Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 61

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Chapter 61: Xiang “Gigolo” Huai

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Xue Xi had always been the center of gossip. After getting first in the level and getting first in the Math Star Compet.i.tion, she became famous in school.

However, she kept a low profile and spent most of her time studying. Her daily life was boring and uneventful.

But ever since Li Xuekai and Xue Xi’s posts became popular within the Math Olympiad circle, everyone began paying more attention to her.

This led to people secretly taking photos of her and posting them on Tieba.

Coincidentally, when she left the provision store today, she came across a cla.s.smate who was secretly taking pictures. Xiang Huai made good use of that to make things clear!

Xue Yao had long ago publicized the fact that Xue Xi had a gigolo. Hence, when they saw the intimate photos, everyone instantly understood that the store owner was that gigolo!

Xue Xi knew nothing about what’s happening on the Internet.

She was wearing a baseball cap and a loose school uniform, as well as carrying a heavy bag. Just as she was approaching the school gate, she saw a group of people surrounding someone.

She had not intended to join in on the fun, but then she heard a familiar voice. “Brother Chen!”

Xue Xi paused and walked forward.

Although everyone was surrounding two people, there was a huge s.p.a.ce in the middle because the red-haired Gao Yanchen was one of those standing there. The young man’s red hair was standing on end, making him look like a non-mainstream punk. His face was handsome and cold, and he exuded an unyielding and powerful aura.

Not far from him stood a short girl. The girl was wearing Bin City First High’s uniform—it was Liu Liyuan.

Tears welled up in her eyes as she complained, “Did you get my parents fired from their jobs?”

Gao Yanchen lowered his head to look at his phone. With his long fingers, he was currently switching to a smaller account. In the Math Olympiad thread, Xue Xi had a shot at winning first place. His efforts were weak, however, and Xue Xi’s votes still had her only in third place.

He was frustrated and became even more impatient when he heard Liu Liyuan’s words. “Yes. And?”

“It’s really you! Gao Yanchen, how could you do this? If someone’s done something wrong, it’s them you should punish! If I’ve done something, then come at me! What right do you have to fire my parents from their jobs?!” Liu Liyuan cried as she continued to shout, “Do you think you can bully ordinary people just because the Gao family is powerful?”

Gao Yanchen put down his phone. He was originally feeling too lazy to explain, but he could not leave such words unanswered. His star-shaped eyes stared blankly at Liu Liyuan, and his tone was cold and indifferent. “Is there something wrong with firing two employees who have made huge mistakes in their jobs?”

Liu Liyuan panicked. “Don’t make up excuses. You’re clearly seeking revenge for Xue Xi! I already know that you acknowledged her as your boss! I’m really curious. What did Xue Xi give you to make you, Gao Yanchen, stand up for her like this?! Did she sleep with you?”

The moment she said “sleep,” Gao Yanchen’s violent aura intensified.

He suddenly took a step forward and said in a vicious and deep voice, “What the h.e.l.l did you just say?”

Liu Liyuan was shocked.

She came from an ordinary family. Her parents lived from paycheck to paycheck, and now they suddenly lost their jobs in their middle-age. It was only later that they realized that it was because their daughter had offended someone she should not have offended!

Every day this past week, they had been trying to get a job. Alas, no one dared to offend the Gao family. The pressure of life quickly crushed the two of them and they started to scold Liu Liyuan.

She really could not take it anymore!

At the thought of her parents, Liu Liyuan felt a strong urge to commit suicide. She raised her head and shouted, “What’s wrong? How dare she do it and not let others know?”

“F*ck!” Gao Yanchen bellowed. “If you dare to say that again, I’ll beat you until your parents can’t recognize you!”

Liu Liyuan shouted, “She’s a b*tch! Just because she’s pretty, she seduced you, the school bully, so you’d submit to her…”

Gao Yanchen did not speak further. He took a step forward and was about to attack!

There was a flash in Liu Liyuan’s long sleeves. She took out a fruit knife and rushed at Gao Yanchen. “If you won’t let me live, then everyone else can also stop living!”

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A cold glint flashed across Gao Yanchen’s eyes. He thought that this person did not want to live since she dared to take out a knife.

He definitely did not have such thoughts about girls.

Back then, Xue Xi had defeated him in front of so many underlings. In order to save face and uphold justice, he could only lower his head and call her Sister Xi.

He helped to canva.s.s for votes only because the Roaring Flame Society could not be bullied!

But that did not mean that he would really submit to her from the bottom of his heart.

He had to find an opportunity to spar with Xue Xi in the future and s.n.a.t.c.h back the position of “boss” so that she could dye her hair red!

As he thought this, Gao Yanchen calmed down a little. He received a link from Flame Number One on WeChat: “Brother Chen, Sister Xi really has a boyfriend!”

Gao Yanchen: “?”

He opened the thread and took a look. The man in the photo was facing the camera, and one could tell only that he was good-looking. As expected of a gigolo.

He tensed up.

Xue Xi was so naive. This person must have cheated money and manipulated others’ feelings. No, he could not just stand by and watch!

When the police arrived and took Liu Liyuan away, Xue Xi returned to cla.s.s.

Gao Yanchen looked at the time. The results of the National Mathematical Olympiad were to be released at 10 AM. There was still time!

At this thought, he turned around and found the provision store.

He pushed open the door and entered. When he saw the gigolo behind the counter, he threw a card over.

“There’s a million inside. Leave her and the money is yours.”

Xiang “Gigolo” Huai: “?”

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