Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 53

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Chapter 53: How Could I Dare?!

While everyone else was still in a state of confusion, Xue Xi slowly nodded. “…Mhm, yes.”

Zhou Zhou’s mouth gaped open.

He had a sudden epiphany. It was no wonder Sister Xi had said that she was unable to point out his problem and could only play it out for him. It turned out that she had never even learned the piano before and so she had no idea regarding the correct technical terms for piano!

He gulped and said, “Th-Then, why can you play the piano?”

Xue Xi: “…I self-learned it.”


He was known as a master in piano, but this was the result of him putting in his blood, sweat, and tears to practice for more than ten hours every day at least to reach his current height among pianists. This was despite his talents.

Yet, when compared to Sister Xi… how the h.e.l.l can I possibly compare to Sister Xi?!

While he was doubting his own existence, the pair’s conversation attracted the attention of the rest.

Ye Li was the first to pose a question. “Xixi, you… can play the piano?”

Before the girl could answer, Liu Yiqiu had already caught on to another huge issue. “Xixi, do you and Mr. Zhou know each other?”

From their interaction, the two seemed to be rather close.

Xue Xi nodded at Ye Li, then turned to Liu Yiqiu and said, “Mhm.”

This made Liu Yiqiu panic. “How did you guys meet?”

Xue Xi usually could not be bothered with her. However, she had an exceptional interest today in seeing her panic, and hence, she slowly answered, “I did a small favor for him.”

The words “small favor” made Zhou Zhou speak up anxiously. “How is that only a small favor? Sister Xi, you saved my life!”

If the problem with that music piece had not been resolved, he would likely have ended up shackled with a real psychological problem that would have rendered him unable to perform ever again!

To him, being unable to play the piano was equivalent to asking for his life!

The moment he thought of this, his face turned serious. “Sister Xi, I can agree to any of your requests.”

Sister Xi’s younger sister, Xue Yao, was truly very average in her playing.

However, if Sister Xi were to ask for it, he would still force himself to take in this piece of shi—Ah, no, disciple.

I can’t help it. Only because Sister Xi is my boss!

Alas, the meaning of this sentence was distorted in others’ ears.

Xue Xi can immediately request Zhou Zhou to be her master!

Liu Yiqiu panicked furiously. She had come to a huge revelation—before Zhou Zhou had arrived, the two of them had not known each other’s ident.i.ty. In the end, after Liu Yiqiu had pulled so many strings, only Xue Xi was the one to benefit from it?

She instantly shouted, “No way!”

At the same time, Xue Yao also shouted, “How can she?”

The pair’s strange reaction stunned Zhou Zhou. Why was the person-in-concern objecting to it? He turned to look at Xue Yao quizzically. “You’re not willing?”

Xue Yao balled up her fists. “As a member of the Xue family, we shall speak with our own abilities. If we have to rely on relations to be your disciple, how bad would we sound in others’ ears?”

Liu Yiqiu also nodded beside her. “Yaoyao is right. We are not the kind of people who expect debts of grat.i.tude to be repaid! Am I right, Elder Sister-in-law, Xixi? We shall not do these kinds of things.”

Ye Li had a feeling that things were not that simple. She turned to look at her daughter.

The girl was simply sitting there quietly. She was so aloof and apathetic that it was as though she was an outsider to the situation. She only replied with an “Mhm,” as though it was a dispensable matter.

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Zhou Zhou finally understood the situation.

Zhou Zhou looked at them in astonishment. “Have you guys never heard Sister Xi play the piano? Her standard can only be described as higher than mine!”

Right after that, he turned to Xue Xi ingratiatingly. “Sister Xi, I just finished composing a new piece. If you are free, could you help me to take a look and give me some pointers?”

Xue Xi still had her usual laid-back att.i.tude. “…Alright.”

Seeing that everyone was so stunned, as though they were unable to accept that his Sister Xi was a genius and mogul with the piano, and that they were ignoring him, he decided to make his way out. “Then, I shall leave first?”

“Wait,” Xue Xi suddenly said, making him halt in his footsteps.

Xue Xi pointed at Xia Yiyi and opened her mouth, saying, “She is not bad.”

What she meant was very clear—for Zhou Zhou to accept this disciple.

Zhou Zhou did not expect his Sister Xi to take a fancy to this little mute. Nevertheless, he insisted on obeying her orders and, hence, he answered without a second’s hesitation, “Sure. I’ll accept her as a disciple, then!”

Madam Xia was exhilarated.

After Yiyi’s voice and ears were damaged from her high fever at ten years old, she had only ever been interested in the piano. She even idolized Zhou Zhou to no end.

Still, she knew that Zhou Zhou was not short of money and money could not buy him. She had not held any hope initially. After all, Xue Xi did not even bother helping Xue Yao—what more them…?

But surprises were always this unexpected!

She held Xia Yiyi’s shoulders tightly, so agitated that her eyes had turned red as she said, “Thank you!”

Thereafter, the main lead of today, Liu Yiqiu, was relegated to the sidelines. She could only watch as Madam Xia held Ye Li’s hands for the rest of the duration, with the former no longer acting high and mighty. Before leaving, she even said, “There is a charity ball to be held a few days from now. Let me bring you there!”

At the same moment, Xue Xi, who was sending the guests off with Ye Li, was currently thinking this in her head:

The Bartra theory has been proven. I’ll take a picture and send it to Teaches Math later.

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