Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 64

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Chapter 64: The Top Student’s Love Is Sweet and Syrupy

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Feng Xingshen asked about the scores and Xue Xi replied. After thinking for a while, she sent Omnipotent Boss a message: “I scored 298 marks.”

Omnipotent Boss replied: “Great.”

Xue Xi curled her lips.

Ever since her scores were released, there’d been countless people in the cla.s.s who complimented her or sincerely wished her well. However, Xue Xi was indifferent to all of them. On the other hand, she felt a tinge of joy when she heard Omnipotent Boss’s praise, “Great.”

Even the big boss thought that she was amazing, so she’s probably really amazing.

Xiang Huai, who was in the provision store, replied to Xue Xi’s message and then opened the Math Olympiad forum. He had originally intended to go and see other people praising his little girl, but he saw a thread at first glance: “Ah ah ah ah! I’m serious! Dual School CP is online sending sugar! Li Xuekai and Xue Xi are in first place! They scored 298 immortal marks. Is this a match made by an immortal couple?”

There were all kinds of comments below. They were all chewing on candies, and there were even some people who wrote sweet and syrupy snippets.

“Xue Xi and Li Xuekai often worry about their future child’s surname being Li or Xue. That’s why they made a bet before the exam. Whoever wins will have the child’s surname!

“However, some were jealous of Xue Xi’s beauty and set a trap for her so that she’d enter the examination hall half an hour later.

“Xue Xi was so angry that her eyes turned red. She thought, ‘It’s over. The child’s surname will be Li in the future!’ After the first test was over, Li Xuekai helplessly walked over and coaxed, ‘Baby, I’ll delay taking the second test for half an hour for you, alright? Stop crying.’

“In the end, both of them were ranked first, and their scores were the same. Hence, they decided to have two children in the future. One of them was to be surnamed Li and the other was to be surnamed Xue!

“Afterward, they were interviewed. Why didn’t the two score full marks? Li Xuekai sighed. ‘If I hadn’t missed those two marks, what would happen if the child and my surname angered her to tears?’

“Xue Xi, on the other hand, said, ‘How embarra.s.sed would he be if he took my surname after we had a child? So I sacrificed two points for him.'”

This short story from the same commenter received more than a thousand likes.

On the other hand, the comment ID at the top of the list was actually “Li Xuekai himself.” He left a message in the post: “See you at the Chinese Math Olympiad.”

The comments were filled with screams. “Ah, ah, ah! It’s true! I’m crying from the sweetness of a pair of brainiacs’ love!”

Xiang Huai’s dark brown eyes flickered when he saw this. His sharp eyebrows twitched. Are children nowadays so playful?

Li Xuekai, ha.

Two minutes later, the thread disappeared.

Five minutes later, there was another post on the Olympiad forum: “Brainiac Xx personally said that she will die if she leaves her boyfriend. Her heart will ache if she doesn’t see him.”

He first liked the post, then looked up at Lu Chao. “Buy two thousand likes.”

Lu Chao: “…”

Who was it who said today that they would not argue with children?

After the third period…

Xue Xi took a look at her phone and found another WeChat message.

Omnipotent Boss: “I think you can be better.”


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Was it because two marks were deducted?

Gao Yanchen put down his book and frowned. “Forget it. I don’t know how to do it, and you won’t. Let’s leave it for Sister Xi after school.”


In the Math Olympiad forum, apart from the fact that the forum was on fire, another thread suddenly began trending in the afternoon.

Unreachable: “Laughable. Some people feel that they’re amazing just because they got first place. Today, they actually asked the teacher if Huaxia or Huazhong university was among those calling to invite her to their school. Although this is called the National League, it’s only a provincial compet.i.tion. It’s not even the national Olympiad! Li Xuekai didn’t even ask such an arrogant question. Why should Huaxia and Huazhong make an exception for you? Just because others call you a genius, you think you’re invincible?”

A bunch of sour comments immediately followed:

“She is from the countryside and it is normal for her to not know the rules. After all, not everyone can get first place, right?”

“What the h.e.l.l? Is a straight-A student so ignorant? Although I think that Xue Xi will definitely get a good result in the CMO, she’s so arrogant now and has turned black.”

“‘—As a person, you have to keep a low profile, sister!’ A piece of earnest advice from Brainiac Li Xuekai.'”

When Qin Shuang saw this thread, she had just finished two in the afternoon. She was instantly infuriated. She stood up and glared at the entire cla.s.s. “Who the h.e.l.l went to the forum to spout nonsense?”

Only the people in the experimental cla.s.s knew about what happened in the morning. If it was not because someone in the cla.s.s was spouting nonsense, how could it have spread to Tieba?

Furthermore, this thread was most likely posted by someone in the cla.s.s!

After she said this, those who were unaware of the situation hurriedly picked up their phones and looked at their Tieba. When they saw the contents, someone said in an eccentric tone, “This is the truth. Why won’t you let others say it?”

Qin Shuang was furious. “F*ck off! It was Old Liu who asked Sister Xi if she was interested in any of the offering schools. Sister Xi just asked if Huaxia was among them. When did Sister Xi say that Huaxia and Huazhong should make her an offer? You guys are too shameless!”

Just as another person wanted to say something, Xue Xi’s phone rang. Lowering her head, she realized that the call was from an unknown number from the capital.

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