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Young Master Yan

Chapter 612 - Xu Xinyao's Ending!

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Chapter 612: Xu Xinyao’s Ending!

This voice made everyone turn around and see Xue Xi walking over slowly with her red hair.

She was wearing a pair of jeans and a white t-s.h.i.+rt today. Her red hair fluttered in the wind, making her look exceptionally formidable. As she approached, an invisible aura a.s.saulted the others.

A reporter was originally holding a stack of info and was feeling happy. When he saw Xue Xi, his eyes lit up.

One had to know that after the “Brainiac is Here” segment, Xue Xi’s popularity became even higher than that of the trainees! It was only that this person did not debut. If she wanted to act, she could become the top actress!

Xue Xi walked up to them.

When Qin Shuang saw her, the thorns on her body instantly faded. She felt as though everything else she was feeling at this moment disappeared and turned into grievance.

She was choking as she shouted, “Sister Xi.”

Although Empress’s feelings for Qin Shuang were deeper, she could see her att.i.tude. For some unknown reason, she also shouted as though she was a child who had been wronged, “Sister Xi.”

The director did not dare to speak when he saw Xue Xi.

No one knew that the production team had been bought by the G.o.d of Fortune Group, but the director knew that the G.o.d of Fortune Group had bought it for Xue Xi!

The director was very respectful. “Ms. Xue, why are you here?”

Xue Xi nodded politely at him before turning to look at Xu Xinyao. “Director, can you tell everyone right now whether she really couldn’t look at her phone?”

The director was instantly speechless.

How could he divulge the inside dealings within this program?

While he was stuttering, Xu Xinyao said, “Xue Xi, what do you mean? During the training period with the production team, I naturally couldn’t use my phone. Do you mean to say that the production team had made an exception for me?”

Xue Xi sneered. “Isn’t that so?”

She lowered her head and looked at her phone. “Then what happened when your phone was called by your manager at 6 PM on the 7th?”

Xu Xinyao was stunned.

Xue Xi continued, “The same at 8 PM on the 8th. You even called your parents. On the 9th…”

Xue Xi reported her call records one by one, making Xu Xinyao’s eyes widen.

In the end, Xue Xi waved the phone in her hand. “These can be found from the phone service provider. We welcome the media to investigate.”

Xu Xinyao stuttered, “I-I could only make calls and couldn’t go online. I called my manager but he never mentioned this. I really didn’t know!”

Xue Xi: “Is that so?”

She picked up her phone and played a recording.

The recording was from just now.

Xu Xinyao got off the stage and found an a.s.sistant. She took her phone and called her manager. The moment the call connected, her manager said, “Xinyao, the matter has been exposed! So Qin Shuang was Early all along! Right now, the internet is blowing up and everyone is attacking you. Qin Shuang’s votes are rising at a visible rate!”

Xu Xinyao gritted her teeth. “So that’s how it is. No wonder someone rushed to the stage just now. They actually found out beforehand!”

The manager said, “It’s fine. As long as this matter is stabilized, everything will be fine. Was there a fan who went on stage? That’s good. I’ve arranged for reporters for you. After you find them, take them directly to that fan. Then, we’ll do this… As long as you act well, you’ll be able to clear your name!”

After the manager taught Xu Xinyao what to do, Xu Xinyao said, “I know. When I used Early’s reputation back then, I’d already expected this day would come. Don’t worry, I’ve already prepared for it. However, I have to say this first. If the matter can’t be clarified, then you’ll have to take the blame in the end. I didn’t know anything!”

The manager: “Yes, no problem.”

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Qin Shuang turned around and saw Cen Bai’s exquisite face right in front of her. She was instantly shocked. “Hubby?”

Cen Bai smiled and said lazily, “I’ll meet Cen Bai sooner or later?”

Qin Shuang: “?”

Her eyes widened. Only then did she realize that her little alias had been uncovered!

It’s over, it’s over!

Her idol saw it! How embarra.s.sing!

Covering her face and lowering her head, she heard Cen Bai’s low laughter.

Wuwuwu, I can’t live anymore.

When the car stopped, Qin Shuang looked up and realized that they did not return to the production team’s building. Instead, they went to… Cen Bai’s apartment?

She was stunned and looked at Cen Bai. “Hubby, why are we here?”

Cen Bai’s eyes were deep. He suddenly lowered his head and approached her. “In the future, you can only go out to work at noon.”

Qin Shuang: “Why?”

Cen Bai: “Because you’ll be ‘meeting’ me ‘sooner’ than that and then again ‘later.’”


“Well then, let’s start from today. It’s night time now. Do you want to do it from night until morning or once during the night and another during the day?”


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