Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 379 - I Said I Wasn't Joking

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Chapter 379: I Said I Wasn’t Joking

Liu Zhao’s words could easily cause a misunderstanding. Moreover, she looked too innocent and Xue Xi looked too domineering. Everyone would usually trust the words of the weak.

Moreover, Xue Xi did not explain at all, which meant that she had indeed said those words in the dormitory. Hence, the righteous girl, w.a.n.g Wei, said, “Xue Xi must have said those words. What joke? Liu Zhao took it for real!”

Someone else said, “We’re all adults. Don’t you know that some jokes can’t be made casually? If you say such words, everyone will only think that you’re narcissistic!”


Li Zixia jumped out of the crowd. “We were just joking. Liu Zhao took it seriously. This is a complete misunderstanding!”

w.a.n.g Wei: “What kind of joke is this?”

Li Zixia placed her hands on her waist. “The four of us have a good relationship. What’s wrong with making a joke in the dormitory? Do we need your permission? Sister Xi didn’t say this in front of everyone. What do you care what she said in private?”

w.a.n.g Wei: “…”

Liu Zhao’s goal had been achieved. Now, everyone would think that Xue Xi was an arrogant and rude person. Her popularity would definitely drop.

Hence, she turned to look at Xue Xi. “Xue Xi, I’m sorry. I misunderstood you!”

The surrounding people pouted. Just as they were about to leave, Xue Xi said, “I said that I wasn’t joking.”

Everyone: “?”

After saying this, she walked to the side and poured a gla.s.s of water.

When she went to the washroom, she took some hot water and went to the nearby store to buy a bottle of water. She then looked at the sports cla.s.s next door.

She carried the bottle of water and walked toward the gymnasium.

When the students saw her, they chuckled and moved aside, exposing He Gao to her.

Xue Xi pa.s.sed the water to He Gao.

He Gao: “…”

Thinking of the hour-long military posture he’d endured yesterday, he suddenly felt his legs go weak.

Should I accept this water?

Before he could decide, Xue Xi had already placed the water in his hand and said, “After the military training, let’s have dinner together.”

After saying this, she turned around and returned to her team without waiting for He Gao to agree.

Xue Xi was in her military uniform, and her red hair was hidden under her cap, revealing a few strands of hair around her face.

Her exquisite features were expressionless and her large eyes appeared a little adorable. However, the girl’s posture was straight and she looked exceptionally valiant in this outfit.

He Gao stood rooted to the ground.

Someone walked over and hooked his shoulder. “He Gao, this person is really beautiful. She is definitely this year’s school belle. Do you really not like her?”

He Gao pursed his lips and looked at the water in his hand.

That person chuckled. “If you really don’t like her, I’ll chase after her, okay? Don’t say later that bros should come before hoes!”

Just as he said this, someone suddenly pressed on his shoulder and threw him over his shoulder. He fell to the ground.

He Gao pressed down on him, and his sharp eyes were filled with anger. “Just try chasing her!”

The student he was suppressing was from the same dormitory. After being beaten, he bit off angrily, “What the h.e.l.l… You acted as though you didn’t care. I thought you really didn’t care. If you care, I definitely won’t do this. Let go of me first!”

He Gao only let go when he heard this.

The people who were planning to stop them asked what was wrong. He Gao replied calmly, “It’s nothing. We’re just playing.”

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The physical education cla.s.s was right beside Xue Xi’s cla.s.s, so they quickly found out about their situation.

It must be her.

It should be her.

However, she did not expect to hear him say, “Xue Xi!”

Liu Zhao clenched her fists.

Instructor Li was still praising her. “I wanted to say it yesterday. Her military posture was also the most standard then. Moreover, she did not relax at all during the entire process and was very serious. In today’s proper march, she’s also the best!”

Liu Zhao bit her lip. It’s alright. Xue Xi is the public enemy now.

Indeed, w.a.n.g Wei, who was in the crowd, suddenly said, “Reporting.”


w.a.n.g Wei stood up. “Instructor, don’t tell me that you’ve become biased toward Xue Xi and are praising her because she and Instructor Xiang are in a relationship?”

The moment she said this, Instructor Li almost choked. He instantly chided, “Don’t spout nonsense!”

Xue Xi and Instructor Xiang are dating?


Do you guys think that Instructor Xiang is an ordinary military instructor?!

w.a.n.g Wei looked at Xue Xi impolitely. “I’m not spouting nonsense. Xue Xi said it herself. If you don’t believe me, you can ask her!”

Instructor Li: “?”

He had misunderstood Liu Zhao’s words yesterday, so he turned to look at Xue Xi and asked, “Xue Xi, did you say this?”

At the same time, seeing that it was almost time for lunch, he found an excuse to patrol and walked among the military trainees.

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