Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 48

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Chapter 48: Jerk! Beast!

Night fell.

The crystal chandelier was giving out bright white light as it shone on every face with unfathomable expressions.

The existence of the helpers, who were serving them by the side, diminished.

Old Master Xue, who had remained silent throughout, sat up straight. “Nonsense!”

Xue Sheng continued standing. His broad shoulders seemed to be capable of propping up the sky for the mother and daughter pair. Looking at his father, he said, “Dad, look at this family. Does it still have a place for our family of three? People who don’t know might think that I’m not Mom’s biological son!”

“That’s bulls.h.i.t!” Old Lady Xue shouted agitatedly. “I carried you in my womb for ten months and gave birth to you painstakingly. So that’s how you’re treating me?”

After saying that, she turned to look at Ye Li. “It must be you who have been instigating Xue Sheng behind our backs, causing my son to be at odds with me! I shouldn’t have allowed you to marry into our family back then. The fortune-teller mentioned that you’re a jinx. You’ll break up our family sooner or later. Now his words have really come true!”

Ye Li was stunned. She did not expect to hear this.

Xue Sheng was in disbelief. He supported Ye Li’s shoulders. A boiling fury swelled inside of him. “So you haven’t been fond of Ye Li simply because of this reason?”

Old Lady Xue had told the truth without thinking so she decided to admit to it straightforwardly. “Right! It’s because of this! She can’t even give birth to a son! Won’t you be left without a descendant?”

Xue Sheng yelled, “I have Xixi!”

Old Lady Xue said with disdain, “She is a girl! Moreover, her paternal grandpa is mentally unsound! Her family has this gene and she might act up in the future!”

Most mental disorders are hereditary and the chances of skipping generations are very high as well. Therefore, Xue Xi’s slow-to-respond personality was seen as a form of mental illness in the old lady’s eyes.

Most mental illness patients dared not to have children.

Her words were irrefutable.

Having her tender spot jabbed, Ye Li was shivering. The truth was as it was and she could not defend herself.

This time around, that hand on her shoulder patted her gently and calmed her down.

Xue Sheng did not have the intention to refute. His strong arms defended her from the front. “So, let’s live apart. Just think of me as an unfilial son and you can live with the second son!”

Upon hearing this, Old Lady Xue shrieked, “You’re my son so you have to provide for me!”

“Shut up!”

Old Master threw the chopsticks at Old Lady Xue and the dining room fell into pin-drop silence.

He looked at Xue Sheng.

The Xue family was a nouveau riche, but Xue Sheng was the one who found the connections and opportunities that developed the family. Although Old Master Xue was the chairman, most of the company’s matters were actually being handled by Xue Sheng.

It could be said that Xue Sheng had contributed 70 percent to the current development of the Xue family’s company!

That was also why Old Lady Xue was biased toward the second son. Xue Sheng did not have a son, but the conservative old patriarch still wanted to hand the company to him.

It was without a doubt that between his old wife and Xue Sheng, the old master chose the latter.

He shouted at his wife, “What were you talking about earlier? If you don’t want to live with the eldest son, fine, go back to the Liu family!”

Old Lady Xue widened her eyes. “Old man, are you chasing me out?”

“If you don’t want to be chased out by me, apologize to Xue Xi!”

The old patriarch was adamant. He shot a sweeping glance at Liu Yiqiu and Xue Xi before harrumphing. “Xue Xi is the Xue family’s eldest young mistress. If anyone in the family dares to disrespect her next time, it’s equivalent to disrespecting me.”

Following his firm and clear words, the room was still.

Old Lady Xue tensed her neck but was unable to sound out any form of apology.

Liu Yiqiu attempted to mediate. “Mom is, after all, her senior. I’ll apologize to Xixi on behalf of Mom, alright? Furthermore, she is old and more conservative in her ideas. That’s why she trusted that fortune-teller’s words. Xixi, Grandma will definitely not scold you again.”

She then pleaded with Xue Sheng and Ye Li, “Big Brother, Sister-in-law, please just forgive Mom this time around!”

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Xue Sheng kept a straight face and remained silent.

Only then did Xue Xi reply: “Ok, Mentor.”

She looked at the resources for another five minutes before putting them aside. She washed up and lay on the bed, but her mind kept flashing the new knowledge that she had just acquired. It kept her mind stimulated and she could not fall asleep.

Think of something else.

But what?

During this period of time, she had been forced to think of Xiang Huai in order to ensure that her heart would not hurt if they only held hands.

Therefore, she intuitively thought of Xiang Huai.

When they met today, he was changing, and the waist that he revealed…

Unknowingly, she closed her eyes and fell into a deep slumber.

In her dream, that waist kept sashaying in front of her until Xiang Huai inched closer and smiled. “Little kid, do you want to touch?”

She clearly did not wish to, but in her dream, she could not control her hand as she touched his abs…

When she woke up the next day, she was not looking right.

As Xue Xi headed downstairs, Xue Yao was quietly waiting for her, unlike usual times. She even said in front of Old Master Xue and Xue Sheng, “Grandpa, Big Uncle, I realized that what you guys said last night was right. Xue Xi is my sister. So I discussed with Mom that when Mr. Zhou comes on the weekend, we’ll get Cousin Xue Xi to join as well! If Mr. Zhou happens to choose her, it’s also our Xue family’s pride.”

Although she said that, a look of disdain flashed across her eyes.

Who doesn’t know how to do the surface work? Isn’t she merely another accompaniment?

“Sure! Sisters should help one another!” the old master said in praise of her.

Throughout the conversation, Xue Xi merely pouted. Evidently, she was not in a good mood. This happened until she had dashed into the provision store and glared at Xiang Huai. “Are you able to control my dream?”

Baffled, he looked up at her as she scolded him, feeling aggrieved, “Jerk! Beast!”

Xiang Huai: “??”

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