Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 77 - I Accept This Role

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Chapter 77: I Accept This Role

Qin Lu’s palms were injured. Just like Qin Shuang, she could not be filmed. She cried as her cla.s.smates helped her to the school doctor to get her wounds bandaged. The staff hurriedly reported this matter to the director and a.s.sistant director.

The director flew into a rage while the a.s.sistant director rushed out to see who else could replace her.

During the auditions, they had actually taken a fancy to only the three of them. The best and the second-best were both injured, so they could only go with…

“Xue Yao, is Xue Yao here?”

The a.s.sistant director shouted and the students looked around. Li Hanlei said, “Not here.”

The a.s.sistant director picked up his phone. “Forget it, I’ll give her a call.”

They had previously asked for the auditionees’ phone numbers just in case there were accidents.

He dialed a certain number, and the other party picked up very quickly. The a.s.sistant director asked, “Where are you? Qin Shuang and Qin Lu’s hands are injured. You can fill in for the role!”

Xue Yao said hypocritically, “I’m in the Physics Olympiad cla.s.s. a.s.sistant director, I don’t really want to act.”

The a.s.sistant director: “…”

Why did she come for the audition if she didn’t want to act? Didn’t she just want to negotiate?

The a.s.sistant director had seen too many situations like this.

However, she was the only one who could save the situation. The a.s.sistant director said, “The remuneration we originally discussed will be doubled for you. What do you think?”

Xue Yao: “It’s only twice as much? a.s.sistant director, you might not understand. We don’t lack money to spend, but of course, I don’t mind having more pocket money.”

“…Then what do you want?”

Xue Yao smiled. “Five times. I’ll consider it.”

The a.s.sistant director choked.

The unrequited love character was only a guest appearance, and she had only a few scenes in total. Since the people he found in the international school were all wealthy young mistresses, the original salary was already very high. An increase of five times was almost equivalent to the salary of two boys and two girls.

However, this television drama was being aired on a weekly basis. They had to finish filming each episode on time! Otherwise, it would delay that weekend’s broadcast!

Just as the a.s.sistant director was in a dilemma, a slender and fair hand suddenly reached over. Before he could react, his phone was s.n.a.t.c.hed away.

The a.s.sistant director was stunned. He saw a calm but beautiful girl s.n.a.t.c.h his phone.

Xue Xi slowly spoke to the phone. “Did you send the anonymous message to Qin Shuang?”

The other party paused, then Xue Yao hurriedly said, “What did you say? I don’t understand.”

Her att.i.tude gave a clear answer.

Xue Xi asked coldly, “Did you partic.i.p.ate?”

Xue Yao remained silent for a moment. She was clearly stunned by the sudden question.

Xue Xi understood. If she did not partic.i.p.ate, then where did the photo come from?

It was laughable that Qin Lu thought she had won. However, she did not know that the mantis was stalking the cicada while the sparrow was right behind. Xue Yao was that sparrow.

Xue Xi did not want to know the details of Xue Yao and Qin Lu’s schemes. All she knew was that if Xue Yao schemed against that chatterbox, she could forget about acting in this drama!

The a.s.sistant director finally reacted. “Hey, who are you? My phone…”

His words got stuck in his throat when he met Xue Xi’s misty eyes.

The long silence on the other end made Xue Yao panic. “Xue Xi, let me warn you. Don’t be a busybody!”

“Oh?” Xue Xi politely replied. “Please wait a moment.”

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Then, she covered the phone and asked the a.s.sistant director, “May I?”

He then turned to look at Xue Xi. “Xue Xi, then we should…”

Xue Xi cut him off. “I heard all about the scene when I was speaking to the chatterbox yesterday. If I don’t have to film today, then I’ll go back to answering my exercises.”

a.s.sistant Director: “? Why does this seem not right?”

Seeing that he was not answering, Xue Xi took it that he agreed. She then turned around and left with Qin Shuang, who was equally stunned, and returned to the cla.s.sroom to continue studying.

At the same time.

Xue Yao hid in the washroom and cried pitifully. She was on the phone. “Mom, she’s too much! She clearly said yesterday that she doesn’t want to act, but now she’s targeting me!”

It was Liu Yiqiu who had come up with the scheme against Qin Shuang and Qin Lu.

Now that something had happened, Liu Yiqiu’s tone was very cold. “Why is she everywhere? But don’t worry, she’s not clean herself. At this juncture, if she doesn’t keep a low profile, she’d really be seeking death! Just you wait!”

After school, Xue Xi left through the school gate. When she saw Uncle Li’s car, she was just about to walk over when some people appeared out of nowhere and approached her. “May I ask if you are Xue Xi, the student who received Huaxia University’s recommendation?”

Xue Xi did not understand what’s going on and nodded.

Just like a magic trick, those people took out a few microphones and directly retorted, “I’m a radio reporter. May I ask why Huaxia University gave you such a rare exception?”

“Xue Xi, I heard that a well-known professor from Huaxia University ordered your acceptance. What is your relationship with him? Why does he think so highly of you?”

“Xue Xi, has the Xue family bribed the professor? Are your Chinese Mathematical Olympiad grades fake?”

Xue Xi frowned. Just as she was about to leave, she was surrounded by reporters. And just as she was about to make a move, a voice came from afar. “Huh? Reporters? You guys can interview me!”

Following Flame Number One’s voice, Gao Yanchen led the Roaring Flame Society over and forcefully separated the reporters from Xue Xi.

Gao Yanchen looked at Xue Xi. “Sister Xi, you go first!”

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