Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: Must Fall in Love Every Day

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Ye Li’s heart squeezed and she nearly cried.

Nonetheless, she quickly dipped her head and covered her swollen cheek. Trying to suppress her tears, she said, “Nothing much, Xixi. I put on too much blush today. Y-You go back to your room.”

Xue Xi looked at her in silence and, after a while, calmly replied, “Oh.”

Just as Ye Li was about to feel relieved, the girl walked past her and headed downstairs.

Her pupils constricted and she hurriedly ran up to the girl. “Xixi, Xixi…”

Upon hearing the commotion, the people in the living room turned to look at them.

Xue Xi walked right up to Old Lady Xue and remained expressionless. Her huge eyes appeared slightly slow-witted, but her voice was really icy. “Why did you hit her?”

Old Lady Xue was taken aback. For a split second, she found this girl’s aura to be startling, but she quickly returned to her senses.

She was merely a girl who was of the same age as Yaoyao. That must have been her illusion.

She sat comfortably on the sofa and lifted her head slightly before smirking. “She gave birth to a dimwit for our family and has embarra.s.sed the Xue family thoroughly. I merely gave her a slap and that’s lenient enough!”

By then, Ye Li had caught up to Xue Xi and blocked her from the front. “Mom, Xixi isn’t a dimwit!”

“Not a dimwit?” Old Lady Xue sneered. “If she’s not a dimwit, why is she like this? Ye Li, don’t feel aggrieved. I don’t expect Xue Xi to be as outstanding as Yaoyao. As long as her grades are about the same as Yaoyao’s, I’ll definitely be courteous to you and treat you like my ancestors!”

Ye Li’s lips trembled and she could not say a single word.

At this moment…

“No need.”

Xue Xi had spoken all of a sudden. She looked determinedly at Old Lady Xue as she shot a quick glance at the Fan couple before saying icily, “If my results are better than Xue Yao’s, you just have to apologize to my mother.”

After saying that, she brought Ye Li upstairs.

It was only when they had disappeared at the staircase that Old Lady Xue returned to her senses. When her eyes met Madam Fan’s observing eyes, she sneered. “How can her grades be better than Yaoyao’s? Wait until her next life!”

Xue Xi brought Ye Li back to her own room.

Closing the door, she turned around and saw Ye Li’s watery eyes. Feeling touched, the latter held her hand and said, “Xixi, are you finally calling me ‘Mom’?”

Xue Xi froze and replied without much expression, “Mhm.” Her voice had a hint of distance and awkwardness.

She knew that her parents did not abandon her on purpose and she had no complaints about Ye Li, but they did not meet for 18 years, after all. She felt uneasy when her mother appeared all of a sudden.

Seeing her like this, Ye Li did not push her further. She merely dipped her head and began repeating over and over again, “Xixi, I’m the one who let you down. I didn’t take good care of you when I gave birth to you, causing you to be stolen.”

She choked. “Your father and I looked for you for so many years. When you’re finally back home, you have to suffer through these grievances with me because I’m useless.”

Xue Xi was uncomfortable seeing her cry. She anxiously took out her tissue paper and pa.s.sed it to Ye Li before standing there in a daze.

After some time, Ye Li had finally had enough of crying and felt a little abashed when she calmed down.

Placing the tissue paper down, she tried to force a smile with those red eyes.

Her daughter’s defense warmed her heart, but thinking of what had happened, she was fearful that the pressure on her would be too much. She then comforted Xue Xi. “Xixi, don’t feel pressured and don’t listen to your grandma’s words. A person’s grades don’t represent if he or she is outstanding, do you understand?”

Xue Xi nodded while feeling lost.

Ye Li continued to console her. “In Mom’s eyes, you’re the best no matter what you do. I just hope that you can be safe and spend the rest of your life happily. Xixi, for your sake, I’ll slowly grow stronger, so don’t worry!”

Xue Xi replied, “…Oh.”

Old Lady Xue’s slap was not too hard and the swelling on Ye Li’s cheek had subsided. Xue Sheng neither noticed it nor did she mention it.

After having dinner and lying down to rest, Xue Sheng sighed. “It’s all my fault for not knowing how to make Mom happy like the second child that you guys have to suffer through the grievances. Wait for a while more and we’ll move out with Xixi.”

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Ye Li suddenly said, “I’m going to start painting again.”

This meant that she had to fall in love with Xiang Huai.

Supporting the door-frame, she looked steadily ahead.

So, this issue indeed had something to do with Xiang Huai? Could she have been drugged by him? Could he have casted a spell on her? Why was there such a bizarre thing in the world?

Just as she was in a daze, Xiang Huai gradually looked up.

The store’s air conditioner was strong, and the man was, once again, donning an all-black ensemble. He held a book in his hand as he sat there relaxedly. There was no expression on his face, and his eyes slowly landed on Xue Xi as he asked, “Little kid, why are you here?”

Xue Xi kept silent for a moment. “…To fall in love with you.”

Xiang Huai: “…”

Their eyes met and there was complete silence.

The store was oddly silent for half a minute.

“Pua!” Xiang Huai laughed in a deep voice. That laughter was so low that it seemed to be lingering in Xue Xi’s ears magically. This made her cheeks flushed.

Having nothing to say, she tried to start a conversation. “What does your store sell?”

After saying that, she looked at the shelves.

The man lowered his eyes and replied, “This is a provision store.”

Last night, he got Lu Chao to change everything in the store last minute.


Xue Xi was curious. “When I came here yesterday, the shelves were full of small boxes. What were they?”


Xiang Huai slowly put down his book and leaned forward before saying in a serious tone, “Balloons.”

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