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Young Master Yan

Chapter 57

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Chapter 57: She Truly Solved a World-Cla.s.s Problem!

Feng Xingshen stared at his phone. Although he recognized the individual words, he felt that he did not know what it meant when they were strung together.

He was in a daze for too long and his heavy spectacles slid down onto his nose. He used a finger to push his spectacles back in place and narrowed his eyes at the phone.

As he was in his sixties, the wrinkles on his face were obvious. His fingers trembled as he deleted the message that he had typed. He then replied: “Are you kidding?”

How could an 18-year-old young lady prove Bartra’s theory?

Learning: “?”

Learning: “What’s your email address?”

Feng Xingshen collected himself and sent her his email address. He put down the phone and waited in silence.

No hurry, no hurry.

All these years, there had been many times when people claimed to have proven Bartra’s theory, but after announcing their proofs, mistakes and loopholes were found. The young lady might not have proven it after all.

Ding! He took a deep breath, and about five minutes later, his computer’s mailbox notified him of a new message and his phone lit up as well.

Learning: “I’ve sent it. Have you received it?”

Feng Xingshen replied indignantly: “Do you have any idea what you’re trying to prove?”

Perhaps she did not understand the significance of this theory in the mathematical world.

Learning: “Bartra’s theory. The topic is slightly challenging. When you asked me, I’ve already been working on it for half a month. I spent nearly 20 days, including this week.”

Feng Xingshen: “??”

Why do I sense the tone of ‘I actually spent 20 days to prove this’ from the young lady’s message?

Does she know that some people spent an entire lifetime and still could not prove it?!

Feng Xingshen no longer harbored any hope for this theory. He responded: “Yes, I’ll take a look first.”

After replying, he downloaded the thirty-plus pages of drafts from his mailbox. He printed every piece, filed them accordingly, and started reading from the first page.

Once he started reading, he could not stop.

Xue Xi waited for some time and realized that Teaches Math still had not replied to her. Taking a look at the time, she noticed that the cla.s.s would only end in ten minutes so she took out a set of Math Olympiad questions and began doing them.

Fan Han, who was also in the same cla.s.s, stared at her back.

During this period, he searched numerous information relating to Bartra and realized that she was actually proving this difficult theory.

Now it seems like she has given up?

The cla.s.s ended ten minutes later.

Fan Han packed up his books and stood by her side before advising her earnestly, “Bartra’s theory isn’t something that people our age should deal with. We shouldn’t reach for what is beyond one’s grasp, so it’s better that you stay down to earth and prepare for the National Mathematical Olympiad!”

Xue Xi shot him an aloof glance and kept silent.

Fan Han thought that his words sank in so he continued to explain, “The compet.i.tion this time around is to be held at the national level and you should not belittle others. Do you know about the winner of last year’s Math Star Compet.i.tion? He scored 270 marks, and most importantly, he was in his soph.o.m.ore year last year! Furthermore, he won the first prize of the National Mathematical Olympiad last year, and if it weren’t for his poor health, he would have attended the winter camp and probably been accepted by Huazhong University. He is Li Xuekai from our province. Also, don’t belittle Sun Jie. Although he didn’t perform as well as you during the Math Star Compet.i.tion, it doesn’t mean that he will do worse than you in the National Mathematical Olympiad.”

Xue Xi found him irritating, so she hastily packed up her books and walked outside.

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Fan Han followed behind her and wanted to continue nagging, but Xue Yao, who had just left the Physics cla.s.s, caught up with him hurriedly. “Fan Han!”

He subconsciously turned his head and looked at the girl in the last row.

She stiffly placed her books in her school bag and left with her heavy bag…

He retracted his gaze and answered, “I think it’ll be tough.”

The compet.i.tion would select first prize awardees to partic.i.p.ate in the National Mathematical Olympiad. Other than the winner, the rest are merely first prize awardees. What was the difference?

Since Xue Xi had returned home, had dinner, and finished several questions, she had been looking at her phone while lying on her bed.

Why isn’t Teaches Math replying to my message?

In the capital.

In Huaxia University’s math laboratory.

A postgraduate was conducting the last checks and realized that the lights in the room of his mentor, Feng Xingshen, were still on.

He instinctively walked there. As he was going to turn off the lights, he saw Mentor Feng holding his spectacles in one hand and squinting at the paper.

His hands were trembling as though he was in ecstasy.

The postgraduate paused and asked, “Teacher, why aren’t you going home yet?”

It was almost twelve midnight, and today’s problem did not seem to require him to burn the midnight lamp.

Upon being interrupted, Feng Xingshen returned to reality.

He stared at the answer in disbelief. He jumped. “Correct, it’s correct!”

She truly solved a world-cla.s.s problem!

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