Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 43

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Chapter 43: Fake Mogul; Real Relative

She tilted her head to think.

The Pianist said to not offend the group manager. For some reason, she felt that she should not add this person.

As she thought this, her phone vibrated again.

She withdrew from the friends list and saw that someone had sent a message in the Moguls’ Group.

Do Not Disturb: “Have you eaten?”

She was instantly suspicious of Zhou Zhou’s words.

How is such a good group manager a dangerous person?

She closed the chat interface and opened the friends list. After accepting the other party’s friend request, she started fretting over the name to save this person as.

What does the group manager do?

She recalled the chat contents after joining the group. Everyone else had said to learn from each other in their respective fields, but only the group manager had said that he could help in anything.

She suddenly had an idea in her head and filled in the contact name: Omnipotent Boss.

After editing the contact name, she realized that the rest of the 19 people in the group had all answered in an orderly manner to the mogul, as though they were elementary school children answering their teacher’s question.

Ji Silin: “Just ate.”

The Pianist: “Not yet.”

Cen Bai: “I ate. I only drank a cup of vegetable juice to maintain my figure.”

Feng Xingshen: “Yes, I did.”

Xue Xi: “?”

The mogul’s influence is immense. He feels like the leader of these people.

However, she soon renounced this thought. Brother Silin is a free psychiatrist, so he doesn’t have a leader…

Xue Xi replied after they did: “Not yet.”

Do Not Disturb: “Go eat, @Learning.”

Xue Xi: “?”

Why am I singled out?

At the same, the “Who is the young lady?” group was a pandemonium.

Cen Bai: “That person spoke four sentences in the group today. Are four people going to disappear from the group tomorrow? -Cries- I’m suddenly very scared!”

Zhou Zhou: “That person feels different. Was his WeChat hacked?”

Feng Xingshen: “In my opinion, that person and the newcomer little lady’s relationship is abnormal. I suddenly feel that I should not go test her… Do you think it is too late to delete my files?”

Cen Bai: “Who exactly is the young lady? Does anyone dare to go ask Ji Silin?”

“Not me”

“Not me +1”

At the dining table in the Xue family.

Today’s dinnertime was slightly later than usual because Old Master Xue had returned home late.

During the meal, the hungry Xue Xi hurriedly ate, wanting to do more practice questions upstairs and to look at the questions Teaches Math gave her.

At this moment, Liu Yiqiu suddenly said, “Mom, I remember that Ruoruo also likes to play the piano, right?”

Old Lady Xue smiled when she heard this. “Yes. What’s the matter?”

She replied, “Isn’t Mr. Zhou coming next weekend for the a.s.sessment? I was thinking of bringing Ruoruo over so that she can take part in it with Yaoyao.”

Old Lady Xue’s eyes lit up. “Yiqiu, are you for real? Aren’t you afraid that she will s.n.a.t.c.h Yaoyao’s spot?”

Liu Yiqiu smiled. “Sigh, Ruoruo is Yanmei’s daughter and Yanmei is your daughter and Yaoyao’s aunt. That makes Ruoruo and Yaoyao sisters. We are all family, so no matter who gets the spot, it will still be our Xue family’s blessing!”


Old Lady Xue praised.

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Xue Yanmei was her youngest daughter. The Xue family had not prospered yet when Xue Yanmei married out. Hence, her husband came from a common family, and this saddened the old lady greatly.

Far away in the capital, Feng Xingshen silently sighed. This was one of the unsolved mysteries in the mathematics field!

He had thrown it over to the girl in order to test her mathematics level.

If she could identify it just from seeing the question, it meant that she must be quite talented in the mathematics field. After all, without a certain level, one would not even be able to make contact with the topic.

He hurriedly moved to reply: “Yes. This question has not been solved even until now.”

Alas, before he could finish typing, the other party sent a second message.

Learning: “So I will need about a week in order to give you the answer.”

Feng Xingshen: “??”


The other party was a normal high school student. Otherwise, how could she possibly give this answer?

One had to know that many mathematicians had spent their life and blood on this theory. This young lady was too haughty.

Still, he did not dare say anything since she was under the protection of the group manager. Hence, he could only reply: “It’s fine if you can’t solve it.”

Right after sending this, he returned to the “Who is the young lady?” group and announced the following conclusion:

Feng Xingshen: “Confirmed. Fake mogul; real relative.”


Xue Xi was still thinking about that theory and had woken up half an hour earlier than her usual time.

When she reached the provision store, she pulled open the curtains and directly walked in.

Immediately after she entered, the scene she saw made her freeze.

Xiang Huai had probably just finished his morning training. He was drenched in sweat and held the hems of his t-shirt with both hands, intending to take it off. His shirt was already halfway up, revealing his tight abs and waist.

She froze.

The first thought that flashed in her mind was: This person seems skinny in clothes. I didn’t expect that he is this well-muscled underneath. Also, his abdominal muscles are very symmetrical. His waist is slim, but it seems to be filled with a lot of power…

Xiang Huai was also stunned when she abruptly entered.

However, when he saw her, he raised an eyebrow slightly then suddenly smiled. Instead of putting his shirt back down, he raised his arm and took off his t-shirt…

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