Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 49

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Chapter 49: What Did You Dream of?

The store instantly fell silent.

Half a beat later: “Pfft.” Xiang Huai chuckled.

He put down the book and craftiness flashed across his dark brown eyes. “Little kid, what did you dream of?”

Upon hearing the question, Xue Xi found her face burning.

Not only did she touch him in her dream, she even…

For someone who had always been aloof, she was slightly abashed. This was the first time that she hated herself for having an extraordinary memory as she remembered the details of the dream clearly.

She could remember the touch of his abs and… they felt like they were real.

The mist in her eyes burst, and her dark, bright pupils were exposed. She looked at Xiang Huai in a huff and scolded, “Despicable!”

His Little Kid had always been very composed. It was Xiang Huai’s second time seeing her getting so worked up. He felt the urge to poke her puffy cheeks. It must feel very good.

However, Little Kid would probably get angrier.

Xiang Huai suppressed the urge to poke it as he leaned back lazily. He laughed and it was unlike the usual chuckle or smile. He really let out laughter, and even his brows were arched. That deep laughter was heart-tickling.

Thereafter, Xue Xi heard him. “It’s my fault.”

Xue Xi became angrier. Indeed, it was his doing?

Just as she was about to explode, the man explained slowly, “There’s a saying that goes, ‘What you think about in the day you will dream of it at night.'”

His smile grew wider. “I didn’t satisfy you, so you had that kind of dream. It’s my fault.”

Xue Xi pondered over it for a moment before a question mark was drawn in her mind: “?”


The sound of the chair dragging on the floor was heard and Xiang Huai stood up. He was 180 centimeters tall and was taller than she was by a head’s length. Walking from behind the counter, he towered over her as he bent down and lowered his head. He whispered into her ear, “I have a great idea that will stop you from having that dream.”

Xue Xi became distracted. “What idea?”

The man chuckled once again as he exhaled his breath on her skin. She felt a tickle and heard the man’s flirty words. “Let’s reenact the scene in your dream in reality.”


Two seconds later, Xue Xi’s right leg moved backward while she tightened her right fist and punched his face swiftly, resolutely, and accurately!


Although she was swift, she was stopped by the man. He raised his brow. “If I get disfigured, I won’t look good in your dreams anymore.”


During this period of time, Xue Xi figured out a method. She noticed that if she treated this man as a lover whom she loved deeply, her heart would not hurt.

For instance, she could not bear to hit him.

Even if she thought about hitting him, her heart would ache.

Therefore, in order to hit him, she needed to succeed through unusual means. She wanted to slap him directly without thinking, but having been stopped by him, it would no longer work.

Just as they were in a stalemate, Canine Teeth carried the breakfast and entered. “Yo, you’re early today! What are you guys doing? Knocking around?”


The tense atmosphere vanished instantly.

Xue Xi retracted her fist and walked to the dining table as though nothing happened. Picking up a bun, she pretended it to be that person as she bit it fiercely. Mhm, the bun is really soft. It’s somewhat similar to that man’s lips in my dream…

She immediately paused and her eyes were in a daze.

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Why did I think of that dream again?!

Qin Shuang burst into peals of laughter. “Brother Chen said that Elder Gao wants him to abide by traffic rules. But he hasn’t been doing so for so many years, so what exactly happened? Since when did the Gao family become law-abiding citizens? Brother Chen is extremely depressed!”

Xue Xi could imagine Little Flame sulking when she heard this.

Pursing her lips, she suddenly felt that her mood had greatly improved and carried her books to the Math Olympiad cla.s.s.

She had been learning the new knowledge for the whole day. When she could not understand certain parts, she would pick up her phone and consult Omnipotent Boss.

After all, that Teaches Math did not even know about this theory, so his math must not be too good. He would probably not understand it.

Time always pa.s.sed quickly while studying.

Unknowingly, a week had pa.s.sed.

The Math and Physics Olympiad were going to be held next week, but during the weekend, the Xue family would be having a piano a.s.sessment that was on par with the Math Olympiad.


There was only the last remaining step to Xue Xi’s proof of Bartra’s theory. She had totally immersed herself in it and heaved a sigh of relief only when she had completed the proof.

Only then did she notice the chaos and bustle downstairs.

Opening her room door in doubt, she saw Liu Yiqiu ordering the helpers to place the items while Xue Yao was practicing the piece that she was going to present in the afternoon.

Ye Li, donning a lavender cheongsam, had been paying attention to her. When she saw her daughter’s room door open, she approached her gently. “Xixi, have you finished studying?”

Xue Xi nodded.

Ye Li followed her gaze and saw the piano downstairs.

Her heart squeezed. “Xixi, if you like it, we’ll start learning from now on! Since you’re so clever, you’ll definitely be able to learn it! Just treat it as a practice later in the afternoon, and even if you can’t become Mr. Zhou’s apprentice, it’s alright. Mom will work hard and find you a better piano instructor in the future!”

Xue Xi: “…Oh.”

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