’s gates.

Xue Xi moved to open the door the moment the car stopped, but a piercing voice sounded. “Are you very happy?”

She paused, only to see that Xue Yao’s eyes were red and br.i.m.m.i.n.g with tears. The latter shouted, “You pretended to be a dimwit to see me and Fan Han make a fool out of ourselves. Are you satisfied now?”

Xue Xi was taken aback.

Is this person’s brain fine?

Before Xue Xi could reply, Xue Yao had already alighted from the car and ran into the mansion.

When Xue Xi alighted and followed her path into the living room, she immediately heard Old Lady Xue’s anxious voice. “Yaoyao, what’s the matter?”

Not speaking a word, Xue Yao ran upstairs and locked herself in her room.

Old Lady Xue was anxiously and worriedly circling outside her door. “What happened? Why are you suddenly crying…”

“Oh, right. The results are out today. Did Xue Xi bully you out of jealousy because you scored better than she did?”

Xue Xi, who had just walked in: “…”

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