Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 62

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Chapter 62: Raising Little Kids Is Very Expensive

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After Gao Yanchen said this, the man sitting behind the counter slowly lifted his head.

The man’s features were well-defined and his expression was cold. His thin lips were pursed tightly and exuding a chill. His sharp eyes swept across the room, and an invisible killing intent surged over, causing Gao Yanchen to tense up as a chill crept up his spine.

He had been pampered by Elder Gao since he was young and developed a lawless personality.

Even when facing a vicious murderer, he was not afraid at all. However, for some reason, this person in front of him made fear rise from the bottom of his heart.

This person was definitely not related to the so-called “little gigolo.”

Just as Gao Yanchen thought this, he saw the man’s gaze gently sweep across his red hair. Immediately, the coldness faded a little. Only when the pressure was not as strong did he feel his breathing become smoother.

The man then said coldly, “Does she know that you went looking for me?”

Gao Yanchen paused. He had always been haughty, but at this moment, he acted as though he was facing his superior and did not dare to not reply. “I don’t know.”

Xiang Huai put down the bank card and tapped his fingers on the table. “You should ask her first.”

Gao Yanchen tensed up.

Only now did he realize that he had done something wrong.

Xue Xi had the freedom to date whoever she wanted. He had no right to interfere, especially when the man in front of him was definitely not ordinary…

However, Gao Yanchen did not want to be outdone and embarra.s.s Xue Xi. He straightened his neck and said, “No matter what, if you dare to bully Xue Xi, I…”

At this point, he paused for a moment and changed his tone. “Our Roaring Flame Society will not let you off!”

Xiang Huai’s face tightened. He took a good look at Gao Yanchen before retracting his gaze. “You can leave now.”

It was only when Gao Yanchen had left the provision store and had the warm wind outside blowing on him that he suddenly realized he had left just because the man ordered him to.

But it’s not cool to rush in again now… Forget it, we’ll talk about it next time.

In the provision store.

Xiang Huai stared at Gao Yanchen’s back with a dark expression. No one knew what he was thinking.

Beside him, Lu Chao tried to reduce his presence and shrank his shoulders. He was so frightened that he did not even dare to breathe. He waited silently for two minutes before Xiang Huai burst out laughing.

Lu Chao froze. Was his boss mad?

Just as he thought this, he heard his boss say softly, “Little kids are quite popular.”

Lu Chao: “…”

He really wanted to become air.

His gaze landed on the bank card in Xiang Huai’s hands and he finally found an opportunity to speak. “B-Boss, can I help you send the bank card to Old Gao?”

“No need.” Xiang Huai shot a glance at the bank card. “It’s very expensive to raise a child.”


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“But you can tell Xiao Gao that there is a limit to doting on children.”

The cla.s.sroom suddenly fell silent. Everyone turned to look at the person who had spoken—Xue Yao. She forced a smile and said hypocritically, “I’m just worried. After all, after that incident, Sister’s mental state must have been very chaotic. The first test lasted for only 80 minutes. When she entered the cla.s.sroom, there were only 50 minutes left. There were many questions in the first round and most people couldn’t even finish them. She had quite a delay. As long as one question is wrong, it will be very difficult to catch up. After all, the Provincial No. 1’s score must be around 200 points.”

Everyone fell silent. Only Qin Shuang sneered. “Sister Xi, even with your eyes closed, you can score 200 marks! Stop making sarcastic remarks over there. Who do you think you’re fooling? You’re probably hoping that Sister Xi won’t do well!”

Xue Yao’s face stiffened. Seeing that Fan Han was also looking at her in confusion, her eyes reddened. “I’m just worried about my sister. Why are you maligning me?”

She lowered her head and wiped her tears.

Fan Han frowned and said, “Qin Shuang, Xue Yao is also kind-hearted. Why are you so rude?”

“Good intentions? Pui! If Xue Yao has good intentions, I’ll take off my head and give it to you as a ball! Anyone who’s not blind can tell that she’s envious of Sister Xi! You’re among thousand-year-old foxes here, so why are you acting like a vegetarian?”

Xue Xi wanted to laugh when she heard this. The little chatterbox was really good at insulting people.

Xue Yao’s face turned red as she lowered her head and started crying. “I-I really said that for Sister’s sake. I was afraid that she would be too arrogant and embarra.s.s herself if she did not get the first prize…”

When Fan Han heard this, he frowned. “Even if Xue Yao’s mathematics is inferior to Xue Xi’s, she is still one of the best among people her age. Moreover, she is good at playing the piano and almost became Zhou Zhou’s disciple. She is a prodigy to begin with, so what’s there for her to be jealous of? Moreover, her results are not out yet. Don’t be too arrogant!”

Qin Shuang was inexplicably confident. “See you in an hour!”

Old Liu wanted to continue rea.s.suring Xue Xi, but the bell for the second period rang. He could only leave the cla.s.s. Just as he returned to the office, the phone in the room rang.

He walked over to answer the call and heard the other party say, “h.e.l.lo, is this the representative of Bin City International High School’s math team?”

Old Liu nodded. “Yes. You are…?”

What did the other party say? Old Liu was stunned, and a look of ecstasy appeared on his face!

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