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Young Master Yan

Chapter 39

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Chapter 39: Not Boss’s Doing

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Xue Xi was taken aback when she heard this.

In her seemingly sensible, but truthfully unreasonable, way, Liu Yiqiu continued, “You obtained First Place in the Math Star Compet.i.tion, so you will definitely score well in the National Compet.i.tion too. This means that you will get a direct admission to college, and so the Physics Olympiad is just a complement to the crowning touch. But your younger sister can also get a direct admission if she obtains the top sixty position. News of both sisters in the Xue family getting direct admissions would look good on us.”

Old Lady Xue was inclined toward the idea. “Yes, then our family can be rid of the nouveau riche reputation. Xue Xi, go withdraw from the Physics Olympiad cla.s.s tomorrow.”

Xue Xi apathetically looked at the three people. She paused for a while, then said, “The top sixty will all get direct admission.”

What she meant was: Other than mine, there’d be 59 other positions.

Although Xue Yao was good in Physics, she was not among the crème de la crème of the cohort. Hence, whether she gave her the chance or not was a non-issue.

Liu Yiqiu smiled. “Having one less compet.i.tor means having a higher chance, doesn’t it? Xixi, do you agree? Second Aunt will give you another Hermes!”

“Give what? With that money, I’d rather you buy another dress for our Yaoyao!” Old Lady Xue chided. “We are family and we should help each other. This matter is settled! Xue Xi, do you hear me?”

Xue Xi slowly replied, “Yes.”

A rare smile blossomed on the old lady’s face. “That’s more like it…”

“…But I don’t agree.”

The old lady’s smile froze. “What?”

Without giving her another look, Xue Xi returned the gift box to Liu Yiqiu and made a beeline for the stairs.

Old Lady Xue shouted, “Truly an ingrate who cannot be nurtured! I knew that she will only bring misfortune to our house! And also her mother! She can’t even get her accounts right and is still fumbling with that mess. Yiqiu, now that you are back, go take over the family reins!”

A light flashed in Liu Yiqiu’s eyes. “Mom, we’ll talk about this later.”

Halfway up the stairs, Xue Xi stopped when she heard this. She then turned to the servant cleaning up on the second floor. “Where is my mom?”

“She is in the backyard garden.”

With a pondering look, she nodded, went upstairs to put down her bag, then went down the stairs for the rear end of the house.

Ye Li had a splitting headache.

The four people in the kitchen had pushed the blame around for the breakfast incident. In the end, the truth could not be found. Hence, she decided to cut half a months’ worth of wages for each of them and promoted Xiao Fang as the kitchen supervisor. If anything happened again in the future, she would directly look for her.

This method was one that Xue Sheng used for the company. It would be a similarly useful method here.

However, after a whole day, the house seemed to be in a mess.

She had been so busy that she’d had no time to rest. Now, she was even still collating August’s bill and September’s expenditure with the person in charge of finances.

The person-in-charge of the household finances was the old lady’s nephew from her maternal family, Liu Hao. He was a man in his forties who did not attach any importance to Ye Li. He was currently reporting with a smile:

“…Madam, look at this page. It shows the daily expenditure. Eggs cost 2.80 yuan each. Fifty eggs are used for the family members’ meals daily and another fifty for the employees. We used 89 eggs at the beginning of the month for the banquet. Moreover, eggs are fragile and there were some losses during transport. The losses are 2%. This is the expenditure for eggs, and there are also those for greens, pork, beef, chicken… Madam, have you remembered all of them?”


Ye Li rubbed her temples. “Report the total amount.”

Liu Hao gave an exaggerated number.

Ye Li frowned. She felt that they would not have to use this much money. However, Liu Hao either reported each item’s cost, down to the minute details, or immediately reported the total amount to ask for money. He was totally uncooperative!

He even threatened, “Madam, the old madam managed it like this back then too. Nothing has ever happened. Look, the sky is already turning dark. Therefore, hurry and let me claim the money for the next month so that I can move things on and arrange them. Otherwise, if we delay the next month’s events, the old master will get angry again.”

Tomorrow was the first of September. If she did not give in now, he would dare to stop all the produce for tomorrow and push the blame onto her!

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Ye Li was so furious that her chest hurt.

He wiped his sweat and, under Xue Xi’s forceful prompts, he reported another few items.

Half an hour later, both his legs already felt like jelly. That was because the accounts were full of holes and errors.

He had originally planned out the time properly such that Ye Li would not have the time to get someone else to check the accounts. Hence, he did not prepare thoroughly, but now…

Xue Xi used one and a half hours’ time and recalculated the entire accounts. In the end, she found out that Liu Hao had reported 800,000 yuan higher than the actual amount!

Ye Li directly took the accounts book away, leaving Liu Hao to sit on the ground alone.

Xue Xi did not care what happened next.

After she had dinner and was studying, she could vaguely hear Old Master Xue’s furious roar and Old Lady Xue begging for forgiveness.

The next day, Ye Li informed her that Liu Hao had been sacked.

With Old Lady Xue’s maternal family totally removed, no one in the Xue family dared to create trouble again.

Xue Xi nodded and left for school.

As usual, she alighted at the provision store, and after having breakfast, she held hands with Xiang Huai for two minutes. In those two minutes, she deigned to even look at him.

When her heart no longer hurt, she moved to stand up with a cold expression. At this moment, Lu Chao suddenly said, “Student Xue, the weird thing that happened to you is actually not Boss’s doing!”

Xue Xi slowly turned her head when she heard this. “…What?”

Lu Chao decided to not care anymore.

Ever since she started ignoring him, his boss would always have a gloomy look. He could not survive in the provision store like this any longer!

No matter what, he had to explain everything clearly. He could not let Xue Xi continue misunderstanding the situation!

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