Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 65

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Chapter 65: Safety Agreement!

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Xue Xi picked up the call and slowly said, “h.e.l.lo.”

A voice came from the other end. “h.e.l.lo. Are you Xue Xi? This is the admissions office of Huaxia University.”

Xue Xi was stunned. “Huh?”

“We saw your outstanding results in the National Mathematical Olympiad and wanted to recruit you to Huaxia University. Are you interested?”

Xue Xi was stunned. Her misty eyes glanced at the number on her phone before she hung up.

Qin Shuang asked, “What’s wrong?”

Xue Xi lowered her head and continued with her questions. “A scam call.”

She had just found out today that Huaxia University would not be paying attention to the national league yet someone had already come to play a prank. Sigh, no wonder the orphanage’s director always emphasized on being wary of liars when he told them about knowledge of the outside world.

After five minutes, she stood up and planned to go to the Olympiad cla.s.s to do some physics questions. After all, the Physics examination was coming this weekend.

However, just as she put down her pen, she saw Old Liu walking in with an odd expression. He seemed to be a little light-footed, and his dark face was filled with confusion. The moment he entered, he turned to look at Xue Xi. “Did you hang up the call from the admissions office of Huaxia University?”

Xue Xi slowly typed a question mark in her mind: “?”

The entire cla.s.sroom suddenly quietened down!

Qin Shuang thought of something and hurriedly asked, “Old Liu, what did you say?”

Old Liu gulped. “The admissions office of Huaxia University called the school and asked me to ask you if you want to go to Huazhong University? Or do you have other thoughts?”

Everyone: “?”

No one could react in time. What was going on?

After all, a national league was indeed not enough to move the two top schools with a long history!

Xue Xi was calmer than the rest, but her reaction was slow. After two seconds, she came to a realization. “Wasn’t that a scam call?”

Old Liu: “?”

The rest: “?”

Qin Shuang’s jaw tightened as she held back her scream!

Huaxia University was a school that many people dream of. Sister Xi actually hung up on their admissions office! She could only give Sister Xi this word: Awesome!

She then reacted and asked, “Why did Huaxia University call you?”

Xue Xi tilted her head and thought for a moment. “It seems to be about a special admission?”


The students felt that they were already immune to shock. From the time Xue Xi… No, from the moment Sister Xi came to their cla.s.s, all sorts of things happened to smack their faces.

Qin Shuang, on the other hand, felt inexplicably happy. She looked at the cla.s.smate who had said sour words and smiled. “Who said that Sister Xi overestimated herself just now?”

The student’s face turned red. “How is that possible?!”

Old Liu ignored their bickering and said, “Then, Xue Xi, what do you intend? Actually, what I mean is that the Math Department at Huazhong University is more powerful. If you want to go to Huazhong University, there will definitely be no problem after you’ve taken the CMO examination.”

Xue Xi tilted her head. Before she could give an answer, Old Liu said, “You can consider for a day and give me an answer tomorrow.”

Xue Xi: …Actually, I don’t need to consider it.

Since Old Liu asked, she picked up her phone. “I’ll ask.”

Old Liu nodded.

He thought it was only right for her to discuss this with her parents.

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He did not see who she actually contacted. Xue Xi opened WeChat and sent a message to Omnipotent Boss: “Teacher, Huaxia University is giving me a special admission. Do I need to sign the contract?”

After the rest had their meal, Xue Xi stood up and went upstairs.

Ye Li asked, “Where are you going?”

Xue Xi remained expressionless. “…To do the questions.”


“We’re going to the Physics Olympiad tomorrow. There are still CMOs in November and many books to read.”

Ye Li exclaimed, “You still want to partic.i.p.ate in those?”

Xue Xi nodded. “Mhm, it’s quite interesting.”

She had already finished her high school on her own, but she realized that the Olympiad questions were more profound and there were many knowledge points that she had never touched before.

When Xue Xi went upstairs, Ye Li was filled with worry. “Tell me, since Xixi’s mind is filled with studies, how did she manage to fall in love?”

Xue Sheng: “…” He had originally been wondering just which rascal could be with his daughter, but now, he was suddenly gloating over his misfortune.

On the day Xue Xi joined the Physics Olympiad and entered the examination hall, a thread suddenly appeared on the Internet.

On Weibo, a famous verified account revealed a shocking secret: “The Huaxia University that everyone in China yearns for actually has such insider dealings!”

In the article, it used the fact that Huaxia University specially recruited a student who partic.i.p.ated in the National League as the opening speech and wrote, “He is ranked first and Li Xuekai’s resume is clearly more impressive. Even if Huaxia University wants to give a special admission, why didn’t they recruit Li Xuekai? Is it because Xue Xi’s family background is more impressive?

“According to reliable sources, the special admission was given because a renowned professor from Huaxia University made a request to the admissions office. Is it possible that this professor took bribes from the Xue family?

“This branded university might appear glamorous on the outside, but it’s rotten within. I hope that Huaxia University’s admissions office will punish the professor and the examinee and revoke Xue Xi’s college entrance examination qualifications!”

This post instantly caused a huge uproar.

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