Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 68

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Chapter 68: Taking Advantage

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In the cla.s.sroom.

While Xue Xi was looking at the Moguls’ Group chat message, the talkative Qin Shuang was still talking. “Why do you think my husband got a girlfriend now? Who exactly is that mysterious girlfriend of his?”

“Ah ah ah, he spent two million on a bag! He’s so willing to spend money on his girlfriend. It’d be so blissful to be his girlfriend. Sob…”

“Sister Xi, I still can’t accept it. My husband cheated on me! But I know that I have to be rational and not chase after celebrities. I should give him my blessings with tears in my eyes. Do you think his girlfriend is an actress or a vegetarian?”

Xue Xi was stunned.

That chatterbox must have said ten thousand words. What stuck was, one bag cost two million?

The chatterbox wanted to continue nagging but it was time for cla.s.s. If it were someone else’s cla.s.s, she might have continued talking. However, when Old Liu entered, the chatterbox turned around quietly and Xue Xi’s ears could finally be at peace.

However, five minutes later, a note was thrown onto Xue Xi’s desk by Qin Shuang.

She opened it and saw the words on it. “Wuwuwu, Sister Xi, who is the vixen who seduced my husband?”

Xue Xi: “…”

After being hara.s.sed by Qin Shuang for a period, Old Liu had just left the cla.s.sroom when Qin Shuang turned around. Just as she was about to speak, Xue Xi interrupted, “She’s not his girlfriend but his mother.”

Qin Shuang paused. “Huh?”

Xue Xi heaved a sigh of relief. Afraid that this fellow would start speaking again, she could not help but interrupt. “The bag is for his mother, not a vixen.”

Qin Shuang paused and asked suspiciously, “How did you know?”

Xue Xi replied seriously, “He said it himself.”

Qin Shuang was stunned. She looked at her from head to toe and her lips twitched. “Sister Xi, I’m so touched. You’ve finally learned how to sweet-talk people!”


“Sigh, although I know that you’re lying to me, I’m still very touched. I wasn’t going to tell you this, but I’ve been thinking for some time and suddenly realized that my husband is the most influential person in the country. I’m afraid that Weibo will be paralyzed for three days this time! Your matter will be directly suppressed!”

Xue Xi was stunned.

Qin Shuang continued sighing. “Sister Xi, your luck is really extraordinary!”

Xue Xi did not listen to the chatterbox anymore.

From what Old Liu and Qin Shuang had said, she knew that there were some negative comments about her on Weibo. Meanwhile, Cen Bai had created a huge scandal and suppressed that topic’s popularity.

Xue Xi’s emotional quotient was low, but her IQ was high. She could see through everything easily.

She suddenly realized something…

She picked up her phone and private-messaged Omnipotent Boss: “Teacher, are you doing this for me?”

Omnipotent Boss replied: “Yes.”

Xue Xi’s heart warmed. It turned out that without her even realizing it, her teacher had done so many things to protect her. She was filled with emotions as she replied.

Learning: “Teacher, you are so good to me.”

In the provision store.

Xiang Huai held his phone and saw these words. A smile flashed across his dark brown eyes.

The kid looks cold, but her heart is actually very soft.

But is that all?

He replied: “I can treat you even better.”

Learning: “I will repay you.”


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The corners of Xiang Huai’s thin lips turned up as his handsome and sharp eyes softened. “I don’t know how I could.”

Ever since she learned military boxing, she felt that martial arts was quite interesting. Unfortunately, Canine Teeth no longer taught her and did not play with her. Now that there was a target looking for torture, why not?

Moreover, her heart hurt whenever she wanted to hit this man.

But sparring…

Xue Xi stood up in high spirits and stretched her muscles. She then took a step back with her right foot and clenched her fists in preparation.

Xiang Huai stood up leisurely and hooked his finger at Xue Xi. “Come.”

The next moment, Xue Xi kicked the man’s chest.

Coupled with the old and new hatred, she used all her strength in this kick. It was swift and ruthless, but the man dodged lightly and avoided the key position. Her ankle was easily pressed by the man and she pulled hard.

Xue Xi threw herself into the man’s arms!

Coincidentally, Xiang Huai had one hand on her waist and the other slid across her cheeks…

Xue Xi felt that the hand on her waist was shockingly hot. Her pupils shrank, and she was about to fly into a rage when the man released her at the right time and took a step back.

Just as Xue Xi was in a daze, he slowly said, “Although you are fast, the flaw is too obvious. You should…”

Xue Xi was instantly distracted and forgot about being frivolous.

In Xue Xi’s eyes, Xiang Huai had always been an expert in tricks. Now that he had suddenly displayed such strength, not only did she not feel cheated, she even felt a sense of excitement as though she had met an expert.

In the future, she could learn more!

When Xiang Huai was done, Xue Xi wanted to pester him to spar again, but he reminded her, “You’re going to be late for school soon.”

Xue Xi then left.

After she left, Xiang Huai lowered his head to look at his hands.

The touch between his fingers seemed to still be there. He could not help but think that the little kid’s waist could be broken with just one hand…

And her face was really tender and smooth…

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