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Chapter 537 - Full Score!

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Chapter 537: Full Score!

Xue Xi paused and recalled it before saying, “42 points.”

When she said that, the entire venue fell silent!

Before the people from Huaxia University came, they had already figured out Xue Xi’s situation. One couldn’t help but know when someone scored full marks in the IMO, but after so many years, there had been only two who managed to. The girl in front of them was one of them.

Therefore, everyone who had partic.i.p.ated in the IMO knew about it.

Stunned, Zhan Busi looked at her in shock.

The students from Huazhong University did not understand why the students from Huaxia University would add, “I support Sister Xi!”

d.a.m.n it! When everyone heard Zhan Busi’s score, they’d felt that they were done for, but only Sister Xi’s score was actually worth mentioning!

For a moment, those in the know did not speak.

Xu Xinyao, who was unaware of the situation, was delighted. “Only 42 points?”

She paused for a moment, then smiled awkwardly. “But it doesn’t matter. Being able to get so many marks is already very good. For example, we haven’t partic.i.p.ated in IMO compet.i.tions before!”

Everyone: “?”

On the bullet screen, Xu Xinyao’s fans and pa.s.sersby who did not know what was going on were also crazily commenting.

“—42 points? Is this a joke?”

“—With this score, could she be called a genius?”

“I haven’t pa.s.sed yet. Even though Mathematical Olympiad questions are difficult, this score is too low! I was so looking forward to this straight-A student. It turns out this group of people supports an underachiever!”

Amid all the cursing, the people from Huaxia University suddenly became aggressive. A barrage of comments flooded in.

“—Come, let me give everyone a lesson. The IMO compet.i.tion’s perfect score is 42 points. Ever since it was established, there have been only two who got perfect scores!”

“—Come, let me give everyone a lesson. The IMO compet.i.tion’s perfect score is 42 points. Ever since it was established, there have been only two who got perfect scores!”

This comment was posted repeatedly for a long time, suppressing all the other comments.

Those who saw the bullet screen understood and were stunned.

However, Xu Xinyao did not have such good luck at the production venue. After saying this, she saw that no one was speaking and thought that everyone was silent because of Xue Xi’s results. Hence, she said, “Alright, scores don’t mean anything.”

As soon as she said this, someone told her, “The full marks are 42 points.”

Xu Xinyao: “???”

Stunned, she widened her eyes and stared at Xue Xi in disbelief. “What?”

The perfect score was 42 points…

Someone actually scored full marks?

“Sister Xi is awesome!”

Some people from Huazhong University also changed sides at this moment. They had to admire this score.

Xu Xinyao was so embarra.s.sed that her face turned red. In the end, she could only smile awkwardly. “Wow, you’re so amazing!”

She looked fake.

On the bullet screen, Xu Xinyao’s fans couldn’t stand it anymore and tried to clear her name.

“—Our Yaoyao is a silly girl, don’t mind her!”

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Unfortunately, as soon as this was posted to the bullet screen, it was flooded with comments like “Come, let me give everyone a lesson. The IMO compet.i.tion’s perfect score is 42 points. Ever since it was established, there have been only two who got perfect scores!”

On the first floor of the venue, there were 30 simple questions. A few people went in and took turns to answer them. It did not affect the time. On the second floor of the venue were the tasks that tested their talents.

On the third floor, the questions were even more complicated.

Xu Xinyao followed Zhan Busi to the first floor. The questions on the first floor were simple, and Zhan Busi was indeed very capable.

He solved the problems on the first floor in the shortest time possible. When he walked out after answering the 30th question and went toward the stairs to the second floor, Xu Xinyao could hear everyone exclaiming, “So fast!”

“Zhan Busi finished 30 questions so quickly?”

“As expected of a genius from Country M!”

“No. Although the questions on the first floor are simple, it involves many industries. Is Zhan Busi really that good?”

“Oh my G.o.d, this is too scary. I’ve finished only three questions! He finished 30!”


As the others spoke, Xu Xinyao’s sense of superiority grew stronger.

She felt that the company had found the right person when they helped her find Zhan Busi.

Such a smart student was indeed better than those in China!

Xu Xinyao smiled as she comforted the other trainees. “Don’t be anxious. The speed of scoring doesn’t matter. We are only competing for the final score.”

After saying this, she followed Zhan Busi and looked at the question form in her hand. She asked, “Zhan Busi, where are we going next?”

Zhan Busi smiled. “We can’t widen the gap between us on the first floor. If we give these geniuses time, they will be able to solve all the questions. After all, the program team won’t set any world-cla.s.s questions for everyone. The second-floor tasks are more difficult. Let’s charge ahead from there.”

Xu Xinyao’s eyes lit up and she nodded. “Okay! Let’s go to the piano room first.”

Zhan Busi had been playing the piano since elementary school and was already a master. Furthermore, as they went upstairs, they could see that the people on the first floor were still busy with their work. The entire second floor was very empty. This meant that no one else had completed 30 questions yet. She was definitely going to get first place!

Just as Xu Xinyao reached the second floor, she saw two figures in the corridor.

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