Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 76 - Sister Xi Has Exploded!

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Chapter 76: Sister Xi Has Exploded!

Qin Shuang’s eyes were red from crying. She pointed at the cla.s.sroom door and shouted, “Scram! Scram!”

As Qin Lu walked out, she continued provoking her. “That’s right, I took a day off. The director and Cen Bai are going to tell me about the movie today, so I’ll leave early.”

Upon hearing Qin Lu say Cen Bai’s name, Qin Shuang paused.

When Qin Lu had left, Qin Shuang could no longer hold it in and cried on the table.

Xue Xi walked past the aisle, removed her baseball cap, and placed it in her pocket. She then poked Qin Shuang’s shoulder and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Qin Shuang turned around and choked over her bandaged hand. “Sister Xi, I’m too unlucky. When I reached school today, someone hit me with a bicycle and injured my hand.”

During filming, her hand had to be on screen!

Since she had suffered such serious injuries, the director had directly disqualified her and replaced her with Qin Lu.

Xue Xi was stunned and felt that it was too much of a coincidence. “Who hit you?”

Qin Shuang lowered her head listlessly. “I don’t know him. He’s just a pa.s.serby. Actually, the injury on my hand isn’t serious, but my skin got scratched. He helped me bandage my wound and left.”

It sounded like she really was just unlucky.

Qin Shuang was listless the whole day. During the cla.s.s break, Old Liu walked into the cla.s.sroom to comfort her. “It’s a pity this time, but you said yesterday that you wanted to apply to the Capital Film Academy. This is also a way out. Work hard.”

Qin Shuang nodded.

The production team had asked for a week’s time from the school, and they could join as extras during their self-study every afternoon.

After six lessons, Xue Xi was doing a set of physics questions when Qin Shuang slowly turned around. “Sister Xi, are you going to the production set?”

Xue Xi glanced at her.

The chatterbox was not in a good mood. Her energy was very low and her shoulders were drooping. “I’ve thought it through. I refuse to miss this chance to meet my idol just because of Qin Lu. I’m afraid we won’t have the chance to meet again in the future.”

Xue Xi could not bear to look at the physics paper in her hands. This question tested the law of conservation of energy and C was the right answer. She hooked her fingers on the C option and helplessly stood up. “Let’s go.”

This chatterbox is already like this. If she doesn’t go, what if she cries again later?

Today, they were filming the scene where Cen Bai and his unrequited love were playing the piano in cla.s.s, so they used the piano room in the school.

When the two girls arrived, there was already a crowd of students outside.

At this moment, Qin Lu saw Qin Shuang and smiled. “Ah Shuang, you’re here just in time. Can you help me to try out which costume fits me best? After all, our figures are the same. I need to put on makeup here, so I don’t have the time!”

Qin Shuang froze.

Just as Xue Xi thought that she would decline, Qin Shuang took a deep breath. “Okay.”

Xue Xi followed her into the temporary changing room and asked in confusion, “Why are you helping her?”

Qin Shuang felt extremely aggrieved and her eyes were very red. She searched the racks for a costume and would then place the pieces over her body to see if they suited her. “I’m just helping her in order to help my idol. If we finish filming this scene earlier, my idol can go back early to rest. You may not know, but I’ve studied the life of actors. Sometimes, filming a night scene can take 18 hours. It’s really hard on the body to have only four hours of rest.”

Xue Xi: “…”

She did not understand Qin Shuang’s actions. Would star-chasers normally do this?

However, she would not interfere.

After Xue Xi had helped Qin Shuang find the right clothes, Qin Lu walked in. There were only the three of them in the changing room.

Qin Lu flipped her hair and the long strands fluttered in the wind. Her solemn face was exactly the same as Qin Shuang’s. Without anyone else around, she could not be bothered to put on a facade and went to change her clothes.

She was putting on the school uniform that Qin Shuang had prepared beforehand.

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Suddenly: “Ding.”

After saying this, she placed her hand on the doork.n.o.b.

But at the next moment!

Her hair was suddenly grabbed by someone and a strong force pulled her back two steps. Then, with a shoulder throw, Qin Lu’s face fell to the ground!

Xue Xi used her knees to press against her back, making her unable to move. She then pressed her hands down coldly.

The rough feeling from the cement floor frightened Qin Lu. She shouted, “You can’t hurt my hand! If you hurt my hand, who will do the filming?”

Xue Xi did not fall for her tricks and pulled her hand back. After it was rubbed against the ground, her palm was instantly drenched in blood!

Feeling the pain, Qin Lu screamed, “Ah! Help!”

Xue Xi let go of her and stood up swiftly before the staff rushed in.

The staff looked at Qin Lu and exclaimed, “What happened?”

Qin Lu was in so much pain that she could not speak. Xue Xi replied obediently, “She fell.”

Qin Lu gritted her teeth and shouted, “It’s you! You hit me!”

“Oh,” Xue Xi replied. “Do you have any evidence?”

Qin Lu still wanted to say something, but the frightened Qin Shuang reacted and said, “I can testify that she fell on her own!”

There were no surveillance cameras in the changing room. Qin Lu had to suffer silently!

The staff did not care about the students. They only cared about one thing—

“Who’s going to act now?”

Two of the three suitable people were injured, so there was only one left…

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