Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 56

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Chapter 56: Her Proof Is Out!

Xue Xi sized up the man.

There seemed to be no fear in his dark brown eyes except that he looked slightly pale. It might have been because he was reeling from the shock.

Regardless of whether he was faking it or it was real, she could not reject her boyfriend’s “reasonable request,” but she could—

Xue Xi casually said, “I’ll bring breakfast to you, then.”

Then wouldn’t I end up farther from the little kid?

Xiang Huai stood up when she turned around and followed behind her. He said without batting an eyelid, “With you around, I’m not afraid.”

Lu Chao had been sitting by the dining table and keeping as quiet as a quail. “…”

Back then, when they gathered together, they would secretly discuss if there was anything in the world that his boss was incapable of doing. In the end, he realized that the only thing his boss was incapable of… was dating.

Now, it seems like… a mogul is a true mogul!

It was his first time dating, and yet he had numerous tricks up his sleeves. His tricks made him giddy. Hence, he decided to plead with his boss for additional emotional allowance for this current task. Is it humane to be forced to see them acting lovey-dovey every day?

They sat at the dining table and continued eating.

Xue Xi’s phone vibrated.

She took a glance and saw that it was a message from Actor: “Sister Xi, I received the bag! Thank you! How much is it? Give me your bank card number, I’ll transfer it to you.”

After getting the bag last week, Xue Xi had mailed to Cen Bai right away. When she saw this message, she realized that she had not paid Xiang Huai yet.

“How much is the bag?” she asked.

Xiang Huai swallowed the bun and replied, “Two hundred.”

Xue Xi sent a message to the man.

Learning: “Two hundred. Bank card number is 6x.x.xx.x.xx.x.xx.x.x.”

Actor: “Sure. Sister Xi, I’ve transferred the money.”

Xue Xi was not bothered by it and continued eating.

After finishing her meal, she fished out her wallet and placed 300 yuan on the table. “The remaining 100 yuan is for the food.”

Lu Chao: “…”

He silently swallowed his bun just as he swallowed the fact that the bag was actually two million yuan.

In “Who is the young lady?” group.

Cen Bai sent a message: “Sister Xi is really not bad. No idea where she got the bag from, but she didn’t charge me a premium either. The original price is two million yuan and she sold it to me at that price.”

Limited edition bags have collectible value and can be sold at higher prices because, after all, there is demand but no supply.

Zhou Zhou: “Sister Xi comes from a wealthy and powerful family. She doesn’t care about your pennies. Aye, she is truly formidable. I sent her my scores yesterday and she pointed out three parts that were not well done.”

Cen Bai: “Follow Sister Xi and you can buy bags.”

Zhou Zhou: “Follow Sister Xi and you can play the piano.”

The rest: “…Suck-ups.”

Somebody “@-ed” Feng Xingshen and asked: “How is the young lady’s math?”

Feng Xingshen: “She is still saying that she could prove it. She probably doesn’t know that she is trying to prove Bartra’s theory. I don’t harbor any more hope because, after all, not everyone in this group can be as omnipotent as the group manager. Aye!”

The rest comforted: “She is, after all, a young lady. Don’t have high expectations.”

After eating, Xue Xi walked toward the school.

At the entrance, a black Rolls-Royce was parked as the chauffeur politely opened the rear car door. Gao Yanchen, with his red hair, alighted from it.

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He was wearing his school uniform and was looking at his phone.

Other than Sun Jie, who was from their province, there were two other contenders who did not partic.i.p.ate in the Math Star Compet.i.tion but were well-known in the Math Olympiad circle.

Xue Xi was the underdog and had a thousand fewer votes than the contender in the first place.

Gao Yanchen sent the link to the Roaring Flame Society group and typed three words: “Campaign for votes.”

Xue Xi had zero idea about what was happening on the Internet.

She took her books to the Math Olympiad cla.s.s and wanted to sort out the soaked portion of Bartra’s theory.

A day flew past in a blink of an eye.

Soon, it was dismissal time and Xue Xi had completed it a day earlier than expected!

After she had sorted it out, her train of thought became even clearer.

In order to prevent further accidents from happening when she was home, she labeled the drafts on the spot. After taking pictures of all 30 or 40 pages, she was going to send them to Teaches Math.

Far away in the capital, Feng Xingshen was in the laboratory. He was wearing his thick, heavy as he looked at the math model on the computer screen. At this moment, his phone rang.

Learning: “Are you there?”

Feng Xingshen sighed.

The young lady is probably looking for an excuse to delay it, huh?

He should not put her in a difficult position. Hence, he picked up his phone and sent a message: “n.o.body has been able to prove Bartra’s theory so you don’t have to do it anymore.”

Before he could even send the message, he saw hers.

Learning: “Send me your email. I’ll send the answer to you.”

Feng Xingshen widened his eyes in shock.

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