Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 66

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Chapter 66: Suppressing the Popularity

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As a long-standing and powerful school in the country, Huaxia University had always been at the top of the academic field.

Hence, the moment this post was released, it caused a commotion.

The comments below were full of doubts:

“There must be something special about this student, right?”

“A big name in the mathematics world can be bought over by money? What kind of joke is this? Come, come, tell everyone about this person’s abilities!”

Below it was a post by Feng Xingshen, a well-known mathematician who’d made a list of contributions to the mathematics world in recent years. His research alone made him a national treasure!

Some were doubtful while others followed the thread to give an explanation:

“Isn’t a mathematician also human? People love money!”

“He said that the student surnamed Xue is special and she gave him her resume. She grew up in an orphanage and did not have any achievements. She only got first on the Math Star and the National League this year.”

“To be honest, being in the top two is very impressive. As long as you take part in the CMO (the Chinese Mathematical Olympiad), you will definitely be guaranteed to be invited by Huaxia University. I don’t understand why they needed to lower the bar. Can’t they wait for more convincing results before giving spots away? As a pa.s.serby, objectively speaking, I think there must be some shenanigans going on.”

“A conspiracy theory. Could it be that someone’s results are not up to par? After all, there is still a possibility that someone can cheat during the province’s internal exams. However, the CMO is on the national scale. You guys know it.”

“Anyway, I hope the admissions office will give an explanation!”


With such a commotion on the internet, the employees in charge of Huaxia University’s Weibo had naturally already seen it and contacted the admissions office.

The teacher from the admissions office went to look for Feng Xingshen. “Old Feng, if we don’t give them an explanation now, I’m afraid the people from the National Admissions Office will really come and ask. Can’t we expose her proof of Bartra’s conjecture?”

Feng Xingshen sighed. “It won’t do for her to announce it before the weekly publication.”

Publishing theses was a very complicated process. No one knew if anyone else had submitted such a thesis before they did. Also, no one was sure that the next thesis would be published. What if something unexpected happened?

Feng Xingshen was doing it this way to protect Xue Xi.

The teacher from the admissions office sighed. “But this way, you will be criticized. Don’t worry, the school will definitely stand on your side. It’s just that for your safety, you should stay in the school’s laboratory.”

Feng Xingshen nodded.

However, in school, he could not guard against the malicious speculations of the reporters and others.

When Feng Xingshen went to the canteen for a meal, he was swarmed by the reporters who had sneaked into the school. If it were not for the protection of his graduate students, the elder might have been injured.

Huaxia University strengthened the school’s security and strictly controlled entry and exit personnel.

Another voice sounded on the internet: “Huaxia University strengthens security measures and has yet to give an explanation!”

Another heated discussion ensued.

When Feng Xingshen returned to the laboratory, he still felt terrified.

At this moment, he received a call from Professor Li Fan from Huazhong University. When the call connected, Professor Li Fan said earnestly, “See, I told you not to make it too obvious. Did something happen? Why didn’t you listen to me?”

Feng Xingshen sighed.

Li Fan did not understand his pain.

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Sister Xi was as omnipotent as that person. He had long heard that Sister Xi was even partic.i.p.ating in the Physics Olympiad. If the mathematics world did not show enough respect, what would happen when Sister Xi transferred?

Qin Shuang immediately changed her target. “Shut up! Xue Yao, don’t pretend here. You’re saying that you don’t know, but you’re telling everyone that Sister Xi’s father went on a business trip. Isn’t that a hint? Let me tell you, I grew up with Qin Lu and I’ve seen too many white lotus techniques! Compared to Qin Lu, you’re really not qualified enough!”

Xue Yao’s face turned red from anger. “What are you talking about?”

“You should speak with your mouth. Don’t tell me you’re speaking with your b.u.t.t? Tsk, no wonder your words sound so stinky!”


When Xue Xi entered, Xue Yao was about to flare up, but when she saw her, the cla.s.sroom suddenly quietened down.

She did not mind. Just as she was about to take a seat, cla.s.s monitor Zhou Zhen walked into the cla.s.sroom and shouted, “Xue Xi, Mr. Liu wants you to go to his office.”

Xue Xi paused and nodded.

When she left, the cla.s.sroom became even more lively.

“Why is Old Liu calling her? Don’t tell me the school is punishing her?”

“I don’t believe it. Daddy Xi is so awesome! She doesn’t have to do such things!”


At the provision store.

Just as Xiang Huai was thinking about how to deal with this matter, he saw Li Xuekai reposting a post:

The original thread was: “He is ranked first and Li Xuekai’s resume is clearly more impressive. Even if Huaxia University wanted to give a special admission, why didn’t they recruit Li Xuekai? Is it because Xue Xi’s family background is more impressive?”

Li Xuekai commented: “What gave you the impression that I’m poor? Also, I believe in Xue Xi. See you in the CMO.”

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