Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 44

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Chapter 44: Omnipotent Provision Store

The man was exceptionally handsome. His face was sculpted and his five features were very sharp. His body was well-muscled, with wide shoulders and a slim waist. His muscles were perfectly ripped. Any more would make him seem bulky and any less would make him seem weak.

She stared at him with interest and silently lamented, Who would have expected such a perfect figure to be hidden under an ascetic-looking black shirt…?

The pair stared at each other for ten seconds before Xiang Huai openly asked, “Does it look good?”

Xue Xi nodded. “…Yes.”

Just as the smile on Xiang Huai’s lips were about to widen, he heard the girl’s voice again, saying, “How did you train those abs?”

Xiang Huai: “??”

The girl continued looking at him quizzically. Her gaze made it look as if she was enjoying a piece of art.

Xiang Huai: “…”

He had wanted to walk over to the girl, but halted. He then promptly turned around and walked toward the rear. “I’ll go shower.”


After he had left, the provision store fell silent again. It was then that she belatedly realized, Is it not good for a girl to stare at a man like that?

Still, that chest, abs, and… waist… really do look good.

She fell into a daze for a while. Canine Teeth, who had been ordered by Xiang Huai, quickly bought breakfast and returned. In less than five minutes, Xiang Huai had showered and returned.

His hair was still a little wet and he had put on the black shirt that he never ever switched out for anything else. Despite that, unlike usual, his shirt was b.u.t.toned all the way to the topmost b.u.t.ton, making him give off an exceptionally thick ascetic aura.

The trio did not speak much and started eating.

Bzz… Bzz…

Xue Xi and Xiang Huai’s phones vibrated at the same time.

Both of them lowered their heads and their phones displayed the Moguls’ Group.

Xiang Huai’s eyes twinkled.

He used to mute the group because he found them annoying, but ever since the little kid joined, he had unmuted it.

Xue Xi was currently looking at the message in the Moguls’ Group.

Cen Bai: “Ah, ah, ah. I want this bag! But I couldn’t get it! I would like to beg all moguls here to help me purchase it in your cities! It’s a limited edition. I can pay a premium for it!”

The Pianist: “I’m powerless!”

Teaches Math: “I am only an academic, so I have no connections in this area.”

The rest: “Sorry, I can’t get it.”

Cen Bai: “Whoever can snag one for me will be my daddy!”

Xue Xi had no idea what limited edition was, and she had totally no concept of luxury items and their prices. When she saw this message, she recalled that Teaches Math had given her a chance to learn and that the rest of the group members were all rather friendly.

The group manager was also a warm-hearted person…

She could not be apathetic. Hence, she looked up and asked Xiang Huai, “Do you sell bags here?”

Lu Chao, who was eating a bun, froze.


Does such a thing suit our provision store?

Still, before he could speak, Xiang Huai nodded. “Mhm, we do.”

Xue Xi unlocked her phone and clicked on the photo Cen Bai had sent to the group, showing it to Xiang Huai and Lu Chao. “What about this?”

Lu Chao: “???”

Chanel’s limited edition bag. There were only twenty in the entire world. The moment it was released, it would have been swept up the racks by all madams and young mistresses of the top aristocratic and wealthy families, right?

Before shock could surface on Lu Chao’s face, Xiang Huai answered again, “Okay. Come collect it in two days.”

Lu Chao: “…”

Xue Xi calmly replied, “Okay.”

She then replied in the Moguls’ Group.

Learning: “I should be able to get it. Two days from now.”

Cen Bai: “Really?”

Learning: “Mhm.”

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Cen Bai: “Ah ah ah ah! From now on, you are my Sister Xi!”

Lu Chao gulped and hurriedly took a step forward, “We don’t have it.”

The person was stunned. “Out of stock? What about Personage?”

“…Not that too.”

“What about Elephant?”


“F*ck!” the man grumbled. “Aren’t you a s*x toy shop? Why don’t you have even the most basic things?”


Lu Chao did not need to look at his boss to feel the cold air from him. He hurriedly said in a justified manner, “We are a proper provision store. You have seen wrongly, so hurry and leave now.”

He pushed the person to the door while the latter was still mumbling in confusion, “You guys named it ‘Ye Lai Xiang.’ Isn’t that bound to cause misunderstandings?”

Lu Chao: “…Who said that provision stores can’t be called Ye Lai Xiang?”

That person seemed to be bent on reasoning as he said, “Since you are a provision store, then why don’t you have Durex?”

Lu Chao: “???”

Who the h.e.l.l said we don’t?

We have a huge stockpile in the storeroom behind! Of all flavors and sizes, whichever you want!

But would he dare sell it in front of Xue Xi? How could he?!

After chasing away the first customer they had received for the past month and more, Lu Chao felt as though he had just escaped death by a hairbreadth!

Meanwhile, Xue Xi, who had silently left, suddenly had an epiphany.

No wonder the provision store barely has any business despite being so comprehensive. So it’s because of the store’s name.

Still, what is Durex?

With this question, she entered the cla.s.sroom.

She heard the crowd’s yips and squeals the moment she entered. The students were all crowded in groups and were discussing something while looking at their phones.

She had just sat down when Qin Shuang excitedly turned around. “Ah ah ah ah, Sister Xi! My idol, Xiao Bai, is coming to Bin City. He’s coming to our school for filming!”

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