Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 45

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Chapter 45: Call Me “Brother”

Seeing Xue Xi’s baffled look, Qin Shuang opened a web page without any hesitation and found her idol’s picture for the former to see.

It was a magazine cover featuring a man. A white ancient costume was draped over his shoulders as though it was going to fall. The man’s eyes were slightly lowered and he had a tear mole. He was exuding an enchanting aura, and his eyes were dark as they stared straight ahead while he smiled. That charming aura seemed to be overflowing from the phone screen.

“Handsome or not? Don’t you want to get him?!” Smitten, Qin Shuang stared at his picture.

Xue Xi: “…”

This man was indeed good-looking, but he was totally different from Xiang Huai’s dangerous and coquettish image… Er, why did she think about Xiang Huai?

Xue Xi shook her head as she tried to put this thought behind her mind.

Just as she was about to do her work, she heard someone say, “Qin Shuang, I heard that you moved out but you’re not staying at the school either. Where are you staying?”

Qin Shuang rolled her eyes. “I’m renting a room.”

That person exclaimed, “Do you have money? Didn’t the Qin family stop providing for you?”

Qin Shuang sneered. “Do you think I lived my life in vain for the past 18 years? That I didn’t save up?”

“Oh,” the person replied and kept quiet.

Xue Xi remembered that Mrs. Qin gave Qin Shuang a bank card after the cla.s.s fund theft incident but she did not accept it.

Since Xue Xi did not wish to invade her privacy, she did not ask. Now it seemed like… Qin Shuang was having some problems financially?

Xue Xi slowly poked her shoulder.

Qin Shuang turned around.

Xue Xi asked, “Are you short of money? I can lend it to you.”

Upon hearing this, Qin Shuang looked to her left and right before inching closer. “Sister Xi, I’m earning my own money right now. Don’t worry.”

Earning money?

Xue Xi paused. “Huh?”

Her friend whispered, “I’ll tell you, but don’t tell anyone. I am doing live-stream to earn money.”

After saying that, she became nervous. “Sister Xi, will you look down on me because of this?”

She was the Qin family’s young mistress, but now she had to do live-streaming.

Xue Xi shook her head. “I won’t.”

Qin Shuang heaved a sigh of relief.

As the preparatory alarm bell rang, Xue Xi, Fan Han, and Xue Yao stood up and headed outside amid the student’s exclamations of envy.

The Math Olympiad and Physics Compet.i.tions were drawing near, and the three had stopped attending as they pulled out all the stops for the compet.i.tions.

Xue Xi usually attended the Physics cla.s.s in the morning and the Math Olympiad cla.s.s in the afternoon.

However, to prove that conjecture of hers, she went to the Math Olympiad cla.s.s.

Xue Yao followed behind her and heaved a sigh of relief when she saw her acting like this. “Is she going to focus on the Math Olympiad for the whole day and give up on physics?”

The Math Olympiad Compet.i.tion was going to be held on the 18th and 19th, and the physics compet.i.tion two days later.

With the dates for both compet.i.tions so close to one another, most people would choose to focus on one.

Fan Han furrowed his brows slightly when he heard this. “Mhm, seems like she isn’t silly.”

The Math Star Compet.i.tion had completely crushed Fan Han’s arrogance. However, he was a man after all and was not as petty. After the initial shock that he felt, he was unknowingly won over by her.

A self-taught genius; a person like her is born to learn mathematics!

After saying this, he walked into the cla.s.sroom. When he pa.s.sed by Xue Xi, he saw that she did not have a single Math Olympiad book on her table. There was only a blank piece of paper and she was calculating something on it.

Fan Han: “??”

He frowned and sat behind her.

For the whole morning, he saw Xue Xi writing and drawing. One moment, she would crush the paper and throw it, and the next moment, she would put down her pen and think about it.

She even ran to the school’s library in between to borrow a book t.i.tled, “Bartra’s Life.”

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He knew who Bartra was. That man was a renowned mathematician from the 19th century.

Fan Han was shocked and instinctively shut his mouth.

By the time he’d regained his senses, his face was red with embarra.s.sment.

He had gone out of his way to remind her, but she took his goodwill for ill intent?

If that was the case, he would let reality teach her a lesson!

All the way until 6 PM, Xue Xi was still stuck at the same point.

As long as she could prove this minor logic, the whole conjecture would be almost complete!

However, the knowledge relating to this point was something she had never come across.

In the whole of Bin City, similar reference books were not available as well, and the internet would not have such niche teaching materials either.

She went to ask Old Liu but he had no idea either. “Only professional members doing scientific research would have it. Where can common people like us find them? You’d better stop thinking about it and focus on the Math Olympiad!”

Even the wealthy and powerful could not get in touch with the people doing scientific research!

Xue Xi frowned.

Eventually, she looked at her phone’s WeChat and sent a message in the Moguls’ Group.

Learning: “Who has books on x.x.x?”

Soon, there was a reply in the group.

Omnipotent Boss: “I have.”

Xue Xi’s eyes lit up. “Can you lend it to me or sell it to me?”

Omnipotent Boss: “I’m not selling, but…”

Learning: “But what?”

Omnipotent Boss: “Call me ‘Brother’ and I’ll lend it to you.”

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