Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: Come Again Tomorrow?

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In Xue Xi’s mind, a question mark was slowly drawn out: “?”

Why would a provision shop have that many balloons?

She did not question further, though. She simply had a nagging feeling that this provision shop was different from the rest she had seen before. Even its name was unique: Ye Lai Xiang… Provision Shop?

She did not speak further on this.

She did not even know Xiang Huai and this was only their second meeting. More importantly, she did not even know how relationships worked.

However, if she did not speak, the dull pain in her heart would increase in intensity. Seeing that Xiang Huai was reading his book and did not have any intention of speaking, she fought with herself internally before asking again, “Where is Canine Teeth?”

Canine Teeth?

Xiang Huai c.o.c.ked an eyebrow. Is she referring to Lu Chao?

This little kid has a unique way of giving nicknames.

Xiang Huai knocked his knuckles against the counter. “He went to buy breakfast.”

At this moment, Lu Chao walked in with breakfast. “Boss, time to eat!”

He first paused for a moment when he saw Xue Xi, greeted her with a “Hey,” then proceeded to lay out the breakfast he’d just bought onto the table beside.

Xiang Huai stood up and, instantly, his 180-centimeter-tall stature towered over everything else making the entire room feel slightly constrained and cramped.

He walked to the dining table and casually asked, “Join us?”

Xue Xi blinked.

She felt a little ill when she woke up this morning and hence did not have much for breakfast. Moreover, the Xue family ate Western food with bread and milk in the morning. She grew up eating buns and congee at the orphanage, so she was not used to it and did not have much.

She thought for a little then nodded. “Alright.”

Lu Chao watched in a daze as the young lady took a seat opposite his boss, reached for a bun, and started eating in a relaxed manner.

Since when had anyone been this carefree and at ease in front of his boss? This little girl is not your average joe!

Xue Xi ate while surrept.i.tiously sizing up the person opposite her.

The man ate fast, but was not uncouth. Instead, he was elegant even. In the time it took for her to finish one bun, he had already gobbled up three…

Xue Xi ate faster, and when she was done, the pain she felt in her heart had totally vanished. She picked up a napkin to wipe her mouth, then asked, “May I leave now?”

Xiang Huai unhurriedly looked up. His dark brown eyes were glinting with a suppressed sharpness. “You can leave anytime.”

Xue Xi paused.

This man emanated a dangerous and mysterious air, making one unable to see through him nor guess his intentions. Still, for now at least, he did not seem to be ill-intentioned.

Many thoughts had sprouted in her mind the past two days.

She considered making a police report.

But what would she tell them? This man did something to me and forced me to date him? Never mind the police, she herself would not! She might even be treated as a looney!

After playing with many ideas, she finally decided on taking no action to see what this man was up to.

Everything had been fine from yesterday afternoon, until her chest started hurting this morning. Could this mean that she had to meet him every day to “be in love and date” him?

“I’ll come again tomorrow, okay?” she said questioningly.

Xiang Huai raised an eyebrow and his lips turned up slightly. “Up to you.”

Xue Xi walked out of the shop and toward the school.

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The cla.s.sroom was in a mess. Despite being tortured by the examinations yesterday, the students who just came back from summer vacation were all still very boisterous.

Following the ring of the bell, Cla.s.s One’s civic tutor, Old Liu, picked up the mathematics papers and moved to leave. At this moment, the rest of his colleagues teaching other asked, “Old Liu, I heard that there is someone from your cla.s.s who scored full marks?”

Old Liu paused in his footsteps and smiled so widely that his wrinkles appeared. “Yes.”

Someone lamented, “This exam tested something out of the syllabus just to give these rascals a blow in order to make them settle down and properly start studying. That mathematics paper is very challenging. Your cla.s.s’s Fan Han is truly impressive! Looks like your cla.s.s is going to be the first in the level on average again, isn’t it?”

Just as Old Liu moved to speak, Cla.s.s Two’s civic tutor, Ms. Li, spoke. “Cla.s.s One is indeed very smart, but it can’t be helped that there are laggards dragging the rest behind!”

Ms. Li was a woman in her thirties. She smiled. “Mr. Liu, how did the transfer student in your cla.s.s fare?”

Old Liu stopped when he heard this. “Ms. Li, I heard that the headmaster originally intended to put Xue Xi in your cla.s.s?”

Ms. Li gloated when this was mentioned.

There were two experimental in the senior year: Cla.s.s One and Cla.s.s Two. The top hundred students in the level were randomly allocated to each cla.s.s and, hence, the compet.i.tion was stiff.

When Xue Xi first transferred over, the Xue family only requested for her to be in an experimental cla.s.s. The headmaster had originally planned to put the girl in her cla.s.s. After all, the girl had issues and it was easier for a female teacher to communicate with her.

However, Ms. Li had firmly rejected it and pushed the responsibility to Old Liu.

How could she possibly accept the yearly number one student being given to Old Liu but only the problematic young girl given to her?

Moreover, with Xue Xi, she could pull down Cla.s.s One’s average score and that will allow Cla.s.s Two to be the first, right?

Ms. Li thought about this and replied, “Yes. Our cla.s.s was full.”

Old Liu’s worry when he first received Xue Xi had been instantly swept away, and he grinned. “Then I shall thank you!”

With that, he walked past Ms. Li while humming a tune under his breath.

Ms. Li was stunned.

Beside her, someone else had already run to Old Liu’s desk to look at the summarized result slip. A gush ensued. “The person who scored full marks this time is actually not Fan Han?”

An ominous feeling rose in Ms. Li’s heart when she heard this. “Who is it?”

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