Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 47

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Chapter 47: Let’s Live Apart

Xue Xi was not sharp when it came to matters like romance. Hence, she did not notice that he was flirting with her when he said “brother” in the group chat.

Since she was addressing him as “mentor,” she would show him respect accordingly.

For some unknown reasons, she felt that the other party was very reliable.

After sending the message, she printed all the resources that she had downloaded and carried them back to her room from the study room.

On the way back, she b.u.mped into Liu Yiqiu, who was preparing to head downstairs. The lady was surprised to see her. “Xixi, where’s Yaoyao? She didn’t come back with you?”

“Oh,” Xue Xi replied aloofly.

Liu Yiqiu frowned at once. “Why didn’t you wait for your sister? It’s the same thing when you’re going to school in the morning. Aren’t you too cold-blooded?”

Sitting in the living room downstairs, Old Lady Xue was watching the television. She held the remote controller and joined in. “Kids who don’t grow up with the family simply can’t make it. Thankfully, our Yaoyao won’t stoop to her level.”

Xue Xi could not be bothered with them. She headed back to her room and closed the door.

After placing the resources on her desk, she picked up her phone.

Omnipotent Boss: “It’s alright to learn how to drive a convertible, but you can’t do it in the downtown area. It goes against the law. When I get the chance, I’ll teach you.”

Xue Xi smiled and responded obediently. “Sure, I’m going to start learning.”

Omnipotent Boss: “Mhm. If you’re unsure of anything, feel free to ask me.”

In order to make use of new knowledge, she needed to understand it completely. Xue Xi was not anxious about proving the theory. Instead, she read the resources.

She felt that it had been only a while when Ye Li knocked on her door and called her for dinner.

She put aside the literature reluctantly and sighed in silence before heading out.

The family was more complete today. Other than her second uncle, everyone was present.

Old Master and Old Lady sat on both sides of the long dining table. Xue Sheng, Ye Li, and Xue Xi sat on one side while Liu Yiqiu and Xue Yao sat on the other side.

Just as they were eating, Liu Yiqiu’s phone rang.

She took a look and picked up the call anxiously while sounding solicitous. “h.e.l.lo, Madam Xia… Not busy at all. Just speak out… Huh?”

Liu Yiqiu’s expression changed when the other party said something.

She first glared at Xue Yao before replying with a smile, “Sure, no problem!”

Upon hanging up, she slapped Xue Yao’s back. “You child!”

Her daughter was baffled and her temper flared up. “Mom, why did you hit me?”

Liu Yiqiu was boiling with rage. “Were you the one who told others that I have an appointment with Mr. Zhou? Didn’t I remind you not to tell outsiders? I tapped on many connections before securing this opportunity for you. Now that the news has gotten out, Madam Xia called and insisted on sending her daughter for the interview too! I dare not to offend the Xia family!”

When Xue Yao heard this, her eyes flickered and she was afraid of being found out.

She stared fiercely at Xue Xi.

Since Xue Xi had been in the limelight at school recently, she could not hold it in. Hence, she secretly told her best friend, but as it turned out…

No, she clearly reminded her friend not to spread it.

Therefore, this matter…

Xue Yao stood up abruptly and pointed at Xue Xi. “Were you the one who spread the news?”

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Xue Xi, who was silently having dinner: “??”

She flew into a rage. “You appear to hold yourself aloof from the world, but not only do you want to outdo me in academics, you also want to outshine me in other areas, don’t you? Xue Xi, you’re too despicable!”

“Shut up!”

Ye Li shouted in fury. “Do you have any evidence? Yaoyao, both of you are sisters and not foes! Ever since Xixi stepped through the door, you’ve harbored a great sense of animosity toward her when she has never done anything to you!”

“Has she really never done anything to me?” Xue Yao had Liu Yiqiu behind her back. “Fan Han is in the Math Olympiad cla.s.s so she applied to the cla.s.s. I’m in the Physics cla.s.s so she applied to Physics. Why doesn’t she apply for the Chemistry Olympiad? She’s clearly hating on me for stealing her marriage arrangement!”

Xue Xi paused. “I can apply for Chemistry as well?”


Frowning, she pondered. There should be a plethora of knowledge to gain from the Chemistry Olympiad as well, right? There is no harm in trying.

Her reaction was unexpected.

In the end, Old Lady Xue bellowed, “Look at her att.i.tude! Isn’t she being arrogant just because she does well in school? So what? There are countless numbers of people who are stronger and better than you! What good does it bring to us wealthy families if you do good in school? Look at your etiquette. Do you know how to play the piano? Dance? Do flower arrangements? A mere b*stard from a countryside orphanage, you’re revolting now!”

Ye Li was shivering with anger, and just as she was going to say something—


The table was slammed.

Silence ensued as everybody turned to look at Xue Sheng, who was red with fury.

His face was terrifyingly dark. After taking a deep breath, he said, “Mom, ever since Ye Li and I got married, you never liked her. Now that you’re not fond of Xixi as well, it actually got me thinking. Do you actually detest them or me?”

Old Lady Xue was stunned. “I…”

Xue Sheng closed his eyes and made the decision. “Since our family’s existence annoys you, let’s live apart.”

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