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Chapter 63

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Chapter 63: Sister Xi Deserves to Be Made an Exception for Her!

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At 10 AM sharp, Fan Han checked his results immediately: 234 marks!


“This score is too amazing! It’s definitely in the top ten within the province!”

Fan Han heaved a sigh of relief.

During this period of time, in order to catch up to Xue Xi, he had put in more effort than before. He spent every night doing questions at home until 12:30 AM and woke up early at 5:30 AM. His efforts were not in vain and his results were not bad!

He felt a little regretful.

He wanted to have a fair compet.i.tion with Xue Xi so that she could see that he was not any worse than her. However, Xue Xi had been delayed for half an hour. Even if her score was lower than his, it was still unfair.

If he had known earlier, he would have waited for half an hour like Li Xuekai!

At the thought of this, Fan Han opened the Math Olympiad forum. Indeed, there were already wild guesses about everyone’s scores.

“Ah! Li Xuekai got first!”

“Then doesn’t that mean Xue Xi is not first?”

“How can this be? I was still waiting for the top student to achieve a crushing result, but it turns out that the top student is also human. Sob…”

“It’s normal that you can’t get first place in half an hour.”

“Li Xuekai gave her half an hour just to show fairness! However, Li Xuekai is a G.o.d. It’s normal for him to get first!”

“But I wanted to see my Daddy Xi get first.”

“Same +1.”

“Me too.”

Qin Shuang also saw the comments in the thread. Her heart ached as she looked at Xue Xi, and her eyes spoke of her unwillingness to accept this. “Sister Xi, someone in the forum said that the Provincial Mathematics Department called Haicheng High School and Li Xuekai got first in the province this time! How many marks did you get?”

After saying that, she took a look at Xue Xi’s phone screen and her eyes seemed to become glued to it. She could no longer shift them away. 298 marks?

What kind of G.o.dly score is this?

And yet, this score is not the first place?

Just as Qin Shuang was feeling stunned, Old Liu walked in easily. “Good news! Great news!”

The moment Old Liu said this, the people surrounding Fan Han shouted, “Old Liu, did you know that Fan Han scored 234 marks?”

Fan Han smiled and said humbly, “It’s not the first place. What’s there to be proud of?”

Old Liu’s smile widened. “Not bad! You did well! You should be in the top ten within the province!”

The cla.s.sroom was instantly filled with enthusiastic applause for and congratulations to Fan Han. Someone looked curiously at Xue Xi. “Xue Xi, how many marks did you score?”

How many marks did she get?

Qin Shuang gulped and said in criticism, “Li Xuekai is not human!”

Sister Xi had such a high score, yet Li Xuekai was actually first. This did not make sense! Did he get full marks?!

Other people misunderstood Qin Shuang’s words. Some comforted Xue Xi while others mocked her as they did not like her. “That’s right. He waited for half an hour and still managed to get first place. Indeed, he’s not human. He’s a G.o.d! How can he be compared to a certain someone? Tsk, tsk. Isn’t her image as a genius ruined now?”

Just as she said this, she heard Old Liu’s excited and loud voice. “What do you mean ruined? Xue Xi got first in the entire province this time! If nothing goes wrong, she will also get first in the country! She scored 298 marks!”

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Everyone was shocked and in disbelief!

The two top schools, Huaxia and Huazhong, would not give out a guaranteed spot during the national league.

But there were always exceptions.

A score of 298. This almost perfect score was truly high. If a heavyweight professor were to make a request, it would be enough for the two top schools to make an exception!

However, Feng Xingshen sighed. “I’m afraid our school won’t be good enough for Sister Xi.”

The graduate student was stunned and sighed.

Huaxia University was indeed ranked first in the country and was among the top in the world. However, Huazhong University’s Math Department was the best in the country!

All these years, the few people who became Chinese Math Olympiad champions had all gone to the Math Department at Huazhong University. Sister Xi is so amazing. She probably wants to go to Huazhong too, right?

Although Feng Xingshen wanted her very much, he still picked up his phone and called Li Fan, the professor of Huazhong University. “Old Li, I’ll recommend someone to you. It’s definitely worth it for you to make an exception and get her accepted! Let’s sign an agreement beforehand!”

Li Fan was not too fond of the thought. “It’s just the National League. Old Feng, since when did you keep an eye on children?”

Even the Chinese Math Olympiad champion was not worthy of their attention! After all, they taught only graduate students, not undergraduates.

Feng Xingshen’s tone was very serious. “I suggest that Huaxia and Huazhong extend olive branches to Xue Xi at the same time. She is worthy of our respect. Furthermore, I would like to discuss the matter with you further. The two schools must work together to nurture Xue Xi!”

Li Fan was stunned. “Are you kidding me? Is this child your relative?”

Feng Xingshen took a deep breath. “Old Li, trust me this once! She has proved Bartra’s conjecture and will publish it in the Mathematics Weekly the next week!”

Li Fan: “…Old Feng, is this child really your illegitimate daughter? She even came up with such a lie! Let me tell you, our Huazhong University will not make an exception and accept results from the National League.

“Since she has obtained first place, let her join the Chinese Math Olympiad. As long as she can get into the top 100, we’ll sign a guarantee agreement to give you face!”

Feng Xingshen was furious. “If you don’t want to do it, I will!”

Sister Xi is worthy of any university making an exception for her!

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