Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 42

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Chapter 42: Xue ‘Real Mogul’ Xi

A familiar profile picture and name appeared in the group chat.

He scrolled upwards and saw The Pianist’s sentence that this was “Ji Silin’s little sister.” He paused.

Half a beat later, he burst out laughing and continued scrolling down.

He then realized that the last message the little kid sent was a greeting message from five minutes ago. It laid there blandly with no reply.

His eyes darkened.

Everyone in the group was obstinate and overbearing. As moguls in each of their own fields, it was understandable that they were this haughty.

But how could he let his little kid suffer any grievances?

After a full five minutes, there was still no reply in the group.

Zhou Zhou was a.s.sembling his inner thoughts and wanted to ask Xue Xi to leave the group without hurting her pride. Alas, before he could speak, his private messages were in an uproar again:

“What’s the situation? What is her background exactly?!”

“Who exactly is she?”

“Is she some hidden mogul?”

“Don’t hide her ident.i.ty from us any longer!”

Zhou Zhou: “?”

Totally perplexed, he scrolled through everyone’s replies and spotted a new message in the group chat. Someone had sent a message?

With this question in mind, he opened the group chat and saw—

Do Not Disturb: “Welcome to the group. Let’s learn from each other.”

Zhou Zhou was totally flabbergasted that this person had appeared. He almost dropped his phone when he saw that totally black profile picture.

One must know that this person had only ever spoken twice ever since he set up the group chat.

In addition, every time after he spoke, there would be one less member in the group the following day. In reality, they also never heard of the person’s news ever again.

Elites and talents like them, who stood at the apex, were all very influential people in reality. However, those two had totally disappeared with no known schedules. Everyone suspected that they might already be gone from Earth.

And now!

The mogul spoke his third line, only to welcome Sister Xi into the group?

Why did no one else have such treatment ever since the set up of this group chat?

Zhou Zhou blankly raised his head to look at Xue Xi.

However, the girl did not seem to feel any danger. She continued typing.

Learning: “Thank you.”

Following which, the big boss, who had only ever sent three messages to the group, sent his fourth message.

Do Not Disturb: “You’re welcome. Let me know if you ever need any help.”

Zhou Zhou: “!!!”

This tone could no longer be considered as politeness. Why did it feel like that person was being ingratiating toward the girl instead?

He gulped and realized that the rest had set up another group with only 18 people.

Everyone in the group was “@-ing” him, asking about the young lady’s background!

Zhou Zhou: “…”

The h.e.l.l should I know!

He replied: “I only know that she is Ji Silin’s little sister. I don’t know anything else!”

Cen Bai: “Seems like someone formidable. No matter what, just get into her good graces first.”

Hence, everyone rushed to appear in the Moguls’ Group and replied earnestly:

“A very warm welcome to you! Let me know if you have any questions regarding mathematics.”

“A very warm welcome to you! You can look for me if you are interested in acting.”

“A very warm welcome to you! You can look for me if you would like to order custom-made clothes.”

“A very warm welcome to you! You can look for me if you want to learn how to cook. I provide free private menus.”

The group was instantly buzzing with activity.

Xue Xi was stifling a laugh. She slowly looked up. “Brother Silin, everyone is so welcoming. And the group manager doesn’t seem that scary. He is quite warm.”

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Ji Silin: “…”

Everyone in the group was actively partic.i.p.ating.

Cen Bai: “Is it Ji Silin and that person’s relative? Or is it another formidable existence?”

Feng Xingshen: “She immediately said that she wanted to exchange pointers with me in Mathematics. I think I will need to meet her to see if she is a true mogul.”

Cen Bai: “Alright, Old Feng. Go test the waters first.”

When Xue Xi returned home, she found that the servants were currently doing a thorough cleanup.

Liu Yiqiu meticulously ordered, “Wipe the windows there cleaner!

“Are the desserts in the kitchen prepared? I’ll go take a look at each of them later and choose the best ones to use for the weekend.

“Also, Mr. Zhou likes to drink fruit teas. Make some and leave it aside for this weekend…”

Xue Xi walked up without any sideway glances, returning to her room to practice more questions.

At this moment, she received a WeChat notification.

She picked it up and realized that it was a message from the Moguls’ Group.

Feng Xingshen: “Young lady, are you good in mathematics? @Learning.”

Seeing how pa.s.sionate the rest of the people in the group were, she thought that it would be rude to be too cold to them. Hence, she replied: “Decent. Do you need any help?”

Feng Xingshen: “Let’s add each other as friends. I’ll send you some references. Can you help me to prove this theory?”

Xue Xi paused. “Okay.”

Soon, Feng Xingshen sent her a friend request.

After she accepted it, she saved him as “Teaches Math.”

Feng Xingshen then sent her a few relevant doc.u.ments.

She did not open them immediately but replied: “I’m currently doing homework. I’ll take a look at them after I finish these few questions.”

Teaches Math: “Alright.”

She exited the chat interface after this, then saw that a “1” had appeared at her friends list.

When she clicked it open and saw a friend request, she was surprised.

“Do Not Disturb” sent you a friend request via “Moguls’ Group.”

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