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Chapter 79 - Something Big in the Academic World!

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Chapter 79: Something Big in the Academic World!

Xue Xi herself did not understand what was going on. The matter regarding Bartra’s conjecture was only a question for her—it was not a big deal.

She had been wondering what had happened recently, so when she heard this, she could only shake her head. “I don’t know.”

The dean of the Academic Affairs Office was furious. “What do you mean you don’t know? Huaxia University is accepting you just from your results in the national league. There must be a reason, right?”

He was helpless.

Being admitted early was originally a good thing, and it should have brought glory to the international high school. But who knew that so many other things would happen? Huaxia University had a long history and had a deep heritage. They were not afraid of anything, but the reporters had already come to their school and even said that they wanted to expose them.

The college entrance examination was the fairest thing in the country. If they could not give an explanation about this matter, the Education Bureau would probably investigate it thoroughly!

After he said this, a loud and clear voice was heard. “Then why don’t you ask Huaxia University?”

As Old Liu spoke, he walked into the room and threw the math paper from yesterday onto the podium. With a bang, the white chalk dust was lifted.

The dean hurriedly waved his hand and covered his nose as he dodged. “Mr. Liu, what are you doing?”

Old Liu snorted. “What? Why do you have to speak in the cla.s.sroom? This podium is used for teaching, not for bullying your cla.s.smates!”

The dean of the Academic Affairs Office was instantly annoyed. “How did I bully my student? Huaxia University has specially recruited our student, so I have to find out the reason!”

Old Liu was actually also wondering what was going on. However, Huaxia University had personally called him and Xue Xi had even hung up on him as though she thought he was pranking her. This meant that Huaxia University took the chance to ask Xue Xi to come to them. After all, the best mathematics department was at Huazhong University!

Now that something had happened, Huaxia University was not giving an explanation and was just letting his students take the blame? That was impossible!

Old Liu was furious. “Since you know that Huaxia University did indeed specially recruit her, why don’t you ask them why? Xue Xi did not do anything. I can vouch for her!”

The dean was stunned. “You can guarantee it? How can you guarantee it?”

“I’ll use my life’s teaching history as a guarantee. I’ll use my teaching age as a guarantee. Can’t I use my advanced teacher t.i.tle as a guarantee?”

Old Liu’s words were firm and powerful.

The dean was stunned. “Mr. Liu, why are you doing this?”

Old Liu pointed at Xue Xi and said angrily, “This is my student. If she really bribed the professor, you don’t have to speak. I’ll resign of my own accord! However, the situation is unclear right now. If you expel her from school, I’ll leave with her!”

Old Liu was a high-level teacher and was also a teacher hired by their international high school. Knowing that Old Liu had taught so many outstanding students for so many years, the dean did not dare to target Xue Xi anymore and only pointed at him. “You are really… really…”

After saying this, he turned around and left the cla.s.sroom.

Only then did Old Liu walk up to the podium as though nothing had happened. He said in a loud and clear voice, “What are you looking at? Don’t you know that there are still eight months before the college entrance examination? One or two of you are still in a daze here. Yesterday’s exam was so bad that your overall results were bad as well. Aren’t you all just worthy of the extras I applied for you!”

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Everyone hurriedly picked up their books and started to read and listen to the cla.s.s.

Qin Shuang was enraged upon hearing this. “Why should she?”

She turned to look at Xue Xi. “Sister Xi, seek out my husband. With just one word, he will definitely be able to protect you!”

Although Sister Xi was currently in the limelight, if Qing Shuang was a true fan, she would definitely want her husband to stay away from her. However, Sister Xi was not just anyone. Qin Shuang felt that Cen Bai should help.

Xue Xi did not mind. “Mhm.”

The matter on the internet was slowly spreading. In the morning, the thread had been forwarded 200,000 times and read by more than a few million.

Just as everyone was denouncing Huaxia University over this matter, something huge happened in the academic world!

In this world, someone actually proved Bartra’s theory!

If one looked at the author of the paper… Xi Xue; co-author: Lai Ye. Were these two Chinese?

Who was it? Was there any mathematician in the country called “Learning”? But if one looked at the author’s introduction, they’d find it’s actually a young Chinese girl! How young was a young girl? She’s only 18 years old! And she’s a high school student.

This time, all the universities were shocked! All the professors from the various Math departments gave their own school’s admissions office a call. “Investigate, find out which school this person is from. We must definitely recruit them to our school!”

Huazhong University was slow. After all, the best mathematics students were all in their school. However, when Li Fan heard the name “Learning” and Bartra’s conjecture, he was stunned. He immediately patted his forehead. “Quick, call Bin City International High School! Special admission! Huazhong University also needs to give a special admission!”

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