Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 40

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Chapter 40: There Is Indeed a Problem

Lu Chao was just about to speak more, but a cough interrupted him. He subconsciously trembled, then stiffly turned to look at Xiang Huai, who usually stayed in the darker corners.

The courage he had just built up instantly deflated like a balloon p.r.i.c.ked with a needle.

Xue Xi stared at him, though, and ordered, “Speak.”

The girl’s aura was so strong that it made him gulp.

He suddenly felt that speaking up was the wrong choice. He was now stuck between two big shots, trembling in fear. After a long silence, he finally spoke only the things that could be revealed. “Anyway, Boss has no ill intentions toward you.”

After saying this, he lowered his head and ran toward the rear of the provision store, afraid that Xiang Huai would chide him. “I-I’ll go boil some water to drink!”

Xue Xi was rooted in the same spot expressionlessly.

Lu Chao’s words made her feel very lost suddenly.

The supposed ‘curse’ has nothing to do with Xiang Huai? But if it has nothing to do with him, how does he know that I must be dating…?

She soon recalled that the man had never forced her into anything.

She was the one who agreed to hold hands.

Last time’s kiss was because she was running late for school and wanted to leave without caring about the pain in her chest. It was because of this that he posed the request. Moreover, that kiss was likely a restrained one that was within the boundaries that she could accept.

She turned to give the man a deep look. However, the man was still seated behind the counter. His sharp eyes were hidden in the shadows, and his brown eyes were so deep that they were unreadable. He emanated mysteriousness.

This person definitely has secrets.

After a short pause, she finally spoke. “I’m off to school.”

This was a truce to the recent cold war.

Xiang Huai did not expect her to speak first. Raising his eyebrows, he smiled and said, “Okay.”

The girl then turned around and left.

About ten minutes after her departure, Lu Chao furtively returned from the rear end of the shop. He stuck out his head to peek at the counter.

Alas, the counter was empty.

He paused.

Where is Boss?

At this moment, an ice-cold voice suddenly sounded behind him. “Looks like you have been too idle recently. Let’s get some practice done, then.”

Lu Chao: “???”

He slowly turned his head around and saw Xiang Huai standing behind him in black clothes. Right after saying this, the man rolled up his sleeves, revealing his muscled arms.


After she completed numerous questions in this short period of time, Xue Xi’s grades for the Mathematical Olympiad had improved considerably. She would no longer use knowledge outside of the syllabus to solve the questions again.

While Old Liu marked her work, he was getting even more satisfied with her progress and slowly shifted his greatest expectations onto her.


She had finished a set of Mathematical Olympiad questions and had stood up for some light stretching. When she picked up her phone, she found a WeChat notification.

Ji Silin: “Xixi, I’m at Bin City now.”

Xue Xi’s eyes lit up at the message. “Where are you?”

Ji Silin: “I have a clinic in Bin City. There’s a patient here, so I will be coming regularly for five days a month. You can come find me at the clinic.”

He then sent her an address.

Ye Li would always hint at her to go out for a walk every weekend to make some friends. She thought for a moment, then replied: “I’ll come over now.”

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Ji Silin: “That’s fine too. I’ll introduce a friend to you.”

Xue Xi first took a bus, then transferred to the train before finally arriving at Ji Silin’s clinic.

This was an apartment complex. Other than regulars, it was likely that few would think of opening a psychological clinic here.

She came to the door of apartment 501 and knocked.

The door was quickly opened, accompanied by piano music. The refined-looking Ji Silin stood inside. As usual, he was dressed in white and had a pair of gold-framed spectacles. Before she could speak, he put his index finger to his lips and gestured for her to hush.

She halted and silently entered the room.

In the living room, a man was currently playing the piano.

He seemed to be in his thirties and was wearing a suit. His body was on the slightly plump side, but his hands were exceptionally nimble. His ten fingers danced on the piano keys quickly.

He seemed to be fully engrossed in the music, which was describing a pa.s.sionate and beautiful, yet sorrowful, story. Just as the music and its accompanying emotions climaxed, the music abruptly halted.

He slowly closed his eyes, seeming to be recalling the music piece from just now.

Ji Silin clapped, waking him up from his engrossed state. Zhou Zhou opened his eyes to look at him and asked, panicking, “Do I have a psychological problem? Or have I become numb to beauty after being exposed too much to it? I am already unable to maintain my keen sense for music at its tip-top condition.”

Ji Silin was exasperated. “You have no psychological problems.”

“There definitely is!”

Zhou Zhou said affirmatively, “Otherwise, why do I keep feeling that this music piece that made me famous is not perfect?!”

Ji Silin sighed. “There really isn’t any problem.”

“There definitely is.”

“There isn’t.”

“There is.”

Just when the two were about to continue arguing, Xue Xi suddenly spoke slowly. “There is indeed a problem.”

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