Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 41

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Chapter 41: Moguls’ Group

Zhou Zhou excitedly said, “See! Even the little lady says that I have a psychological problem! How are you a psychiatrist? You cannot just brush me off just because we are friends!”

Ji Silin: “…”

He knew how slow Xue Xi could be in expressing herself and hence did not continue arguing with her. As expected, after two seconds, the girl slowly spoke again. “It’s a problem with your playing.”

The room fell silent at her words.

As a world-renowned pianist, Zhou Zhou was very confident in himself. This was the first time that anyone had ever said that the problem was with his playing.

After a short pause, he asked, “Where is the problem?”

Xue Xi shook her head. “I don’t know.”

Zhou Zhou: “??”

Are you kidding me?

Meanwhile, Ji Silin gently asked, “Why do you say that?”

Xue Xi stood up straight, as though she was an obedient student answering a question. “There’s a verse that was wrong.”

She, who played the piano in the orphanage, had never learned it the proper way. She had figured everything out on her own.

She was unable to use words to express Zhou Zhou’s mistake.

She thought for a while, then said, “Let me play it for you.”

Zhou Zhou lifted his chin pridefully and was about to mock her for her ignorance, but Ji Silin pushed him aside to make s.p.a.ce in front of the piano. “Okay.”

Xue Xi sat down and placed her hands on the piano. She did not play the piece just now from head to toe, but only focused on the verse Zhou Zhou had played wrongly.

Following her playing, Zhou Zhou’s expression slowly changed from one of distrust and slighting into solemnness, then into astonishment!

He had played his trademark music piece for many years. He had played one wrong note in the middle, but it had already become a habit and was deeply embedded into him.

This particular verse was exceptionally fast and the musical notes merged together, so it was totally unnoticeable!

When Xue Xi was done playing, he was already rooted to the spot with a dazed expression, seeming to be a little crazed. “So that’s it… So that’s it!”

He suddenly took a step forward and agitatedly wanted to shake Xue Xi’s hands. “Who are you?”

How could someone who was able to notice such a minute detail be a n.o.body?

Xue Xi took a step backward, avoiding his tug.

Beside them, Ji Silin introduced, “She is Xue Xi. I was intending to introduce her to you as your disciple. What do you—”

Before he could finish speaking, Zhou Zhou had already stood up and shouted, “No way!”

Ji Silin: “??”

The next moment, the man excitedly said, “How can I possibly teach her? I should be the one asking her for guidance instead. From now on, you are my Sister Xi!”

Xue Xi: “?”

How could she teach someone else when she only knew how to play the piano?

However, this person immediately took out his phone and said to her, “Sister Xi, what is your WeChat? Let’s add each other as friends!”

She had intended to reject him, but then she heard him say the following, “We can guide each other from now on. Do you want to learn music scores and things related to piano techniques? I can teach you.”

You can learn…

Xue Xi took out her phone and, after adding the other party, she saved him as “The Pianist.”

Immediately after, The Pianist sent her a group chat invitation link.

Group name: “Moguls’ Group.”

Xue Xi: “…”

She paused. The Pianist then spoke again. “Sister Xi, everyone in this group chat is a mogul. Ji Silin is also inside. I’ll drag you in to have some fun. You can learn many things from each other!”

Learning again…

She was enticed, but she still obediently looked up questioningly at Ji Silin.

Ji Silin could feel the girl’s interest. He took off her baseball cap and rubbed her head. After hesitating for a second, he smiled. “Join, then. You are too anti-social. It’s good for you to have a few more friends.”

Xue Xi’s eyes lit up and she requested to join the group.

Zhou Zhou shouted, “Ji Silin, you are the admin. Hurry and accept the request.”

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Ji Silin clicked on “Accept” and Xue Xi joined this “Moguls’ Group.”

She thought for a moment, then added: “We can learn from each other in the future.”

Everyone else: “?”

The group comprised of moguls from each and every occupation, so what was there for them to learn from this little girl?

Xue Xi thereafter realized that the group had fallen into an eerie silence.

Meanwhile, Zhou Zhou’s phone was vibrating non-stop. They were all private messages from the group’s moguls, and the contents were all roughly the same:

“What’s the situation? What is this girl’s background?”

Zhou Zhou replied to each one proudly: “My Sister Xi. She is amazing at the piano!”

Following, the rest retorted:

“Can she act, then? Is she better than I am—the apex of the acting world?”

“A world-renowned mathematician like me exchanging pointers with her in mathematics?”

“A top chef like me exchanging pointers with her on cooking?”

After a whole round of inquiries, everyone sent the same message: “So, why did you add her to the group?”

Zhou Zhou was also a little lost at this question.

The rest of the group clearly does not recognize my Sister Xi’s prowess. Should I… ask her to leave the group?

At the same time, in the provision store.

Xiang Huai picked up his phone. The little kid still has not accepted my WeChat request.

He sighed silently, then realized that there were people speaking in the “Moguls’ Group.” As the group manager, he casually clicked into it.

After which, his gaze fixed on—

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